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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Are the stripes the dreaded stretch marks? I developed them around the bottom of my tummy and tops of my thighs two weeks ago. I am hideous. Also losing snotty goo but baby is so very comfy where he is. I always feel happier when he is awake and moving but wish he would move downwards instead of wriggling his bum from side to side! I can not wait to lose all this weight. Urgh... Have been furiously baking like a demented woman. Need to go and marzipan my Christmas cake now - how is that for losing the plot?! Take care, ladies xx
  2. daisy_chain

    daisy_chain New commenter

    Oh you poor overdue ladies! I was 40 + 13 by the time my cherub emerged so I truly feel your pain! Every morning is a disappointment followed by renewed hope and then by night you have a wee huff (or cry in my case) and hope something kicks off! Trust me though, the wait is 100% worth it and once the baby is in your arms you will forget all about your elephant pregnancy!
    Keep us posted!
  3. Baby girl arrived this morning, 7lb14oz :)
  4. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Yay! Many congratulations to you! Wonderful news.
    And wow - you posted that so quickly!
    Take care, Coolgiraffe (34+2) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Congrats brettgirl!!! Brilliant news. I'm impressed by the speed you posted it up :)
  6. Ah - fab news BG congratulations x
  7. Congratulations, BG!!! That's wonderful xx :)
  8. Congratulations BG, what wonderful news. I'll look out for your birth story xx
  9. Wow congratulations BG thats fantastic news. Did your daugther finally succeed in getting the baby out for her mummy [​IMG]
    Hope you are both well lots of love xxxx
  10. Just checking in to see if there is any more news of the others. Thanks for the good wishes everyone I couldnt believe how many posts there were. I had baby at home as planned, all over very quickly 'labour' 3 hours (or from contractions starting, as I would count 7 or 4.5.from when I rang for midwife all so confusing!!!!!. Will post full story on the birth stories thread when next have laptop on. Am attempting breastfeeding again, bit scared after the experience I had last time.....
  11. Good luck with the breastfeeding, BG! Hope my arrival won't be too long after yours. I am fat and fed up. Can your daughter please take a look in my belly button and see if she can speed things up? ;o) xx
  12. CB, Try not to worry too much (?) about induction. I was horrified at the idea but it really was fine and i am a total wuss! Everything that happens will be less scary when you are actually doing it than the thought of doing it, if that makes sense?! Hope so. I had an epidural which again the thought of it horrified me, but it was very helpful and not at all painful to have done for me.
    Very best of luck x
  13. Back again. Thanks for reassurance. They didn't fit me in as baby seems to being doing well. Was really p**ed and upset as had been psyching myself up for it, but over it now. Maybe back in tonight but seems am not a priority - their standard procedure once waters break seems to be variable to say the least! Off to distract myself now.
    Good luck to those still waiting - hopefully we'll be doing a BA soon x
  14. Yay congrats bg. Super news. Hope bf works out (i don't know what happened last time so hope I'm not being insensitive). We are still not finding it easy but it is managable. I watched my friend bf yesterday and he LO just latched on automatically. I still have to grab my lo's head, push it on and hold it there, we manage though.
    Cbrown sorry they didn't induce you. Lots of visualisations of giving birth might just help too? I did it on my hypnobirthing course. Seemed to help me but it could have been a coincidence???
    Fs how r u? I'm wondering if ther is any news? My lo vomited in her amby baby nest today. What a pain to clean. Why would anyone make baby stuff hand wash only? Still she sleeps well 10.30-4ish then today woke at 6.40ish. Yesterdat 7.45 and I woke her up.
  15. Congrats to all the new mummies!! I keep checking for news :) seriouslikecrazy, the way you describe grabbing your baby's head for bf sounds worrying to me- sorry to butt in but I found myself doing that with my first and the bf counsellor saud it was wrong. She asked me to imagine having my head held and pushed from the back to make me eat. My baby's position was wrong and her nose was squashed. Does your baby fuss at the breast? Might be worth seeing someone for help on your latch/position. Hope I haven't offended you xx
  16. No not at all. I'm not rough (unlike the midwives lol). I just hold the back of her neck and when she opens her mouth (eventually) I push her head onto my breast. I then have to just have a hand gently behind her head otherwise she comes straight off. I had so many problems at first with her latching on and off which resulted in sore, blistered cracked nipples. I'm still convinced my latch is wrong and that is what is causing her collic and now in a morning she is being really really sick. Again I think my latch is wrong and she is sucking air and gluping milk too quickly. .
    I have tried so hard, watched videos, looked at book pictures and done my best. Only one midwife in the hospital could get me to latch her on on my own (the one with the grab the head method.) She said she had a difficult baby and that my baby is difficult too. I don't know if that is true. Ther is no La Leche League group near me and there is one breadfeeding specialist but she is on holiday until next month and has been since I had the baby. I'd love to make is easier for both of us as I hate breastfeeding in public as it is such a hassle (latching on off, on, off etc) so I avoid being out at times when she may want to feed. Any advice is greatly appreciated [​IMG]
  17. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    I don't think this was a helpful message and a not very kind one at that!!! It sounds like you are doing a really good job, well done.
    Some thoughts....
    May be worth getting rechecked for tongue-tie. Try different holds and positions (the football hold may be a good one to try). Might it be that your flow is too much at the beginning? Could you try expressing a little until your milk flow lessens? I think the specialist will be able to advise - shame she's on holiday. Have you tried the Breast Feeding Network?
  18. No more news then......
    SLC is it one side or both? I have one side that right now I can only latch baby in upright position, that will be fun out and about and its because the nipple points down (attractive lol). I cannot get her to go on from across my stomach.
    I think we should have a baby feeding thread (ff and bf) on baby and toddler.... anyone else agree?
    Just been out for first walk in the sunshine with husband and 2 little girls [​IMG]
  19. SLC it sounds like your doing a really super job. I bet many ladies would have given in by now.
    Have you tried calling the national breastfeeding helpline if you need some advice/reassurance it's: 03001000210?
    Also are there any breastfeeding support groups in your area you could go to? I attend one every Wed and its great to talk to others (everyone has issues or moments of panic/concern at some point) and also to have a go at BFing in a really supportive but public arena? In addition to the BFing group I was also assigned a BFing buddy. She is lovely and texts, calls and visits the house to reassure and support me. We usually end up chatting about anything other than Bfing but I know she's there if I need her. I bet there will be something like that in your area? Sure Start chn centres are always a good place to start or perhaps your HV could find out for you?
    My LO was really fussy from the right boob in the 1st few weeks - basically because it squirted her everytime it was so forceful. I was scared to feed her in public but she's learnt to deal with it after practise. Remember both of you are learning as you go.
    BG what a gorgeous day for your 1st family walk - we have been so lucky with the weather this winter I hope it lasts! How's the breast feeding going for you?
    Julesk & F 8 weeks +4
  20. Oops should have said all of the groups/support etc are part of NHS not LLL or private providers xxx

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