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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. I just presumptiously caught myself looking online at maternity dresses. I hope I get that far. Hurry up and grow, bump! I think the next 8 months will be the slowest ever! [​IMG]
  2. 11 weeks seems late to me - has your doctor referred you for a scan cos you could end up with that being late too. Booking isnt that enlightening they ask you loads of questions like if you smoke, take drugs, know who the father is and tell you a load of things you already know. They also test you for syphilis/hiv weigh you (if you let them) and take bp. You cant let chavs get to you fs they are an occupational hazard of scan waiting rooms. The first scan I ever had half of the really scary estate were there. My first pregnancy went really slowly. I cannot believe how tired I am atm. I am pleased someone has had success with accupunture and nausea because that is my plan A. I cannot go through what I did last time. OK atm pie and chips craving still strong so not too bad :)
  3. Pie and chips! Yum!
    I am still in my dressing gown (I have showered though!) Today I have cooked, eaten and washed my hair. That's all! And I am still tired...
    I have had horrible lower back ache this afternoon and cramps are a little stronger. Boobs also sore but coming and going rather than constant. Lots of cm but no blood. Is this all normal for 5 weeks? Can't help but worry when I feel pain [​IMG]
  4. Yeah all normal. Tbh I had more cramping last time but I also used to get worse period pains b4 my daughter so I suppose its to be expected? I have been at in laws for mil's 60th which is why I'm tired. Am counting down time to 9pm. In terms of bbs mine is intermittent and was last pregnancy too. I like it when they're sore tho!
  5. Same here!
  6. The other symptom I have every day other than tiredness is belching. I will only be really worried if that goes too. No-one suspected a thing today. Mil and sil always order something tiny (sil hardly eats anything and mil will supplement an hour later with cake) and think I eat 'loads' anyway haha. I have NEVER ordered pie and chips b4 though and find it mildly amusing they clearly think I eat like that normally. It was a great pie ;-)
  7. I'll be worried when I start belching! Glad you got away with the pie. I have had awful backache all night and couldn't get comfortable. I slept on and off between my two hourly bathroom visits and don't feel too knackered right now. Yay!
    Three weeks until half term, ladies! I will be spending mine in bed! [​IMG]
    AT, good luck with OFSTED and remember it is not the most important thing in the world xxx
  8. Hi Ladies
    Hope you are all well.
    CosmicClaire - you sound like you've had a rough start, hope everything works out well for you.
    Welcome El and ToffeePops [​IMG]
    Well this week is dragging [​IMG] Ive started with headaches during this past week and Im now convincing myself that its the start of a miscarriage (despite knowing they are just as common during a normal pregnancy lol) Ive also had some brown mucus/discharge (sorry tmi!) over the weekend, just a tiny bit but still there, so rang the EPAU this morning and they reckon it could just be from the internal u/s especially as still have sore boobs and sickness.
    Arghhh!!! I am beginning to not like being pregnant - I cant cope with the stress!!
    4 days to go...
  9. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Me too! I must stop being moany!
  10. I am just as bad. In my head I am worried that today's increased energy levels means there is a problem with my pregnancy. Argh, I won't be happy until I can hold my baby [​IMG]

  11. Hi Rwe,
    Well had the op on 1st april and then nothing (did have slight bleed about 2 weeks after op for 1 day - dr put me on antibiotics as might have been infection - but looking back it may have been sort of af). Only started dtd 2 weeks after op but were away so did quite a bit. Then got horrible sickness bug royal wedding weekend and symtoms immediately after - faint tests towards end of last week and positive yesterday and today digital put me at 4-5 weeks preg. Never knew i was ovulating but never have done.
    How you doing after everything? Lots of baby dust to you x
  12. Hi everyone. Please can I join you too as it seems Im pregnant. Still very very shocked, we only found out tonight. It was our first month of trying and I never thought it would happen so quickly. Ive been following these threads for ages as Ive so wanted a baby, but now Im terrified. The pregnancy test says I am 2-3 weeks and according to the internet this makes my due date the 16th Jan. A 2012 baby, ahhhhhh!!

    I so want to tell my mum, especially as I lost my dad last year suddenly and it would be nice to have some good news in the family for once, but I dont think I can believe it just yet, so think we will wait a while. Ive had a bit of lower back pain, does this seem right? I always thought it would be stomach cramps or something, but then Ive always had back pain during my periods so I suppose it makes sense.

    Anyway you all seem lovely people, so hears to some sticky beans to all. C x
  13. Sorry MJB about still not being able to eat. Must be horrid.
    I now want a chicken potnoodle. I just had beans with sausages, I hate those sausages too. I also had peanuts today. Then I thought can we eat them? I don't know anymore.
    I'm still terrified to be excited. Feel a right miserable cow but I am pooing my pants about giving birth and then I think I'll be a terrible selfish mother. Just hormones I hope, I'll just breathe and be fine :)

    Welcome CLB. Hope you are feeling OK today.

  14. looks like we are due at the same time!! How are your symptons going? I am getting a little worried as do not feel sick yet! does this come later anybody? Got strangefeeling in tummy area and sore B but that is about it. Is this normal? how about you clb18?how are you feeling?
  15. Congrats on the three new BFPs..... Hopefully we are all going to have strong sticky beans. I feel well ropey today sooo tired and queasy. I reckon peanuts are best in moderation as the baby gets used to them so less of a shock. I have read about a couple of people with peanut butter cravings whose babies were allergic. Try not to worry about giving birth by the time you get to that stage you will be desperate to get the baby out. 5+4 today!
  16. daisy_chain

    daisy_chain New commenter

    Big hello to all the new people since I last posted! Brilliant news for all!
    I had a hellish night on Sunday, noticed some bleeding at around 11.30pm and totally lost it. Could not stop crying! Despite all my good advice to everyone saying "don't worry, it's happened to my friends" etc I thought it was the end. My brilliant sissy phone the EPU first thing for a scan and everything was ok with the bean (which looks just like a shrimp now!) and seeing it's heartbeat was amazing! They dated me at 8 + 6 so well chuffed with that! 9 weeks today!
    Roll on all our 12 week scans eh! xxx
  17. Bleeding is really scary when ur pregnant. I dish out the I bled for five weeks with my first but if/when it happens with this pregnancy I'll be bricking it. Very good scan result your odds of anything going wrong are now pretty low :) Roll on 8 weeks so I can have scan!
  18. It's so reassuring to hear all the stories and symptoms on here - hopefully we can help each other not to panic.
    Am back from work slumped on sofa as shattered - trying to take it much easier with this pregnancy. This time I feel more tired and sick and sore/tingley bbs than before. Also whoever said about strange feelings in lower tummy - have got lots today, almost feel like dull period pain (hope that's normal?).
    Can't believe it's only tuesday - 5 day weeks are rubbish!
  19. Welcome to the new pregnancies, all very exciting. Hoping for a healthy 9 months!

    Daisy - sorry to hear about that, you must have been so relieved everything is ok.

    resorted to acupuncture last night, felt good at the time, hoping it gets rid of the sickness. Still suffering so bad. For whoever asked my sickness started at 4 weeks, but some don't get sickness at all so don't panic!
  20. first day for me too, when felt rubbish with strange feelings in lower tummy! Thank god for PPA on a tuesday pm! Wish I was part time now. Know the feeling of being slumped on the sofa wont be moving all night.
    I thought morning sickness was supposed to be in the 'morning' starting to realise it can be anytime!

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