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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Sorry Goosie forgot to reply. My symptoms were bad at 4 weeks and then returned badly at 9. I had mild things from 5-9 weeks but nothing major. I now get evening sickness badly and have to try my very hardest not to vomit my tea everysingle evening. I can't say it is nothing to worry about but I hope all is well. It is hard because this is when you need to see the miswife and ask a zillion questions 8-10weeks is a bit late.
  2. I think that by the time they are about 18 months twins would actually be easier as they amuse each other. My boobs hardly grew at all last time I could still fit into my normal bras at 40 weeks. I am thetefore expecting the same. I'm not exactly well endowed either!
  3. Hey all,
    After a bit of advice this eve ladies :)
    Just been to docs, told her about spotting etc, she had a feel of stomach and did an internal :( has taken blood to check hgc levels and is going to call me in morn, to let me know if I can go in to early preg unit for a scan....she said they may not be able to depending on hormone level. So now I'm a bit worried on 2 counts:
    1) what If everything isn't ok :(
    2) what am I going to say to my head???? I don't want to tell her I'm pg yet, she's just given me a perm job starting in sept and I'm worried she ll change her mind if I tell her too soon! Should I lie? It'll have to be something emergency as i could have to go at anytime....what shall I do???!!
    Hope everyone else is ok, I'm being a little self obsessed sorry x
  4. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Just in looking for FS - are you there? Hope everything went ok today.
  5. Been thinking of you today FS. Hope everything went ok. x x x
  6. Really worried about FS now [​IMG]
    It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one struggling on the work wear front! I've told a couple of people at work but not wanting to add it as an AOB until after 12 week scan!
    My wardrobe choices are diminishing rapidly! x
  7. [​IMG]
    Hi everyone!! Thanks for your lovely messages, sorry I took so long. My husband and I went out for a celebratory meal after seeing our gestational sac IN MY UTERUS!!! I am in love with it! I have a luteus corpum (I think...?) on the right side so my right ovary released the egg and my beyond-words-awesome left tube collected it and wafted it into my uterus! I thanked the sonographer a hundred times. I could barely eat all day and was counting what time they would need to operate according to my last meal. The relief is overwhelming. On my way to hospital I read the Fertility Treatment thread just in case they needed to take my left tube. I have to go back next Thursday for another scan and hope to see a yolk sac and heartbeat (please!!!). My Mum will be coming with me as my husband has to work. My parents' first baby was stillborn so they keep telling me not to count my chickens although I believe I've had sufficient bad luck already. I am so excited!! And my new book 'Your Pregnancy Bible' just arrived in the post so I will be reading that in bed tonight. I had to have a lie down at school today as I hardly slept last night. I should get a better night's sleep tonight.
    Anybody considering a private scan who lives near London may prefer to go to St Thomas' EPU/emergency gynae unit. They do reassurance scans every Thursday.
    Thanks again for your caring messages, they mean the world to me xxxxx [*]
  8. PS - You need to phone St Thomas' ahead of time to book in though. Goodnight, lovely ladies xxx

  9. FS that's wonderful news, so pleased for you. I had my first scan at 5 1/2 weeks too and saw same as you. 2 weeks later saw embryo and heartbeat, it's amazing how quickly they develop.
    You'll sleep VERY well tonight! x
  10. Hey FS,
    Totally thrilled for you lovely! Been checking in every 20 mins or so for an update, I can go to bed now! Wishing you a totally uneventful next 8 months. Take care. x x x x x
  11. Thank you so much, I hope you are right! Did you see a yolk sac at 5 1/2 weeks? I only saw the gestational sac today in which the yolk sac should develop by next week. The sonographer almost laughed at me when I asked if she could see the spinal cord. She said, "It's too early, there is no baby yet"... I hate waiting games!

  12. Thank you, Miss B! I am sure you can empathise with the fear and trauma I experienced today! Hugs and baby dust xxx
  13. I think there was a yolk sac, but then I actually though I was 6 weeks and they put me at 5 weeks so was a bit confusing. I stressed for the first week after, then I got so many symptoms that in the week leading up to my 2nd scan I was far less concerned! By my 2nd scan they were agreeing with my dates! It can be very confusing but remember every pregnancy is different, try not to worry xx
  14. Welcome El and best wishes for a fabulous, uneventful pregnancy [​IMG]
    I'm 10 weeks today, due 4th December (although have sneaky suspicion little one will arrive before this as other half's side of family are notorious for 11lb whoppers and I'm certain my little frame couldn't cope with that)!
    Brettgirl, I too have gone from being a healthy eater, never having to even count my portions of fruit and veg a day to having to force it down me! A friend said to me at the beginning of my pregnancy that she could only eat anything that was 'white' during her pregnancy. I thought she was winding me up... until a week or so later when all of a sudden I went from being an adventurous foody to a boring bland eater! I have so much queasiness that I'm just trying to eat what I can and supplementing with Pregnacare Plus at the moment. I'm hoping that once I get to 12 weeks I'll be able to start eating properly again!
    Have a relaxing Sunday all, I'm sat in bed working already as I know this as much energy as I'll have all day! x
  15. toffeepoppet

    toffeepoppet New commenter

    Hello everyone,
    I'm a bit nervous about posting. But will be 7 weeks today with an EDD of Christmas Day!!
    Have been booked in for midwife appointment for 1st June. Luckily this is during half term and I don't have to make excuses at school. By then I will be 11 weeks, which seems a really long time before seeing midwife. Is this normal? (I did go and see the doctor but he only checked my blood pressure.)
    This is my first so I'm probably just worrying over nothing.
    Thanks. x
  16. Congrats, Toffee! I can't answer your question as you are two weeks ahead of me! Sorry about lack of para's, I'm on phone in bed.
    I keep waking up stupidly early, been awake since 6.30. Zzz... Keep feeling like I'm bleeding but once I drag myself to the loo (I dread going in case I see red) there is nothing. Just went to the loo (TMI...) and saw a few balls of ewcm at the bottom after a wee. So plenty of cm but nothing to worry about. Yay! Can't wait to see a yolk sac on Thursday. By the way, I wake up starving in the mornings despite huge and late dinners. Does anyone else get this? I did another conception indicator test when I woke up and was delighted when it said "3+ weeks". I'm all on track at 5+1 today. I'm worried about ATxxx as she hasn't posted for a while. I hope she is okay xxx
  17. Unfortunatly it is. Looking on here people tend to see their mid-wife between8-10 weeks. Maybe 11 is a little late but you could always ring and check. Congratulations BTW :) We are a friendly bunch on here so just join in.
    I'm 10 weeks today too. Was so ill last night. Fell asleep on the sofa then wok up ready to throw up. Managed to crawl into bed and sleep for 10 hours. Evenings from 7pm onward are the most difficult as I feel so rubbish. Right on with the mountain of school work :(
  18. Hello FoundationStage!
    I just read your post! Everything is fine here, I have just been so busy at school plus we have the dreaded OFSTED tomorrow and Tuesday! Im so nervous. I know this thread is about pregnancy but can anyone give me any tips? Everything is up to date now - just doing last minute learning journey stuff.
    How are you Foundation Stage? I read that your scan went well. Im so pleased for you. What was it like? I was 5 weeks pregnant yesterday like you! In the book I bought it says that during the fifth week our babies herats start to beat! How amazing!
    How is everyone else? All good I hope

    x x x
  19. Hi everyone,
    So nice to hear all these new announcements!
    AT- Just what you need .. OFSTED! We had it at end of last year and to be honest I didn't find it too bad but it's all the panic and stress that comes with it! Try to stay positive :)
    F.S - Really glad that your scan went well ... what a relief.
    Jessie - I have my fingers crossed for you here's hoping it gets growing.
    I've had a scan early too. I went to out of hours gp last weekend thinking I had a urine infection because I had abdominal pain and what I thought was cloudy urine (had numerous UTIs in the past). The doc dipped my urine and said all was fine. I started paniking wondering what else the pain could be and when he took my blood pressure told me it was sky high and sent me up to gynaecology ward where they did more tests and told me I was staying. 10 mins later and I had a canula in my arm and was led to a bed! They couldn't work out why my pulse rate was so high but considering that I was literally shaking with panic and the thought of an eptopic and an operation was whizzing round in my head didnt really help. They kept checking my pulse and eventually put me on an ecg at 2 in the morning.... followed by a drip and an internal examination. I couldn't have a scan because it was a bank hol weekend - though not sure what they would do in an emergency? They finally sent me home on Sun afternoon and I had to go for a scan Monday. After a sleepless night I had my scan and was told everything was fine and in the right place and baby had a heart beat and they put my due date at Dec 8th (spot on with what I'd said all along). Midwife had been 3weeks out based on the NHS 28day cycle! There's only 1 little bean in there despite my husband being 100% we were having twins and the nurse in the hospital telling me I had v.high hcg levels and was there twins in the family. I hope it isn't playing hide and seek as I'm getting used to the idea of having 1 :) I still have no idea what the pain is and it comes and goes mainly when I have any pressure on it like pushing a heavy door or lifting my v.little doggy. I'm wondering if it's a pulled muscle?

    Have to say acupuncture is fantastic for morning sickness/all day sickness! It is well worth the money. The last time I went she treated me for stress too after the horrible hospital incident and I nearly fell asleep on the bed I could literally feel all the stress ebbing away! I've had pretty nasty nausea and it works a treat.
    Anyone else feel like they are huge? I'm 9 weeks +3 and I've put on a stone!!! I certainly look like I've been eating too many donuts!
    Hope everyone else is fine xxx

  20. Hi AT, glad to see you are well! Five weeks with a hearbeat, I can't wait to see it. What are your symptoms at the moment?
    My scan went very well thanks and my pregnancy matches my ov dates, a week behind the NHS 28 day LMP date! It was worrying in the waiting room not knowing what would happen. There were chavs with babies in there getting their one on the way checked out. I find that out of order when other women are waiting to see if their pregnancy is viable or not. One chav was saying about bouncing baby on her lap: "I hope this baby (unborn) won't be the same as this one, she's a nightmare". I had to move away from the b.itch. Never heard of contraception?!
    OFSTED? What a nightmare! Our OFSTED was last year the day I was admitted for my ectopic pregnancy. That really put the inspection into perspective, suddenly I couldn't have cared less!
    Cosmicclaire, what a traumatic time you've had. Thank goodness your little bean is hanging on tight and in the right place. I would love to have twins one day - how soon do they divide if they are identical? I guess in the first week of conception so you would know by now! I would just be glad with one healthy baby as I am sure you will be too! How wonderful that you saw the heartbeat - I can't wait for that moment. I keep telling myself a yolk sac would be enough progress for Thursday's scan (5+5) but who knows what I will see.
    I hope everyone is having a lovely day so far. I intend to spend it in my pyjamas and am about to cook a full English and roast chicken for the afternoon. I am making the most of not having morning sickness while it lasts! [​IMG]

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