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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Hey all
    I have tried to read through all of thread but keep getting crashed out by my rubbish computer, just wanted to say hello and hurrah! I got my BFP yesterday :) first month of trying and came as a complete shock. Had been getting period symptoms so figured we hadnt been lucky. EDD Jan 9th going from my calculations anyway, got my first (and apparently a real let down) doctors appointment on Thursday night.
    30 years old, recently married and a primary teacher.
    Really, really pleased to be joining you all on here :)
    Houston x
  2. Hey Brettgirl, just relax! [​IMG]
    Hope everyone is well tonight. I
    saw the GP today (so now people at work seem to know I am expecting.
    Grr!) and she was very happy for me! Last time I saw her I was very
    depressed and not very hopeful. This time was a totally different story! She said all my symptoms are indicative of a pregnancy in my uterus. Back ache and cramps are good apparently and no spotting today which is a relief. Only a little light brown cm on a pantyliner after the whole day. She said to ring her first thing on Monday to let her know how the scan goes. She dated the pregnancy at 5.5 weeks but I will be 4+5 according to ov dates so expect them to worry me by telling the pregnancy is small/not progressing. Eek! Hopefully at a big London EPU they will have the best staff who won't base my dates on the ideal (?) 28 day cycle... I can't wait to go for my scan now!
  3. I'm glad that the gp agreed with our amateur analysis :) I am relaxing, had a riding lesson tonight and heartburn was awful, plus boobs uncomfortable!!! The thing is that whatever is going to happen we can't change it's just I donr like uncertainty. It might make it seem more real if I told a couple of real life people. I nearly told my mum today but she would just nag me for weeks about being able to tell dad. I will prob tell my work friend on Thursday as she is 11 weeks and I've known since she was 4. The NHS 28 day cycle obsession is hilarious isnt it? Try telling them you dont know LMP, the system goes into meltdown.
  4. [​IMG] Might give that a go on Thursday!
  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one to be having spotting, mines coming and going so I'm a bit nervous about getting to excited about anything. Got docs tomorrow and hoping they might make me feel a bit better about it. Loads of cramping as well, plus sore boobs and being really thirsty all the time (is that normal?!). Its really frustrating not being able to tell anyone about it, really glad this forum is here! Fingers crossed we're all here for the long haul.
    Houston x
  6. Horse riding? I stopped mine because my NHS pregnancy booklet thing said not to and when I checked with midwife she said I couldn't really incase of a fall etc. I'm really missing my riding :( Let me know if you have been told it is OK to ride as I'll be straight back in the saddle.
    Did you know that only 12% of woman have a 28 day cycle! They have no idea about my due date (IMO) because because my cycle ranged from something like 156 days to 43!
    Well I have some funny pains today. Quite sharp but really low down (almost vagina area). Can't really describe them but (TMI alert) it is a bit like a rather painful poo. Odd, will see how they are tomorrow.
    Also finally picked up my midwife notes from last week. Very confused. The back page has an appontment sheet. Originally written in was my 12 week scan at the end of May. That is crossed out and below is written an appointment with a consultant and it had scan written but scan is now crossed out. I would have thought I'd have a hospital letter? Anyone know?
    Also not sure if I've mentioned it but welcome Houston.
  7. Glad you're kind of feeling better MJB, been thinking of you.
    I am now 9 1/2 weeks and all of a sudden I'm not so sure my tummy is just 'bloated'! Is it normal to show this early with your first?! Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm average weight and lost 5lbs in first few weeks of pregnancy and have put half of this back on now! x
  8. FS good luck for today x MJB having had a scan at 7.5 weeks miscarriage is pretty unlikely. In terms of tummies mine changed slightly at 4 weeks both times. I noticed it more first time round cos I was very slim. I lost half.a stone during first trimester but by 12 weeks could hardly get into any of my clothes.
  9. Thanks for all the best wishes. I had a horrible night's sleep and am very worried. My boobs were too sore to sleep on for the first time in my life which is a good sign. I've been having pain but I am sure it is from my bowel. Has anyone else got this? I read that the constipation is caused by the digestive system slowing down to absorb more nutrients from food to better support the baby's development. I've just been to the loo and am hoping the pain will subside. I wish I didn't have to teach before my scan today. I really wanted to lie to everyone and say my braces are broken so I have to see the ortho after school. I am such a nervous wreck and don't want any questions but my husband said I shouldn't lie to them. Grr! I hope it will be good news... I wish they scanned me straight away but there would have been nothing to see last week! 9 hours to go. [​IMG]
  10. Best of luck at the scan, FS. Hope all goes well x
  11. Thanks, Antoniou. Just checking in while I'm on the train to hospital. Really scared and only 1.5 hours to go. I'll buy a magazine when I get there. Newspapers are depressing and make me want to cry!
  12. Tonnes of luck FS...thinking of you.
    Tired and emotional today beyond words. Everything I do today goes wrong and LO is ill which makes everything worse. Just want to hibernate and wake up when it's all over!

  13. daisy_chain

    daisy_chain New commenter

    Good luck FS! Let us know how it goes!
  14. Thinking of you FS x
  15. Think we are due date buddies (4th Dec) My bump is flipping huge (IMO). It has been there since about 8 weeks. Midwife didn't seem concerned (or actually look) but I will be telling my consultant next week to see what he says. I keep getting changed for work because either it doesn't fit or it makes my look bump so obvious. I must be putting weight on as MIL today told me she could see it in my face. In my emotional state that equals fat, bloated and spotty even though I'm sure that is not what she meant lol.
    I don't know what to do about the riding now. Will have to have a little think :)
    Anyway I just checked in to see how FS got on. Hope it went well.
    Also hope you are ok MJB. How horrid for you. Take care.

  16. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Thanks for the reassurance Brettgirl (again) - it's great to have a second timer on this thread! I know the risk drops significantly now I've seen a heartbeat, maybe having a previous mc makes me worry a little more than I should be.
    Will keep checking for news from you FS, been thinking of you loads today.
    SLC, thankyou, I am feeling much better. I think I had to give my medication a chance to build up in my system. While I am still vomitting, I am not feeling as nauseous and being able to eat and drink again is great.
    As regards to our tummies, mine has started to pop out a little now. I already can't do my trousers with buttons up. However, I suspect this is water retention or something for me. I am tiny in all dimensions really, so I'm not sure if this will make me show sooner or later! It is balanced out by my boobs anyway, I've gone up almost 2 cup sizes I think. They look a bit outlandish on my little frame, at almost a DD cup. I'm hoping my back size will follow, as if I make it to a 32 around my back I will finally be able to buy bras from Primark instead of spending £30 a time for Ultimo etc!
    I'm pleased to notice that my skin has really cleared up as well. Acne on my chin is my main visible symptom of PCOS so it's nice to see it gone for a while.
    Hope you are all feeling ok ladies. Nearly the weekend!
  17. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    PS - SLC, with your noticeably bigger bump....maybe twinnies!!
  18. I keep checking on here to see if FS has posted yet!
    All my symptoms have suddenly disappeared, so am getting panicky now! My little one's been ill all day which has been a pain, so maybe it's because I haven't had a chance to think today too much! I don't know. I just really want to get a scan now (who was it that was thinking of going to get a private scan? it's got me thinking!) to make sure I'm not making any of this up!
    I'm 6 weeks today and am definitely bloated more than not, I keep trying to pull in my tummy and it won't go, so perhaps it's more than bloating, I don't know! I lost a lot of weight after LO was born on Weight Watchers, so am a bit sad I can't fit into all my new clothes now! Got to get the maternity things from the attic soon... we're moving next week now it seems, so will have to make sure they don't go into storage!
    Hope you're all feeling ok, esp those with morning sickness...

  19. I'm going to get a private scan at 8 weeks. Because of all my bleeding last time I did loads of research (hence i always sound like a know it all!) And once you get a positive scan result at that stage the rate of pg success is really very high. Knowing that I cannot hang around for another 4 weeks! I am also checking for news from fs. I would have thought she'd have posted by now for the first time I'm a bit worried about her.
  20. Ultimo bras are my best friend. I love them. I must say they now look much better with something to fill them with. I must have gone up 2 cup sizes too. I love them. Oh to have boobs all the time, the bra's and dresses I could wear........
    Well my Auntie is convinced that when my cousin didn't have twins I will (something to do with skipping a generation). I think I'd have been more sick etc if I was having two so I'm not convinced. Be hard work though but gets it out the way in one go. I have no idea when my scan is now as it has been crossed out and a consultant appoinment is in its place on my NHS booklet thingy. Time shall tell. One baby would be lovely though :)


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