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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    Welcome to all the newbies!!! Getting busy on here :)
    Sorry to hear people are having a tough time with crapping and spotting - have got my fingers crossed for you all.
    Had a lovely day yesterday watching the wedding (i'm a sucker for these things!) nad then going to street party - all very memorable.
    Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend - i'm doing my best to get my school reports done - got to submit them in two weeks.....yikes!!
    Not alot to report on the symptoms front - getting more tired now (and grumpy to go with it!) and think i'm starting to show?!?! Just got a look of 'eating too many cakes' at the moment! Hoping it's not too obvious as still trying not to tell work until 12 week scan (on the 16th May - not long to go now...!)
    take care everyone and rest up if you're feeling under the weather
    10 weeks today!
  2. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Darn that constipation!! [​IMG]
  3. HAHAHA that took me a moment to work out. Yes crapping, cramping and spotting can all be problems.
    I've just woken up after 2.5 hours sleep. OH must have taken the dog out. I am exhausted and have done very little.
    Hope the sickness stays stopped MJB. Take care everyone else.
  4. Please try to relax - af-type cramping is one of my first pg feelings. If af was coming then you would have proper af symptoms not tiny ones. I'm dreading getting spotting because it is really scary but it probably just means that bean is burrowing in a bit more.
  5. Hey FS, please don't worry yourself just yet. They're all perfectly normal symtoms. I know you will prob still worry, but just try to relax as stress is not good for the little bean... I should practise what I preach really as am stressing too! The cramps I am having are unreal, way worse than I remember last time (although OH says I had this bad cramps last time, I almost snapped at him and said 'how the hell would you know as you don't feel them' but I let it go... serious bad PMS style mood swings frmo goodie these days!). I have discharge too, and I keep rushing to the bathroom as at times it feels quite heavy and I worry too! I have the hugest stomach from lunch time onwards and then a lot of gas once I relax after putting my little one to bed and tummy goes down! Pleasant!
    I am worried that I am counting my chickens. I haven't yet had a date through for an early scan (am 5 +3) but am going to cal them on Friday if I haven't heard anything by then. We're moving overseas in a few weeks and I would love to be reassured by my lovely hospital over here first before having to explain everything to a new one. We also bought a phil and teds from ebay today which we had to do, even though it is so premature. Ebay doesn't work where we're going and there's no way I could afford a new one. I figured that even if the worst happens with this little bean we will have to get one at some point, so it may as well be now! Argh, it's weird thinking about these things so early! I get worried that I am tempting fate, my ever practical OH tells me to stop being ridiculous! Time will tell I suppose.
    I hope you have all had a lovely long weekend. It's been so nice here, lots of family days out, and still another day tomorrow with OH! Yay for Royal Weddings!

  6. Thanks for your reassurance, girls. The spotting has ceased for now but I have dull lower back pain. Is that normal? It's always my first sign of AF so rather worrying. I can't believe I'm so relaxed about the prospect of another ectopic pregnancy but frightened to death of spotting and miscarriage. I have dull achy pain in my uterus but nothing too worrying at the moment. Goosie, I hope your cramps are wearing off now. It's reassuring to know that early pregnancy isn't meant to be comfortable and glamourous! My belly is huge now from gas and bloating. As I'll be having beans on toast for dinner, this won't be improving tonight!
  7. I dont think anything is normal but I've had dull aching lower back this time. With my daughter I had bleeding and period pains at 4+4 and took it to mean af had arrived. I went out with a friend for dinner had a couple of glasses of wine then it stopped again the next day. I was convinced pretty much for the whole week af wad arriving and didn't do a pregnancy test till 4+6. I wish it was the same this time cos it was a lot less stressful that way! At least its taken your mind off the ectopic :)
  8. Sorry that didnt come out right. I meant at least its stopped you stressing about this pregnancy being ectopic. Sorru again that reads really insensitively
  9. That surprisingly made me chuckle, you are absolutely right!
  10. Good I re-read it and was horrified!
  11. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    Sorry to hear people are still being scared by the cramping and spotting - have got my fingers crossed for all of you. The symptoms you're describing all sound perfectly normal - i too get a lot of discharge and keep convincing myself that it is something synister and have to go to the bathroom to check! What are we like!!
    Foundation - i know everyone says relax, which is easier said than done, but you need to try and stay positive and count down the days till your scan on Thursday. Just remember - your body has done an amazing thing by becoming pregnant after the nightmare you had last time. We're all thinking of you xx
    take care everyone
  12. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    PS - meant to say....Goosie - let me know what the Phil and Teds is like! I too have been looking on ebay and reckon we'll get one too but i'm not brave enough to bid yet! When you've got it let me know how easy it is to use the cacoon and doubles kit and how well it handles. Can i be cheeky too and ask how much you got it for??
    thanks for that!
  13. I got ours for 255. It was only 3 months old and had all the bits and pieces included: doubles kit, cocoon, bag, raincovers, etc. I decided not to bid on any as it stresses me out too much so I did a 'buy it now' one. We actually picked it up today and LO loved being in it as a single buggy so may well be retiring our iCandy! The people I got it from showed me how to us it, and I do need a bit of practice, particularly putting it up and down, but the doubles kit and cocoon are so so easy to use. Am meeting up with another mum friend tomorrow and we're going to pop both of them in it to see how it handles with 2 x 16 month olds! (PS: nice to see you on here from winter 2009-10 thread: I am formerly known as clairen!)
    On another note, ouch, got extra sharp pains around my side for last half hour and am in such pain OH is making dinner for once. It's really really sharp. I know nothing's really considered normal in pregnancy, but does anybody else have quite specific sharp pain?
  14. Hello FS, I was out all day yesterday and only just logged on. Are you ok? Has the spotting stopped? Although I haven't had any spotting myself I know it is completely normal to get it. In fact I thought there was something wrong with me as I haven't had any. I have been getting mild af pains and dull lower back ache but this is completely normal too. By the sounds of things you are just having normal pregnancy symptoms. Not long until your appointment tomorrow now too. Let me know how you are. Thank you also for recommending that book, I went and purcahsed it straight away! Very inoformative!
    Thanks Brettgirl too on your recommendation. I too love tea so much! On the directgov website is said you can have up to 6 cups a day thank god! I have read somewhere you can only have 2 cups of tea a day, I wouldn't be able to do it!

    x x x
  15. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    Morning everyone! Am slogging away at reports again so having a sneeky look on here :)
    AT - i'm the same - feel like there is something wrong with me as i've had no spotting. The wait for the 12 week scan seems to be endless!!
    Goosie - thanks for that - sounds like a good buy! Will be on the look out for one myself when i feel brave enough. (and i did know it was you clare!)
    Re tea - i drink decaf. Changed over when i was pregnant first time, i can't tell the difference, so much so i carried on drinking it when i wasn't pregnant! Give it a try!
    FS - hope everything is ok today xx
    take care everyone!
  16. Millie Dog I know! I haven't even registered my pregnancy yet as I can't get a doctors appointment until next Monday! So 12 week scan seems ages away. When are you due? What symptoms are you having? All very exciting!

    x x

  17. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    AT -i'm one of the early birds on here as my due date is 25th November. My scan is on the 16th May so not long now (although i have to have all my school reports in before then - yikes - best i get on with them!!)
    I keep thinking i haven't got any symptoms, but then i read what people are saying on here and i agree with them! Tiredness didn't really kick in until about a week ago. Get the odd rumble and pain but do my best to ignore them! Getting a bit of heartburn already and think my discharge has increase (TMI i know!!) Getting bloating and think i look 4 months already from certain angles!! I remember last time i was pregnant people commenting on the size of the bump (too big/small etc) and i hated that so not looking forward to that this time.
    do you need to see a doctor?? at my surgery all i had to do was fill in a form and i was refered straight to the midwives.
  18. I wasnt intending to see a doctor either. Unless its changed booking here is at 10 weeks so I'll make an appointment in a couple of weeks for when I am exactly 10. I cant believe tiredness has only.just.kicked in Millie I had an.afternoon nap at 9dpo I'm much more tired much earlier than last time. One big plus of it taking me 7 months is I dont think I will need a double buggy. In terms of bump size the only thing that annoyed me last time was being a syrapping 5'10" I didn't really look pregnant until about 28 weeks, just fat! I always looked small so I wasnt too bothered about comments. It did my head in though that no-one talked to me about anything else! Is 16th May our first scan?
  19. strapping 5'10" in case anyone was was wondering :)
  20. Brettgirl, you are lucky, I am 5'9" but look fat anyway!
    I am back in the game, girls. Thanks for your concern. I was so worried yesterday and my friend gave me a stern talking to. Symptoms are back today including sore nipples and dizziness. Yippee!
    I haven't booked a GP appt but will do so first thing tomorrow morning. My doctor had an ectopic pregnancy so I want to see her but she works Mon-Wed only...

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