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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Hi Girls
    Well I had an emergency scan this afternoon and Ive sort of received a mixture of good and bad news. Good news is I am definately still pregnant and there is no sign of miscarriage just yet [​IMG] On the plus side I still have all my pregnancy symptoms which the midwife said take as a good sign.
    Jessie x
  2. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    Jessie - gatecrashing from Autumn babies (sorry) but just had to reply to your post. I had early scan cos diabetic at what I though was 8 and a half weeks. They dated me at 6. It meant that I would have had +ve test within just a few days of conception! I thought my af was late when I tested... I did have a heartbeat, but the scan lady said that it was early still and you wouldn't always be able to see one at that point. When I went to my next scan they put my dates forwards by a week, so still less than I thought but better! It means that I must have ovulated very late that month, and must have had a longer cycle than any cycle I've had since tracking them properly! I think she would have mentioned heartbeat if she'd seen one, but try not to worry - if the baby is measuring 5-6 weeks than they may not have been able to.
    I suppose I just wanted to say that I was the same when I had my scan, with dates being put back etc, and yet all was ok, I've had happy scans since then, heard the heartbeat, and recently felt my baby moving for the first time. It must be so so hard, but please try to stay as positive as you can.
    Huge hugs xxxx
  3. Hi ChocolateHeaven, thank you for your post it has helped a little. My OH is being super positive (if not overly lol) but at the moment I just keep thinking somethings wrong for baby not to have developed. I suppose it is possible I ovulated later and cycle was longer than the others have been. My sister (currently 30 weeks) had something very similar at her 1st scan, she measured at only 3 weeks when she thought she was further on, she also had to have blood tests every other day as her levels weren't rising so maybe it just runs in the family. We keep joking that baby is just taking its time as its going to be as laid back as my OH [​IMG] Its gonna feel like a lifetime waiting for next Friday!!
  4. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Jessie, I know you will worry no matter what we say to you but everything can and probably will be fine. At my first scan they dated me at 4+3 when I thought I was about 6, and I'd got my BFP 10 days before. The dates they gave me yesterday made me a few days later than they originally thought - the registrar who scanned me yesterday told me it isn't very exact until about 10-12 weeks.
  5. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    Wow! Lots of scans going on...... Sorry to hear about all the troubling times people have been having - HANG IN THERE BEANS!!!!! :)
    Well, told two colleagues today who were both delighted, but am sticking to my guns and not going to tell management until i've had 12 week scan. Part of me is guilty about it as they are interview for 2 vacancies in my key stage before then and them knowing will help with planning, but for some reason i don't feel comfortable about it until i know that everything is progressing well. (although both people commented that now they know they can tell i'm pregnant and even think i'm starting to show slightly - yikes!!)
    Not long till another long weekend - time for relaxing :)
    take care everyone
  6. Jessie, I went through same situation as you in last couple of weeks so I now exactly what you're going through. Luckily at my second scan everything was fine and dates were as they should be too. As you said, it's a good sign that you still have your pregnancy symptoms and it will be much healthier for you and baby to think positive rather than worry about the other side of the coin. Easier said than done I know! Everything crossed for you. Keep us posted and take care of yourself.
    MJB - LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!!! I can't believe it's taking so long for you to get more pills, that must be so awful for you. No school for you tomorrow if you're still feeling so ill, baby comes first! My goodness, I sound like a teacher, haha! xxx
  7. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Sorry for self-indulgent post, but I am absolutely raging and shocked that my GP would leave a pregnant woman to dehydrate for this length of time. Nobody called me back so I rang the emergency department at the hospital and they said they won't admit me without GP referral, so I rung the out of hours service. From this a male doctor called me back and said I shouldn't be taking anything for sickness if I am pregnant. Right, helpful, thanks. I asked to speak to somebody else or be referred to hospital and they've made me an out of hours appointment at the walk in centre at ten past 9. I'm not vomitting at the moment, but haven't kept down any fluids all day and haven't been for a wee since 3 this morning, so I am clearly very dehydrated.
    Rant over.
  8. MJB that's outrageous! Ranting and self-indulgent you are not! Really hope you get well looked after at the walk in centre and make sure you take it easy when you get home x
  9. MJB how did you get on at the walk in centre? Hope your ok xx
  10. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Hi Jessie, I'm better today than I was thankyou. The doctor at the walk-in referred me straight to the hospital, so I was finally admitted and given IV rehydration and anti-sickness medication. Not pleasant but the best thing for me. I've now got enough antisickness to last until Monday and then no doubt I'll have the whole rigmarole again.
    How are you feeling today? Has your bleeding gone? x
  11. Hi, glad you got sorted out at the hospital. Being admitted is never nice but at least they are looking after you properly now!
    Yes the bleeding has stopped, it was only very slight to begin with I just panicked as Ive had such bad cramps. The cramps are still there but not as bad and I have never felt so relieved to feel sick! I have been "Googling" (worst thing I can do I know!) and hopefully it is just a case of the dates being wrong. I was really worried it meant it was a blighted ovum, but I dont think it is with them finding a yolk sac too, plus the nurse never mentioned it which my OH reckons they'd of warned us if thats what they thought... Just not nice feeling so in limbo after being so excited [​IMG] On a brighter note, if dates are wrong baby will be here closer to Christmas then first thought! x
  12. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    I'm really glad your bleeding has stopped, that's a good sign! I did plenty of googling too in my two week wait for my scan, I found it reassuring actually.
    I've not been sick today and I have eaten a little bit, still can't drink but I have had lolly ices. I can cope with being sick, it's the dehydration that bothered me. It is dangerous and made me feel like I was going mad.
  13. I am so bad that I couldn't even wait until tomorrow to do my next test so did this morning instead. Good news is I got 2 proper bfps, one on ic strip and also on a proper test. According to babycentre EDD 6th Jan. Bleeding in pregnancy is awful I am dreading getting that again. Fingers crossed for the scan next week I had bleeding and cramping in my last pregnancy and the result is now sitting watching cbeebies so hopefully yours will be OK too. Jive that is shocking I moan about our doctors but you can always get an appointment the same day if you need one. Dont get me started on out of hours!
  14. Hi Jasmine,
    Thank you for the congratulations, it is very kind of you.
    Now don't panic - it doesn't mean you are miscarrying or having an eptopic pregnancy. How far gone are you if you don't mnd me asking?

    x x x
  15. Hi AT,

    From the first day of last period I am 6 weeks 3 days, but my cycles were ranging from 30-33 days, so could be as early as 5 weeks 5 days. The dr is dating me from my last period, and said I have to wait til 7 weeks to have a scan, and this would be tuesday

  16. Well congrats to At and lovely to see FS here.I really hope all goes well. I had nausea at 4 weeks then it went and has returnednow at 8 weeks. I know lots of people who have had none and it doesn't mean it is a bad sign. Hope things run smoothly for you.

    Jessie I have cramping. The other night I sneezed and I thought I had ruptured something. Boy did it hurt and for the next day too. I really hope that you are Ok but I would guess cramping is normal as things are growing and moving. It will be along wait for the scan but I hope it is reassuring for you.
    I was just checking in with everyone. Nothing to tell really, threw up yesterday at 8+5 for the first time. The tirdness has kicked in big time but other than that it is ok. I had my midwife appointment. Same as everyones. I will be consultant care but midwife hasn't called to say I'd need an early scan. I was hoping she would. My consultant is super duper laid back so I doubt he'll think my health problems are anything to worry about :)
    Take care ladies.
  17. Thanks for all the congratulations [​IMG] I hope my visit is more than just a pitstop until Thursday.
    No more spotting so I am a happy lady for now!
    Jasmine, sorry to hear you are finding it distressing. When I had an ectopic pregnancy I knew there was a problem and I was hysterical all weekend. I went to A&E and they checked my cervix but there is nothing they can tell you without an internal scan. How frustrating that your GP won't have you scanned before 7 weeks, you need to know NOW to put your mind at rest. Are you in London or another city where they have a walk in EPU? I am sure there is nothing wrong but it is so upsetting to feel there is a problem. I am sure your little bean is healthy and sticky and just letting Mummy more aware of his/her presence! xxx
  18. Hi all, I had to log in via laptop so that I can do paragraphs this is going to be a lengthy post so I need paragraphs :)
    Firstly Jasmine - I have posted on here many times about having cramping and bleeding in my first pregnancy (I have a two year old daughter), so I'm sure you've read about it before.... FWIW my 'main' 5 week long bleeding started at 5+4 and ended at about 11 weeks. My GP was very negative about the possible outcome and sent me for two scans in that time,the EPU both times were less concerned. They just put it down as 'implantation bleeding', which apparently can go on for weeks - it a myth that it is a tiny window between 6 and 12 DPO. The bleeding was never very heavy, but I had to wear a pad and at times was the grape-juice type consistency that is meant to indicate ectopic pregnancy.
    Bizarrely then at my 12 week scan they found an area of bleeding in the womb and told me not to be alarmed if I bled a lot and suddenly (reassuring hey!) but I never did. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not!
    Another possible cause is cervical erosion and my first minor bleed was at 4+4, the day after erm dtd. I know now that I have this, so this could have been the cause. I am currently under a vow of celibacy, probably until at least 12 weeks. My husband is complaining bitterly!!!
    The only advantage to being scanned really early is if there is a really strong possibility of ectopic. Otherwise the later the better. If you are over 7 weeks then they will probably be able to confirm viability, you may not currently even be 6 and in that case it is unlikely they would be able to confirm the pregnancy is viable. Another thing is if you have early scans and then keep on bleeding the reassurance only really lasts a couple of days in my experience. Therefore the later the better.
    I became a bit of an expert on early pregnancy bleeding/scans - sorry!
    FS - 1 in 10 is an estimate, and assumes surely that both your tubes are damaged? If your second tube is fine then I'm sure the odds are better. You said somewhere else that you had noticed lots of twinges this time that you hadn't before and put it down to being more in tune. Surely it's actually more likely that this time is different because the pregnancy is in the right place?
    I know it's really hard for you and you've had a horrible experience but I also analyse every tiny little twinge, worry if my symptoms are fading and so on. I just really hope that sac has got itself to where its meant to be. The most likely reason for your tiny bit of spotting is implantation, plus if you do have a short second phase then your period might have tried to arrive and then not IFYSWIM?
    Just one thing - if you ovulated 3 weeks into your cycle and it is 2 weeks since ovulation you are 4 weeks pregnant not 5. It's a silly detail but it's just worth being aware of it as they are going to point it out at the EPU. I'm not sure what they can see that early, probably just a yolk sac? If so they will I guess still be able to see if it is in the womb.
    In terms of scans even if everything seems normal this time I intend to have one privately at 8 weeks because there is absolutely no way I can last until 12! Sorry about the essay x

  19. Thanks for the reassurance, Brettgirl. I'm feeling much better about this pregnancy as I knew instinctively that my first pregnancy was over almost as soon as it began.
    You are right about my dates. I checked online against my ov/conception dates and I'm four weeks today!! Bleeding has stopped (hooray!!) and none of my twinges are particularly disconcerting. Scan will be at 4+5 so I hope they see something!
  20. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Congratulations FS - everything crossed that it all goes well for you this time. I had a scan at what they said was 4+3 (actually was probably 5, 5+1) and although we could only see the gestational and yolk sacs, we could at least see it was in my uterus, so if you see that, you will be hugely reassured I'm sure.
    After a couple of days respite from the vomitting, I was up at 3 being sick again. Only been sick twice more since then though, and I'm keeping my lolly ices down, so hopefully will avoid any more trips for a drip! I feel like I've been poisoned though. I wouldn't wish hyperemesis on anyone even on the quite sizeable list of people I hate.
    Jasmine, I've had pain and bleeding since week 5 - like Brettgirl, they have told me this is either implantation or cervical bleeding and at my scan on Tuesday there was a healthy heartbeat. I think the bleeding has stopped now, a couple of days ago, so it lasted more than 2 weeks. I hope your scan goes well.

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