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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Welcome pinktigerlily! Congratulations!
    Your story there sounds similar to mine, I've also had one sided pain and bleeding, my emergency scan only put me at 4+3, although I'd had my BFP a week and a half before so I'm unsure about that. I've got my next scan on Tuesday so hopefully I'll be saying the same as you then!
    I had food cravings and aversions from before I did my test. I too was craving cheese, as well as pizza and curry. I strongly went off tea and sausages! Since I've been ill I have only had aversions. To everything. Lol. However, since I got my antisickness meds yesterday I'm starting to feel like eating again - I've had soup, hurray!
    Hope you do manage to relax and enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  2. Hey MJB
    I too started having waves of sickness a week before I did a test! Apparently this and a couple of other factors can indicate a baby girl! I'm the same as you with the aversions, ratio of 1000/1 with cravings! I'm fortunate that I've not physically been sick (well just the once) and in a strange way the sickness and tiredness helped me to go on believing that this pregnancy was continuing!
    Has your sense of smell become ridiculously sensitive? My OH bought me lillies a week ago, usually my favourite flowers and I'm willing them to die! They make me feel so sick, I can smell them upstairs, even with living room door closed! He's had to stop wearing his fav aftershave as that too makes me gag, as does his shower gel! Think he's beginning to take it personally ;o)
    Hope you manage to keep the soup down and good luck on Tuesday, will be thinking of you. x
  3. Hi everyone,
    I have literally just come from POAS and it's positive! A day befre AF is due, so perhaps a bit premature, but am so so so excited! I tested early as have been feeling nauseous at my normally favourite foods (pizza/burgers anyone? [​IMG] ) and tired, although with a 15 month old this is hardly surprising! I promised my OH that I wouldn't test until Tuesday (day after AF due) but as he's out all day and the tests were just sitting there on top of the toilet I decided to risk it! He has no idea, but I had to tell someone!
    We've been trying for 5 months, so I feel very lucky to be (fingers crossed) pregnant so soon. I am starting to read up about chemical pregnancies and the like and getting freaked out already! I was so overly neurotic during my last pregnancy that I swore that this time round I would be an easy going joy and enjoy this one, however this week I have already had 2 massive arguments with OH (which I put down to PMT which I never usually suffer from), cramps like you wouldn't believe and nausea which makes me worry about the rest of the 1st trimester!
    Anyway, hi, my name's Goosie, and I'm a pregnancy-a-holic!
    Hope all your pregnancies are going well ladies, great to meet you, here's to some interesting months ahead!
    4 weeks, due 6th Jan, but will be having elective CS before xmas
  4. Hi all,
    Room for one more?! Did a test last week and am 'pregnant 3+' so maybe 5-6 weeks based on rough estimations. Excited and nervous, my mind swings from names to university fees!! It's all quite overwhelming and scary isn't it?
    I'm 32, married 7 months and am hod in secondary -D&T so another whole world of worry to explore- any advice?
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to sharing and getting advice from you all :)
  5. Hi Ladies,
    Lots of Newbies! Congratulations on all the new BFP's! [​IMG]
    My EDD is the 4th of December too! Feeling totaly rubbish though, and not looking forward to work tomorrow. I just feel so dizzy and nausious all the time. Starting to get me down now [​IMG]
    As for food adversions - I can not stand the thought of red meat?! I used to love a good steak or Sunday Roast but even the thought of the taste and texture, it is knocking me sick lol. Food cravings are mainly bread based (i.e. hot cross buns and toast!) which isnt really a good thing as carbs are not my friend!
    Hope you all have a good day back to work tomorrow xx
  6. Hi jessie daisy, that's great, we can be due date buddies!
    I so know what you mean about going back to school tomorrow, I am dreading it too! I was fine before the holidays but have been feeling ridiculously tired all hols. Don't know where I'm going to get ther energy to teach, let alone the late nights planning?!
    I've gone off meat, particularly red meat too! Can't even look at it, let alone cook or eat it! The BBQ season is not my friend!
    Have a good day tomorrow all, thank heavens for the Royal Wedding! x
  7. Hello all and welcome and congrats to the newbies. Star and Jasmine looks like we could have acouple of Christmas day babies [​IMG] How lovely. You'll be on one born every christmas lol.
    MJB Hope the scan goes ok and I'm glad you are feeling better. It is good you took some time off.
    Pinktiger I am also your Due date buddy. Must be a popular date eh Jessie [​IMG]
    Goosie can I as why you will be having an elective c/s? Is it through choice or a a medical reson. I am terrified of giving birth. Like totally freaked out (I panic at the thought, not good). I didn't know if you could say I want a c/s. I'm going to try other things first but I might feel better if I knew it was an option.
    Well I'm still as depressed as anything. Didn't get dressed until 3, house is a mess and I CBA to do anything about it. Still so very sad and it is spoiling what should be an exciting time. I keep talking to the baby (I know at 8 weeks it can't actually hear me but it makes me feel better) as I feel guilty for not jumping up and down with joy. I see the midwife this week so I'll see what she says about cheering my miserable self up.
    I'm also concerned with the size of my bump. It is obvious. I don't think I can hide it at work. It is too early to tell people but I'm not sure what I'll do. My boobs have gone up a cup size already (ok so a AAA cup to an AA isn't that much lol) and are killing.I tried on four outfits on Saturday because I couldn't fit into anything. Is anyone else like this? It worries me a bit.
    Someone asked about food aversions and cravings. Well I drink cordial like there is no tmr. I now cannot stand orange or blackcurrent and I'm trying to find something I can stomach. Yesterday I went out for lunch. I had to have a cheese and pickle bun. I'm not a massive cheese fan and I hate pickle. I'm well into soup and unfortunatly salad. My sense of smell is sooooo sensitive, everything smells horrid, including the bio-oil I bought for stretch marks, not good.
    Take it easy back at work ladies. Sory for my mammoth post too.
  8. Haha yes my Dad said lazy Sundays have a lot to answer for!! [​IMG]
    Yes! Last weekend my friend called round to go shopping with me and found me in tears! All because I couldnt find anything nice to wear that was comfortable for walking around in the sunshine! So I have given in and bought a couple of pairs of maternity trousers for work. They are actually quite nice and much more comfortable than my normal work trousers! I even told my OH I intend to wear these trousers even when Im not pregnant lol. They dont look like maternity trousers, they just have small stretchy panels at the top that aren't noticeable when you have a top on. Totally recommend them!!
  9. Oh and as for juice, I can only drink Robinsons Peach cordial with plenty of ice - why? I have no idea but it tastes good!!! [​IMG]
  10. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Thanks for the good wishes for my scan tomorrow. After more bleeding and pain I'm feeling very nervous about it.
    I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. Of course you can ask...last time round (my daughter is 15 months) I too was totally freaked out about the labour part of the whole thing, but by about month 6 I had come to terms with it and was doing exercises, breathing techniques, bought a birthing ball etc, etc. I always said to any midwife who would listen that I wanted every drug imaginable, including an epidural at the first possible chance (am a complete wimp re pain!). Funnily enough I had an op on my cervix 5 years before getting pg and they always told me I would have to have CS, but then when I actually got pg they said unnecessary, so on I went with the natural thing. I had a lot of scans throughout my pregnancy, and a scan at 37 weeks showed the bloodflow in the cord to not be great so they decided to induce. 3 days later and nothing, so they did an emergency c section. I had 3 days of contractions and nothing, 1cm dilated! C section was unbelievably tough to recover from, esp with a newborn, but I think I will ask for one this time as I am too scared for the complications that happened last time to happen again. Once you have had one, you have the choice, but I think it's harder to insist on one first time round.
    Sorry if that freaked you out, it's not meant to! So many people give birth naturally with the aid of an epidural and feel nothing, definitely better than a c-section! But, like people say, you forget about the pain of labour, and I think you also forget about the pain of the recovery associated with CS
    This being bump number 2, and only being roughly 5 weeks along I am already noticing bloating. Haven't quite got the courage to get my maternity things out of the attic just yet, but am hoping for an early scan in a couple of weeks due to previous issues so will be living in leggings until then!
    Tips for maternity clothing: H and M is so comfortable, as is gap maternity.
    Hope everyone having a lovely last bit of the weekend and looking forward to a 3 day week?
  12. Hi MissJiveBunny how did you get on with your scan? Hope everything went ok xx
    Well first day back over with and I am officially shattered! How did everybody elses day go? Quick question - Is everybody else still getting quite a strong cramp type feeling low down? Im beginning to panic myself that something is wrong, when I know in reality its prob just everything moving and adjusting...
  13. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Hi Jessie - thanks for asking, my scan went fine! I saw a little wiggly baby and a teeny tiny heartbeat. They redated me at 7+1 to 8 weeks as well. The relief was indescribable!
  14. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    Welcome to all the newbies!! Great to have you aboard :)
    What a relief for you jivebunny - fantastic news...i was starting to get a little worried.
    Still feeling fairly symptom free which is quite worrying. Getting the odd twinge lower down which must be things stretching etc, but not as much as i got first time round. Bit tired, but again not like last time, remember i used to come home from work and sleep for an hour - no chance of that now!! Hopefully this lack of symptoms doesn't mean that there is something wrong....??!!
    Have got my scan date through though....16th May - seems ages away, but will come round soon enough!!
    Hope everyone survived back at work
  15. That's fab news MJB, been checking for your update all evening! I know exactly what you mean about the relief! Now hopefully with the sickness under control too, you can enjoy your pregnancy! x
  16. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Thanks ptl [​IMG] next landmark is 12 weeks!
    If you're wondering why I'm posting so early, I've been up being sick since 3, so I have given up and got out of bed. This sickness is miserable. I ran out of tablets at the weekend, and with the bank holiday and everything it's going to be later today or tomorrow before I get more. I'm just trying to decide whether to go to work or not. [​IMG] It all felt worth it yesterday when I saw my little one's heart beating but I really, really do feel rough. Hope everyone else is feeling better than me.
    I meant to reply to the post about juice drinks the other day - the only liquid I can keep down is Robinson's lemon barley water. I miss tea though!

  17. I was just having a sneaky lurk on here (I had tiny weeny bfp yesterday and am waitimg till friday to do a proper test) but I have to reply MJB.

    You need to get some more tablets then you may be able to go to work tomorrow. You are not well, look after yourself.

    Really good news about your scan yesterday.
  18. Hi MissJiveBunny - so glad everything went well for you at your scan!! My turn to panic now tho [​IMG]
  19. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Hi Jessie, I hope everything is ok and you have been reassured. I've had pain and bleeding since the beginning, and as you know found out yesterday everything is fine. I'll be keeping an eye out for an update from you, really hope you're ok.
    Brettgirl I should have taken your advice and stayed off! I tried to go in but had to come home again. There's a problem with the doctors' computers so I still haven't got any tablets. Becoming pretty desperate now, I don't think I can face another night like that. I have found an online hyperemesis forum though and reading posts on there is making me feel like I'm not going mad or imagining things. Tentative congrats on your BFP - I'm sure it'll be even stronger on Friday [​IMG]
  20. daisy_chain

    daisy_chain New commenter

    Glad everything went well with the scan MJB, you must have been thrilled to see your little bean! I hope the sickness improves soon, sounds like a right nightmare! I am still swithering about an early scan but I think I am going to wait till my 12 week scan in June!
    Jessie I hope everything is okay with you! Keep us posted!
    Brettgirl! You are naughty just like me! I too tested early (a tues due the fri) and I am sure you will get a strong line on Friday!
    Well after "complaining" about a lack of nausea I am now nausea central! No sickness yet but I count myself lucky! This will teach me to keep my mouth shut and enjoy things when I am feeling well.


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