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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Aw Jessie poor you [​IMG] it's horrible isn't it, I've been throwing up since half 4 this morning, didn't stop till about 1. God knows how I'm going to manage in school next week (possibly by not going). I'm still trying to take the morning sickness as a good sign though after my scare earlier in the week. My bleeding has all stopped now so I'm feeling a little more positive.
    How exciting that your mw appointment is tomorrow! Mine was supposed to be Friday but after my revised dates I've changed it to May.
  2. Well its official we are definately having a baby lol. Had our first midwife appointment today and she was lovely. Appointment took about 40 minutes to go through family medical history, general info and take bloods. Just waiting for a scan date now, that should come through the post in the next couple of weeks, cant wait!
    Yes, Ive been trying to find places near us that do private scans and there doesnt seem to be anybody that does them [​IMG] unless we travel about an hour or so, which I guess we could do if I become completely impatient!
    Hope your all feeling less sick soon! xx
  3. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Hurray! I've only been sick twice this morning, and not at all through the night. I bought some seabands yesterday and I think they're helping.
  4. How exciting Jessie. Must make it much more real.Did you find anything much out you didn't know already?
    Glad the seabands are helping MJB, must be horrid feeling so rubbish.
    Well I am feeling fine just shattered. Rubbish week with personal things and hardly been able to leave the house and I haven't had afull nights sleep since Monday. Think I might have a snooze on the sofa before I finish my planning.
    I'm still worrying I am not actually PG as I don't feel sick at all now. I do have a bit of a bump though. I am a bean pole and had a lovely flat tummy (sorry not trying to be big-headed) and last night my OH said "look at you getting all round". Sure enough there is a rather obvious bump appearing. Maybe I'm just putting on weight because surely it is too early for that? Anyone else found this?I am only 6+5.
  5. Not really to be honest. She explained a lot more about the screening for Downs and I had to make a decision there and then if I wanted the first round of screening at my first scan. Also had to decide where I wanted to have the baby and whether I was planning on breast feeding or not - all seemed rather early to be talking about those things!!
    Well I am nowhere near a bean pole (size 16) but I carry most my weight on my boobs and hips, but I have noticed a mini bump forming all ready! Much more noticeable when Im laid in bed lol but definately there and Im 6+5 too [​IMG]
    Glad the sickness bands are working MJB, I think Im going to have to invest in some for going back to school, wont be able to cope with a load of teenagers otherwise!!
  6. Hi,
    Know what you all mean about the sickness :( yuck! Haven't been sick yet but constantly feel sick. I've got the seabands too and won't take them off! I think they are helping a bit. Going for acupuncture this week to see if that can help to relieve it. Also been to the health food shop for some crystalised ginger but feeling so yuck and just can't bear to eat it. Maybe I'm just being a wuss but I just can't stand it.
    Sorry moan over now :)
  7. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Massive sympathy to you Star with the sickness. I'm the same, really struggling to cope with it at the moment, haven't kept any food down for days and hardly any liquids either. If it carries on I'm going to have to go to the doctors I think coz I am really dehydrated.
  8. Yes you should, sounds like you have it bad! I am still eating and drinking plenty but midwife says if that stops go straight to doctor. Hope you feel better soon, you are about the same as me weeks wise I think!
  9. Poor you MJB, sounds horrid. get your self to the Dr :) You need to have fluid in you. Get well soon.




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    I feel like poo but mine is due to a bereavement. I am
    distraught and not coping at all. OH keeps trying to calm me down but it isn't
    working I'm just not coping. I’m making myself eat but not wanting to. Don’t
    care about anyone or anything and can’t be excited at the moment which is
    adding to me feeling horrid. Not sure what to do.

    I also have a stinking headache and feel sick from that (not
    had morning sickness for ages). Every time I move I feel like my head is going
    to explode. Does anyone know if we can take anything other than paracetamol? Will
    ring Dr tmr if it is still bad.

    I hope the rest of you are well and those with sickness get
    back to normal soon.

    Take care ladies J
  10. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Slc I'm really sorry that you have suffered a bereavement and that you are finding it difficult, I imagine that's particularly hard during your pregnancy. Thanks for your advice about going to the doctors, and star too, I did go today. They have diagnosed me with hyperemesis, which I expected and also dehydration, which I also expected. I've got anti-sickness drugs and I'm feeling a little better. I've nearly finished my first glass of water! I'm only about 6 weeks so it's hard to think this might go on for another 14 weeks - hyperemesis commonly lasts till 20 weeks. Hope everyone is feeling well today and enjoying this lovely weather I can see out of the window. (Sorry for the lack of paragraphs I'm on my phone).
  11. SLC - sorry to hear your bad news, make sure you look after yourself. You have so much going on, must be hard to deal with it all.

    Bunny - my friend had that, sounds awful, hopefully the medicine will help. My friend was signed off work, but got so much better at about 14 weeks, so hopefully won't last too long for you. Are you off for Easter at the moment? Bet you are dreading going back when feeling so ill.
    My midwife is doing a home visit tomorrow to take blood etc. I think anaemia may be part of my problem!
  12. Hello ladies! Can I join? I got my bfp yesterday. Very excited but also feel a bit stunned, we were very lucky, it was only our third month of trying.

    I rang the doctors today and they said there was no need to see a doctor. They just booked me in for midwife appointment in three weeks when I should be 8 weeks. Now I'm worrying that I don't have a clue about what I should be doing! I'm taking folic acid and not drinking but is there anything else I should or shouldn't be doing?!

    Put my dates into hubby's Iphone app thing and it said the due date was 25th Dec!! Eeek!

    Hope everyone is doing well.
  13. Hello Everyone! Can I join too? Saz 19, I also got my BFP on tuesday and am due on the 25th December!
    I rang the doctors, and they took my details, and told me the midwife would contact me when I am 10-12 weeks to arrange a booking in appointment...that seems like a long time away!

  14. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Welcome to saz and jasmine and congratulations! Christmas day babies [​IMG]
    A great night for me! I haven't been sick since I took my medication, so while it's a bit unfortunate that I've got hyperemesis, it is obviously manageable. I would advise if anyone else starts to be very, very ill, don't leave it for 9 days before seeking help!
    I'm not off for Easter at the moment star, we've already had our 'Spring Break' with this strange new standardised holiday dating thing. However, I took yesterday and today off. I shouldn't really have gone in on Monday or Tuesday, but it's only now I am feeling better that I realise how ill I was.
    How did your midwife visit go? Are you ok?

  15. I am gatecrashing ladies - wanting a bit of advice - (winter 10/11)
    One of my friends has taken first response pregnancy test - (I only used clear blue digital hence not knowing) she has 1 dark line and 1 faint line - is this positive or a faulty test? When I was testing, I decided that something that said 'pregnant' was much easier but she has asked me and I don't really know the answer.
  16. Hi Bradley, it's a BFP. My lines were faint/dark until quite a few week in. The control should be the darker one and the test line a fainter one.
    Congrats to all on this thread, can't quite believe that the next round of winter babies are on their way. Also wanted to say that if you are starting to get run down by morning (shallow laugh) sickness then don't suffer in silence, get to the doctors for some help. Take it as easy as you can and as hard as it may seem try to eat and drink little amounts of whatever you fancy. Better to live off junk for a month or two than not eat at all.
  17. oh dear Bradley we're hijacking their thread - I hope this isn't the same as cyber bullying ;-)
    In my opinion - on the analogue tests the control line will always be the same shade, but the positive test line will be a different shade depending on the amount of pregnancy hormone in the urine. I didn't test until I was nearly 6 weeks pg and the test line pinged at me belisha beacon style!
    take care of yourselves winter 11/12 ladies x
  18. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    Hi all!
    Sorry haven't been around for a while - had the inlaws to visit, then went to see my dad, got back this morning.
    Had my booking in appointment with midwife last saturday - all went well. Asked the usual questions about medical history, weight, height etc. Took bloods and urine sample. I'm gonna be under consultant care again as i have crohns - didn't really make a difference last time round but did mean that i got extra scans at 28 and 34 weeks :)
    Still not really getting any symptoms - told midwife i was worried about that and that i was paranoid that something was going to go wrong - she said had i done a pregnancy test?!?! :) Only the one.....too scared to do another one now!! 12 week scan date will come in the post - hopefully not long to wait now!!
    Welcome to all the newbies - seems to be getting busy on here - still not following who everyone is - sorry!!! Will make an effort to learn everyone's names.
    hope you're all enjoying the sunshine
    take care
    (nearly 9 weeks...!!)
  19. Congratulations Saz and Jasmine, how exciting - a Christmas baby! When I first put my dates into one of those Internet predictor things it said 25th Dec, then I realised I had put my last period a month out! I thought I was due the 1st Dec, but midwife says 24th November, so may be more of an Autumn baby.
    Had my midwife round this morning, same kind thing as Millie, bloods etc. But she said my pregnancy is high risk because of my BMI. Really trying to do something about it, but can't!! Doesn't help feeling so sick all the time. Just worrying when told it could affect the baby. Got a couple of other health issues that have been referred for by her, something tells me this pregnancy and birth may not be so straightforward. She was such a nice woman though and will see her for pretty much everything now which is nice.

    Hope everyone enjoying the nice weather. :)
  20. Hi All
    Have been following this thread for a few weeks, but with quite a rocky start was hesitant to join! Good news today though, after having some severe pain on one side followed by a little bleeding and not much showing on emergency ultrasound at 5 1/2 weeks, we saw baby's heartbeat on follow up scan today! (Now 7 weeks, 4 days). Phew, what a relief!
    So, having spent most of the Easter break worrying, I am going to enjoy the last few days!
    Have any of you had any major cravings/ food aversions yet?
    I was surprised to get them as early as 6 weeks. I usually like quite strong flavoured, spicy food and meat etc but have completely gone off these! Didn't realise I had a cheese craving until I found myself unpacking shopping containing 6 different types of cheese, LOL!!
    Not really been sick, but feel sick all day, every day and had zero energy for first week of holidays but seems to be improving gradually!
    Think there are another couple of you on this thread with due dates very close to mine, 4th December. Would be great to hear from you.
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays!
    Pink x

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