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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Welcome Star and Daisy Chain!
    Missjivebunny I hope your ok? I'd of been petrified if that was me, I panick over little little twinge or ache nevermind having a bleed, I'm gonna be a nightmare to live with for the next 8 months!! On a brighter note you've got to see your Little Bean and all will hopefully be ok! Both my sister and a work colleague have both had a lot of bleeding throughout their pregnancies and they are both currently about 28weeks and doing really well. Loads of women do have some bleeding and do go on to have healthy babies, you just need to put your feet up and let your partner do all the running around whilst you look after yourself and Bean [​IMG] Take care xxx
  2. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    popping in from autumn babies 2011 to say congrats to all, and best
    wishes for a happy and healthy 9 months! Most people on our thread
    didn't have their pregnancy confirmed by GP on initial visit, the doc
    simply took our word for it! I'm full of joy today, having heard my baby's heart beat for the first time today. I found the first trimester hugely frustrating - it really dragged for me, and felt as though nothing was happening! As soon as I could feel more secure in the pregnancy and as soon as we moved 'into the open', it all felt much easier and so much more exciting. Good luck to you all though! It's amazing, isn't it?
    I would say that they mean 4+3 overall, as they don't date by conception as far as I'm aware. It would simply be confusing. If you have a copy of the scan sheet (they're yellow in my PCT? I was given one at my early scan) then it has an EDD on it, even though I wasn't told mine. A line for the embryo sounds like 4+3 rather than 6+3, though either one isn't concerning not to see a heartbeat as it's very early. I had a scan at 6+4, and the scan lady said it was good to see a heartbeat as they can't always see them at that time. Really hope it all goes ok for you - good luck!
    Anyway, sorry to 'hop' into the thread!
    Love choc xx
  3. Hope you don't mind me joining - I've been lurking a while. Got my BFP a few weeks back . A bit about me - I'm 25 work in a primary sch been with hubby for 9years and have been married 2yr and conceived on 2nd cycle. I really thought that it would take longer than this as my cycles have ranged from 35 -50days! Visited the docs last weekend and they have dated me at over 8 weeks but I know when I ovulated so its more like 6. Only just started feeling sick on Saturday and still have my anti-nausea bands on now :( Have my midwife app next week. I'm currently off work because there is a case of parvovirus going round and I'm waiting to see if my blood tests say whether I'm immune or not.
  4. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    Thanks for your concerns ladies. Trying to be positive, all the medical staff said there is no indications that I should be worried so fingers and everything else crossed.
    Having googled prolifically (couldn't help it) I have discovered that bleeding or spotting is quite common after sex in the first trimester [​IMG] Now I'm almost certain that was what it was and feel a bit silly for my emergency room dramatics.
    Thanks for that chocolateheaven. I agree about what they could see on the scan, I must be earlier than I thought, maybe haven't had symptoms for as long as I think I have. I've got no period to date from, which is why I'm so unsure. They didn't give me an EDD or any paperwork from the scan, just my next appointment. Thanks for popping over and hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.
    Great to see newbies joining our thread [​IMG] hopefully there will be lots of winter babies!
  5. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    Hello everyone!
    Been reading lots but haven't got round to posting much - sorry! Very busy here even though it's the holidays - in-laws staying for a week! We've decided not to tell them till we get to 12 weeks and i think we'll get away with it! Still not many symptoms. Tiredness is starting to kick in and going to the loo more often, but no nausea (didn't have it first time round so fingers crossed...)
    Got my midwife appointment on wednesday afternoon, suppose that will make it seem more real. What i really want is a scan date. By the time i had my booking in appointment last time round i'd already had a scan so seems a bit strange i haven't this time (although it was for bleeding so don't really want that!) Still think i'm making it up sometimes and someone is going to tell me that i'm not really pregnant! Only done one test and am now too scared to do another in case it comes back negative - how mad am i !!!!
    Keep well everyone and enjoy the sunshine....before it disappears!!
  6. That was EXACTLY what I was like!! the complete opposite of those people who poas about 10 times just to be sure, lol!
    Hope you don't mind the quick gatecrash- saw Millie Dog (winter 2009/10 buddy) on here so just popped on and read the last page. Hope everyone is well!
  7. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    gate crash whenever you want clematis!!! :)
  8. Hi All,

    Just wondering if you can give me some advice, There has been a child found to have slap cheek in nursery today (not in my class but children I see on a regular basis) There was a note put up in the staff room but nobody has really given me any advice from school.

    I rang my doctor and he said that in an ideal world I should be away from school until the virus has cleared but this really isn't possible! Has anybody else encountered this?

    Cosmicclaire is this the same in your school?

    Fi x
  9. I don't been to be rude, but if the doctor has told you to stay off school, then that's what you should do! Why isn't it possible? If you were suddenly very ill and physically couldn't get to work, I'm sure they'd have to cover your classes? It's exactly the same. Your little bean comes first. If I was in your situation I wouldn't hesitate to stay off, it's better to be safe than sorry. x
  10. I agree with antoniou. No amount of inconvenience is worth the health of you and your baby, no matter how low the risk.. Your GP should have offered you a blood test to see if you have any antibodies so it might be worth ringing him back to arrange asap.
  11. MJB so sorry to hear abou that. Must be stressful for you but at least the scan was positive. My OH won't come near me in case it causes any problems lol. I have tried hehehe. And I agree google is the worse thing ever.
    Flirty there is a thread on here about slapped cheek. Have a read and I agree with the others you need to stay off if you can.
    Chocolate thanks for the info. You have made me feel a bit better about nothing happening. It is really fustrating though.
    Midwife rang yesterday morning. 2 weeks for my appoinment, 2 whole weeks and worse still my first day back at work. I tried to get one in the holidyas but she wouldn't and she didn't mention my medication so I now need to speak to GP. She didn't put me at ease or seem very nice so that hasn't helped with my whole nervous thing. Feeling dreadful today anyway. Been up most of the night, had about 2 hours sleep. Just has some bad personal stuff to deal with which I'm trying not to get stressed over. Just need to keep busy today and will maybe try and have some sleep this afternoon. I know if I sleep now I'll not wake up until tmr and I need to be up and dressed in case I need to go out. Oh well OH is doing the house and I'm doing school work (well when I get off here). He is fab at least.
    Welcome to all the newbies and congratulations, sorry tired brain is making me forgetful of names.

  12. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    had slapcheek in my class when i was pregnant last time. Myself and collegue went straight home (much to the annoyance of the Head who then tried to argue against the GP and midwife on the phone!!). When you have your blood tests at your booking in appointment (usually about 8-9 weeks) they should screen as to whether you are immune to slapcheek (I am). Make sure you tell the midwife you need to know this result due to your work.
    Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday! Bit of a calmer day for us and the in-laws have gone out for the day and OH is out at meetings all day do just me and a 13 month old :)
    Despite being really tired i keep waking up at 5.30am?!?! Anyone else get this?? trying to think of other symptoms - my hair is getting greasier than normal, and remember getting this last time round.
    Midwife tomorrow....! :)
  13. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    crossed posts! Just wanted to say hope everything is ok serious xx
  14. mollymillions

    mollymillions New commenter

    Hi all, I'm 6 weeks, due on the 6th of December. No symptoms other than sore boobs which is lucky as I'm rebuilding a house at the moment and can't afford to stop, especially not now!

    It only took us one try, after a couple of months of tracking my temperature, and everything is going well so far and we're both really happy :)

    I've tried to get an appointment with a midwife but apparently she's got a few people to see before me and only does two appointments a week so it won't be for ages.

    Sorry to hear some people are struggling but hopefully your 1st trimester will be the only hard one x
  15. mollymillions

    mollymillions New commenter

    There were paragraphs when I wrote it!
  16. daisy_chain

    daisy_chain New commenter

    MJB I am sure everything is fine! Bleeding is so common! My sister was convinced she had her period when she fell pregnant she bled so much and was in shock when she found out she was PG! I also had another friend who bled on and off throughout and has a bouncing baby girl! I am sure it was down to your naughty ways!
    Serious I hope all is okay with you! Take care of yourself!
    Just went to docs and now sitting with big "Ready, steady, baby" book. Have made appt to see midwife in may and scan early June! My scan is due when I am at school camp but there is no way I am waiting another second for it so they will need to cope! It's starting to sink in now!
  17. Ah can't keep up with the posts!!

    Welcome and congratulations to others that have joined!!

    missjivebunny - thinking of you, hoping all works out ok! Must be scary time and hard to stay positive, but I'm sure everything will be fine.

    Whoever said about waking up at funny times, I can normally sleep for days - woke up 3.37 this morning - wide awake!!

    Sickness much better this week, weird that I was only really bad for a week, hopefully not a bad sign.

    Hope everyone taking it easy in their hols.
  18. Ah can't keep up with the posts!!
    Welcome and congratulations to others that have joined!! missjivebunny - thinking of you, hoping all works out ok! Must be scary time and hard to stay positive, but I'm sure everything will be fine. Whoever said about waking up at funny times, I can normally sleep for days - woke up 3.37 this morning - wide awake!! Sickness much better this week, weird that I was only really bad for a week, hopefully not a bad sign. Hope everyone taking it easy in their hols.
  19. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    Welcome to all the neebies!! I'm sorry, can't keep up with everyone's names yet - blame pregnancy brain!! :)
    well, disappointment today - phonecall this morning to say the maternity unit was so busy my booking in appointment with the midwife today was going to be cancelled. Now rescheduled for Saturday morning. Bit disappointed as thought it might seem real once i saw a midwife - oh well, just have to wait a bit longer.....
    Hope everyone is having a relaxing holidays!
  20. Hi there Ladies, Hope you are all well [​IMG] Im so glad its the Easter Hols as Ive been in bed most of the morning lol.
    I have my first midwife appointment tomorrow and Im also convinced she's going to send me away and tell me to come back in two weeks as I am only about 6+3 (possibly 9+3 as my last LMP was quite "normal") but OH just keeps telling me it'll be fine.
    Hope you are all feeling better than me!!!
    Jess x

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