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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Hi all hope you had a wonderful mothers day? Alls really good here FS apart from the dreaded eczema. Knew shed get it bt it's heartbreaking watching baby girl scratch herself raw.
    SLC not sure about dropping the dream feed as her night time routines working well now she's in her own room. She goes down at 6.30, we cant keep her up ny later, has a dream feed a about 10.30-11 then sleeps until 6-7am. Was dreading the 4 month sleep regression I keep reading about but so far not too bad had 2 morning wake ups at 4am but she just had a grumble and went back to sleep.
    Bfing still going well though I doubt myself all the time and worry about my supply - is that just me or does everyone else have this worry?
    Love to everyone xxx
  2. I'm still here. In terms of milk supply in a way it is good not to know. My first hardly ate at all seemingly and having the bottle and evidence made it more stressful. If they are putting on weight (even if not to those silly centiles) then sll is well. Dreamfeeding. ..... I found the same as you SLC with my first and havent tried it this time (despite constant banging on from MIL) but if it works for you Jules it sounds great.

    My.LO sleeping is OK... she generally only wakes once but is hard to settle back down. She goes down at about 7 and sleeps till 2-3 then is up for up to an hour and a half before going back for 2-3 hours. That said she is only 10 weeks. She is in her own room now, she has just got too.noisy for sharing and us all getting sleep.

    I am up late because I've been OUT down the pub and had 2 glasses of wine hazaar life starting to get back to normsl. Love to all xx
  3. Oh and Jules my 3 year old grew out of exsema (sp sorry) by 18 months. Try not to worry too much.
  4. Happy Easter, Mummies and babies! xx
  5. Is everyone ok? Is there a boycott I don't know about? I am having a hard time to get baby napping in the day. Amy advice please? 11.5 weeks xx
  6. Hey FS! No advice I'm afraid also have daytime napping issues will only sleep on me despite sleeping happily in cot at night and napping for half an hour in feed cycles. Had the same thing with other one. It did eventually sort itself out but cant for the life of me remember when! Are you off on holiday soon?
  7. Hi All. Are we well? We took bubs to Bali and he was great on flghts and whilst away. I was neurotic and had gastroenteritis. Glad to be home although the house is a building site. Naps I have given up on. Oddly he slept twice today and is asleep on me now. Need to check temp as it's most out of character. Looks like bathtime is a no go. Will eat dinner and climb into bed too. My husband is out at a gig. Bed to myself for a few hours! Really hope you are all well. Updates please xx
  8. BG, apologies for the delay in replying xx
  9. Lovely to hear from you FS this thread seems to have died a bit - glad you are all doing well and the holiday went well. They do sometimes have sleepier days - hopefully the start of something not illness.
  10. BG2! SLC! This is the first time it has occurred to me to log on in a couple of years. I hope you and your LOs are well? :)

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