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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter


    How many of you went to hospital in labour with a very hairy bikini line?

    Just come out of the bath having tried to sort it out and ended up covered in blood!!! I just can reach anymore and I can't reach my legs either.

    Also I'd been quite keen to try the perineal massage in the last few weeks (no way am I letting OH help me) but i'm finding that too hard with not being able to reach. Did any of you give it a go? i can reach a bit but not for long, it's like a minute or two if that.

    Coolgiraffe (37+4)
  2. CG I really wouldnt worry about your bikini line - not least because you dont wear knickers to birth so it wont exactly be obvious. There are some people who go for a pre-birth waxing so I have heard but I have personally birthed twice with a dodgy bikini line!!!! We are rooting for you so hopefully you will be a bit early... Congrats Heather, hope all is going well. All now OK here, stopped breastfeeding so baby is now gaining weight beautifully :) and :-( Love to all x
  3. He he CG please don't worry about that! I trimmed as best I could before hand just so i felt comfortable! However in tthe throws of labour I could not have cared less whether I had a manicured lady garden or a raging jungle!!
    Id say do minimal cultivation in that department you certainly don't want to be inflicting any more pain on yourself x pleased baby BG is getting on well and gaining weight sorry BFing didn't work out but you gave it a shot and your doing what's best for your LO so try to :) and don't :( xxxxxxx
    Congrats to heather too xx
    Eek I know this is going to sound ridiculous but is anyone else utterly DREADING going back to work already???
  4. I am trying Jules but its not that easy it really gets to me. Rationally I know in the grand scheme of things its minor and that I'm really lucky in pretty much every way (and that many would swap happily) but for some reason its hard. Have been referred to shrink by the midwives so hopefully will avert PND this time.... In terms of work - I dont know because I havent decided. I will prob go back in July at the earliest and October at the latest but am open to a year. I am lucky cos I already job share so not having to face full time which I would find quite a lot. Anyone else got loads of snow? I'm a bit worried about taking LO out in sling in case I slip, hmmm. Off to try and put nocturnal bant in cot ;-)
  5. Hi all. Congrats, Harriet! Hope we are all well. BG, stay home and keep warm xx We had a traumatic first week. At the five day check he'd lost 11% birth weight. We were whisked to A&E and they made us give him formula. We stayed overnight in a room that resembled a prison cell. I tried desperately to express but wasn't getting much. My milk hadn't come in properly which was one reason for weight loss. I was a hysterical mess. Before discharge the BFing lady gave immense emotional and motivational support and we've been in touch since. When we came home we had to give Aptamil and I wailed hysterically whenever the F word was used. (no offence to formula feeders but I couldn't handle not producing milk for my baby) On our first night after discharge I called the La Leche League helpline. I received telephone counselling and leaflets by post about increasing milk supply. It was tremendously difficult - especially during cluster feed evenings when both boobs were empty, baby was screaming, my husband was making a bottle and I was on my knees sobbing convinced that I was the most incompetent mother on earth unable to fulfil my evolutionary purpose. Those days were dark and at one point I told my husband I wanted to jump under a train. F**king hormones!! I had great support from the Facebook TES girls (everyone should join!!) and my NCT group. Two of the girls in the group are Indian and their Mums have kindly cooked for us all using ingredients that they believe boosts milk supply. Fenugreek seeds in warm milk, warm milk and dates are the easiest for us to get without a fab Indian cook! Also they recommend fennel seed tea which is meant to be good for baby's gas. I've had tremendous support and absolute dedication to my purpose. The great news is we haven't given formula in around four days. Cluster feeds are getting less frustrating and I am now very well attached to my baby. His relationship with my husband has changed as a result because he no longer feeds bottles baby wants to be with me. We've used skin to skin to settle him and I slept with him on my chest last night (erm this morning as he wouldn't sleep last night!) We will be giving him his first bath today so coming in the water with me. My mother in jaw arrives from NZ this evening and stays for a month. My husband returns to work tomorrow so that will be sad :( We are still using disposables until BFing is well established. I don't mean for my post to upset anyone especially those who are formula feeding. Rather I would like to show how I turned the situation around so anyone in a similar position will know that persistence and support are key. Everybody in my NCT group has had difficulty with BFing and some have had to mixed feed to tide them over. BFing is a beautiful thing but never let anyone tell you it's as easy and natural as we are made to believe xxx
  6. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Thanks for posting that FS, although traumatic for you it is great to hear how other people have had difficulties and what they've done to ease the situation.
    I'm so glad things are working out for you now, keep positive because you are doing soooooo well. I don't think anything is guaranteed to be easy and natural in pregnancy and parenting - everyone's stories on here have proved that!
    Sorry can't join facebook, we have too many problems at school with accusations and breeches of confidence to be involved in it. Its much easier to protect yourself from these things when you don't have an account. It's a shame it has to be that way but our union always advises against it. Thank you for persevering with the tes forum and still checking in on those of us that aren't on FB.
    Well done you for getting through such a tough week! You are a stronger mum now because of it!
    Coolgiraffe (38weeks) xxx
  7. I'm really glad that everything is sorting itself out for you FS it can apparently take up to 2 weeks for milk to come in. I can also relate to the emotional side unfortunately in my case nothing seems to help and I still had practically no milk at 2 weeks :-( Everything crossed it continues to work for you though xxxx
  8. FS so much respect for you well done . Sorry its been a rough few weeks and thanks for sharing your experiences x x So far F is still exclusively breast fed and all is going really well (save 1 weird week when she visibly grew longer but didn't gain a single oz! ) so it can be relatively easy too I think it's just a milk lottery as have friends who have had a really rough time and others with no probs? Have to say its a gorgeous experience especially the snuggly feeds in the middle of the night but it's certainly not easy and I question my ability to nourish her all the time.
    BG lovely to her from you praying PND stays away for you and remember you made the BEST decision for your baby! Xx
  9. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    So sorry for pestering you with all these questions but I have another one now!!!
    ((((((You have all been so brilliant for advice)))))
    Is a digital ear thermometer necessary in my baby kit or not? Only asking because i saw one in the Tescos baby sale event and wasn't sure if I would need one or not.
    Cheers, Coolgiraffe xxx
  10. I am appalling at using a thermometer - it always gives me completely ridiculous readings like 33 degrees!!!!! In my.experience it is fairly obvious when LO has temp they go kind of red. Maybe its my thermometer or I am particularly incompetent and others will have different pov
  11. Plus we are a very pale family lol :)
  12. I just bought the thermometer you place on babies forehead and it does the trick. I struggle to clip LOs nails never mind stick a thermometer in her lug she's a wriggly little monkey! X I'd definitely buy a room thermometer though i was a bit obsessive with my gro egg checking before she was big enough to wear a gro bag - blankets are such a faf xx
  13. Sammyann midwives thought my little girl was a boy :) Hope it happens for you soon (if it hasnt already). CG glad we've convinced you on the bikini line!!!! Hi Jules.... the weight thing for gro bags is bizarre - I have old ones that say you can use from 7lbs and they are identically sized. I've been using them anyway I figured LO has a big head (91st centile) so they should be OK.
  14. Hope everyone is well. Quiet on here! I've pulled a hip muscle so unable to walk. Luckily my MIL is looking after me and husband has been working from home. FIL has been diagnosed with prostate cancer so my husband is off to the GP tomorrow for a check up. It's all a bit **** and I've been feeling low and hoping its not PND :( Baby gained 9oz in seven days with exclusive BFing so I must be getting something right. No formula for two weeks tomorrow. Yippee!! Hugs to Mums and babies xxx 25 days :)
  15. Sorry to hear about your Father in Law, I hope everything turns out well for you all.

    Super news about the weight gain [​IMG]!
    Now 2 days overdue, had a sweep yesterday but not feeling anything unusual. Just uncomfortable! I woke up in the night with back ache and got a bit excited...but soon realised it was actually just back ache as I had been lying in a funny position!!!

    The midwife said if the head was any lower it would be out and my cervix is very thin. As the head is so low my cervix has been pushed to the side so it was difficult for her to get to, but she managed it in the end.

    I'm rushing to the loo constantly to look for any sign of a show or waters leaking....wishful thinking I think!!!!
  16. Thought I'd bump the thread in the hopes of getting an update from all you lovely mummies and new babies xx
    I really love being a mum it's surpassed my expectations x x she's still 100% BFing and hoping to start BLW in 10 weeks. Where's the time going!
    She's in her cot in our room now and sleeping from 7pm till 6am with a dream feed at 10.30pm but I could still do with more sleep knackered all the time and having to take iron from dr. Think she may be moving into her room when she reaches 4 months as read the risk of SIDs is highest before then? She's a noisy,snorey, grunty little tinker so I'm awake a lot in the night :(
    She can roll over and loves her door frame jumper and bumbo so she doesn't feel like a tiny baby anymore as the floppiness has gone. But the best milestone so far has to be the giggles we get now if we tickle her tummy or give her little shocks it hilarious. Hope your all well?? Xxx
  17. Hello all
    Jules sleeping from 7 to 6 is amazing wow. My baby still dream feeds at maybe 9.30/10ish and sleeps until 4.30 and then usually wakes around 7. Yesterday it was 8.30 (lush Sunday lie in) and today it was 6.30 but she just giggled and laughed in her baby nest. She was a "noisy,snorey, grunty little tinker "and also kept me awake. Sheis much quieter now so now I keep waking up and I can't hear her breathe. Can't win.
    I must say jules I too am knackered and will check my iron when I go back to Dr. I'm still sore too as I haven't healed quite right yet. Giggles are fab and the smiles are amazing. I love being a mummy. She is in her 3-6 clothes and I want to keep her this little.
    How is everyone else?
  18. Hi SLC so so lovely to get an update from you pleased mummyhoods going well and I too want to keep her little times flying x your so right on the quiet/noisy sleeping we just can't win! Be nice to know how many LOs are still in with mummy and who intends to continue till 6 months? I too am not100% healed in the lady department yet and its 15 weeks since F was born its barbaric!
    Ah 8.30am sounds wonderful I used to be able to sleep all morning in my student days - never again I suspect :( x
  19. Hi all am currently 'relaxing' at soft play, the only time I get a minute's peace. Jules in terms of the 6 month thing I'm not sure many people make it to 6 months. I dont know about SIDs and 4 months but think
    it is more to do with mobility, eg having core strength to roll over etc than actual age. Moved first at about 2 months not ready to do so with this one yet. Life is about balancing risk, not about taking no risk otherwise we would never take them out. That's really good sleeping we have managed 7 hours twice but I am very disappointed when it reduces to 3 the next night!!!! We will get there :) FS great news about weight gain hope ur ok.
  20. Hi Mums and babies! You are all doing so well :) My son is delightful and really settling now. He's yet to grace me with the gift of sleep longer than a three and a half hour stretch though. He's going to be six weeks tomorrow and I'm glad up say I now finally feel sane again. My MIL has just gone home to NZ so we are all missing her. I'm on my own which is scary but we've had a good morning so I can't (shouldn't!) complain. SLC, I've been putting him for daytime naps (few and far between) in his Moses basket downstairs and in the crib I had as a baby at night time. He's barely used the Amby and hasn't used the Babybay once. What a waste of £250 :(. They will both be going on eBay. I'll use his cot own our room once he outgrows the crib. Which won't be long at this rate. The HV told me not to get him weighed this week but he's making good progress. I'll be getting him weighed on Monday along with my first physio appt. my hip is much better now but my husband wants me to take it easy next week. I'm so tired and can't wait for him to sleep through. Zzz. I hope everyone has a great weekend! xx PS - SammyAnn, Weebecka has joined our FB TES group and asked if you might like to join too? I've asked everyone else but I don't think the remaining Mums here are on FB unfortunately. The link is several pages back so let's know of you need it posted again. Hope your baby is on its way! xx

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