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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Oh thats lovely news FS congratulations. Hope you enjoy first week at home as a family.
    Anyone experience about 2/3 hours in evening or night when nothing settles baby and they are really fractious? My midwife says all babies do it. Worse thing is we never know when it starts - sometimes 7ish, sometimes 11ish. Any tips?
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Have you tried infacol? My daughter had bad colic and this really worked with her.
  3. Ditto this FS! So pleased your little one finally made his appearance....BTW....Did you decide on popeye.....??!! [​IMG]
    Much love to all the Winter Babies 2011- 2012 (and bumps) and their mummies x x x
  4. Congratulations FS I've been thinking of you everyday since Friday. So pleased you and baby are doing well - though sorry you needed an episiotomy I know you were a little worried about that. Not sure who said it now but I definitely, 100%, without reservation recommend the frozen pads to put in your pants. Once the bruising kicks in the relief is a beautiful thing. I also took a ton of arnica and lavender baths 2 times a day. Have to say your my hero 9lb + and only gas and air! Well done xxxxx
    LO had a fussy session every night starting at about 7 until quite recently its horrible, so stressful. I think everything used to just get too much especially in the early weeks when we were inundated with visitors. I just accepted it was a rough time of day for her and we took ourselves into the nursery and chilled on the nursing chair with the lights dimmed and lots of shhhing and gentle patting (womb like noises etc). LO didn't have colic though but as Chicca said Ive heard infacol is good. LO is a lot more chilled now and I've gotten better at watching for her tired, hungry, fed up cues as I was so clueless before poor little thing :(
    I can't believe f will be 10 weeks tomorrow how on earth did we manage the first 2 and a half months without dropping her, loosing her or any other nightmare situations ?? X
  5. Yes had that. Was horrid. She just screamed and screamed from 7-10pm. I don't think it was collic at that point (she has had collic where she screamed all day and we used infacol for a week and she is much better now) and I think most babies do this. We just held her and rocked her etc like Jules said. We even took turns to hold her whilst one of us ate our tea hot. It does pass but when you are tired you feel quite helpless.

  6. Some people swear by cranial osteopathy for those hideous evenings at the beginning. Baby massage too on the tum gently clockwise to aid digestion.Magically disappears at around 12 weeks for us and many others i spoke to about it at the time so hang in there xxx

  7. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Hi Everyone, looking for some advice please...
    What is considered 'normal discharge' at nearly 37 weeks?
    TMI alert!
    Mine has increased in the last week. It is either whitish or sometimes when I wipe a bit yellowy like when you've got a bad cold and blow your nose. It doesn't smell of anything and I'm getting no itching or discomfort. All my urine samples so far have been clear.
    I've scared myself a bit cos if I search online it says yellowy discharge can be infection / thrush / group b strep etc but then again lots on there about increased discharge being normal in late pregnancy - arrgggh!
    Now i'm worrying about group b strep and that my baby will catch something during labour.
    Can anyone put my mind at rest?
    Coolgiraffe (36+4) xx
  8. Hi CG, in my experience it's normal! I remember it from my lo and have also had the same in this pregnancy. Step away from google! If you are worried about gbs you can pay for a private test online but I don't think you have any need to be concerned. How are you doing otherwise? I'm going stir crazy. Bored, restless and just want to meet our baby safely. 39 weeks today- the thought of potentially another 3 weeks is horrendous! Have also developed awful pelvic pain but embracing this as a positive sign!!
  9. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Thanks Harriet that makes me feel better. I did think about a private gbs test but the midwife was saying that you could test negative one week and positive the next so they weren't really that effective.
    You sound sooooooo ready to meet your baby! I'll keep everything crossed your baby arrives on time and doesn't keep you waiting! is your baby well engaged yet?
    I'm still having to nap during the day so not really getting too bored yet. I can't sleep at night due to pelvic pain and struggle to turn over in bed without pain. I really can't imagine me getting much bigger now I am huge and baby's stretches are getting a bit painful - i think she's trying to make more room or get out! I can't stand the feeling when her head pushes against my cervix - ouch!
    I finished my hypnobirthing course last night so got lots of practising to do now!
    Take care, Coolgiraffe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. Eek we dropped off the 1st page!
    How are all you mummies and very soon to be mummies doing? Xx
    Julesk & F 10+4
  11. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Thanks for 'bumping' us up the page Jules!! I had noticed we were dropping down but i know so many of you are very busy with your new babes that I daren't complain!!
    I'm doing ok, 37 weeks today!!!!
    Getting lots of tightenings in my bump tonight but I think I haven't been drinking enough water. Just fed up of waddling and backache now. i got a couple of good nights sleep these past few days. Still going to the loo every hour or two but I actually got some sleep in between which is great.
    Got to go to midwife on Tuesday and I'm a bit worried cos my fundal height has been above what it should be. I'm usually 2cm too big but last time it had gone up to 4cm too big. She said she would only refer me for a growth scan after 37 weeks so we have to see what she says on tuesday.
    Hope all mummies and bumps are doing well - keep posting!!!
    Coolgiraffe (37 weeks) xxx
  12. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Oooh forgot to ask...
    Anyone started using reusable nappies yet? I know a few of you were interested in them about half way through your pregnancies.
    Just wondered how you were getting on with them, will i need lots of barrier cream?
    I'm not intending on using mine until the meconium is well gone though.
    I've saved about 10 nappies unused / unwashed in case I don;t get on well with them and want to sell them on.
    Coolgiraffe x
  13. Hi all, just a quick one to say our lo arrived healthily and happily this weekend. Birth was fine for us both and I'm finding it much easier second time round - fingers crossed! Come on CG - your turn next!!! X x
  14. Yep using mine. Love my tots bots all in ones (easyfit), (bogof @tesco) and the 2 parts are bomb proof but maybe not as cute as the easyfits. I started using mine at 6 weeks as still use some disposible as we have a frequent pooper in this home :) Iwasn't organised enough before 6 weeks to use them but I love them and my girls squidgy bum.

    Even though the nappies may not be everyones cup of tea I cannot recommend the reusable wipes highly enough. So much less hassle than the cotton wool and water and better for babies skin. My oh used johnsons sensitive wipes when I was ill and we had a a case nappy rash and a girl at baby group said she used normal wipes and nappy rash got so bad that her baby had a layer of skin peeling off. Iuse water, olive oil and a tiny bit of baby wash (to disperse the oil) super simple and easy.
    looking forward to some more birth announcments.

  15. Best get bumpIng this post up!
    Cg I have some reusable nappies I plan to use. baby h is 2 wks old and still in disposables, my advice would be to concentrate on bf until that's sorted then move to the nappies. That's the advice everyone has given me and I think it's spot on, will prob give it another wk then start trying them. I was given my nappies by sister and smallest size us from approximate 10lbs anyway and baby h is only 8pm ish at mo xxx
  16. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Awww many congratulations Harriet! Lovely news! Glad it all went well.
    Thanks for replies about reusable nappies, I'll make sure once baby arrives I try to concentrate on breastfeeding first and try out the nappies later. Got plenty of disposables ready for starters. Will look at those reusable wipes too. Thanks for the advice.
    I can't seem to get advice one way or the other online about whether I'd need barrier cream with the reusables. At antenatal class the other day the mw said you'd need barrier cream with them but online many people say you don't. And that it affects absorbency of your nappies and can ruin them as it doesn't come off. I think the people who were using fleece liners say that their baby stays fairly dry in that area anyway.
    Do I need as many baby vests / bodysuits as I've got in sleepsuits? I have bought loads of sleepsuit packs in different sizes but not many bodysuits. Not sure if I'll need a vest / bodysuit under sleepsuits all the time?
    Coolgiraffe (37+1) xxx
  17. I think barrier cream is a must if you don't want a baby with a sore bum. However unless you use a liner then it could damage your nappy. I'm getting to be a bit of an expert lol. I can't imaginenot using a liner though.
    google cheeky wipes for the reusables.
  18. Congrats harriet. missed your post earlier
  19. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Thanks SLC,
    Are you using fleece liners and paper liners or just one of these?
  20. I am using tots bots bamboozle and easy fits with flushable liners.

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