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Winter babies 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flirtyfi83, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Thanks, CG! xx
  2. Will be thinking of you tomorrow FS you'll be fantastic and I can not wait to hear your labour and delivery story! Eek how exciting you'll have your little man in your arms before you know it xxxx
  3. Congrats cb, I too had a wee bundle of blue on Sunday 15th (just, it was 11.54pm!) and he is perfect :) 7lb 9oz and 12 days late. Pretty hard labour, ended with an epidural as all other pain relief made me puke and as I was being so sick I couldn't get in birthing pool. Had a 2 hour pushing phase which ended in forceps and pretty horrible cut. All worth it now, he's lying here unaware of the fact it's 3am and randomly feeding. My nipples and bum hurt! Totally agree cb, it's overwhelming trying to figure it all out! Good luck to anyone left...how many is there now?
  4. Congratulations Houston. Good luck for today FS, thinking about you, finally you are going to meet your little man x
  5. Congratulations Houston - boys are back in force now. Have had lots of ups and downs but definitely worth it.
    FS - hope you soon have your little boy in your arms and all is well
    Got in real state over BF yesterday as was having teary day anyway and miserabable community MW told me it was wrong so ended up giving bit of formula at 5.30 this morning. Took ourselves off to BF clinic at hospital today and now feel much better again. He's feeding every 2 hours so not looking forward to the night. Any advice on how to get any sleep?
  6. cbrown. BF is so hard. I'm still struggling nearly 7 weeks later. Had a right battle at bed time. I just couldn't get her in a position she wanted to be in and was on and off my boob so many times. I've had some help but I'm still finding it hard. As for getting more sleep every baby is different.Lots of people tell you differnt things. I have found that because my baby doesn't stay latched on I have to check that one breast is empty before swapping her to the other side. Since I did that she sleeps better (I've done that since I left hospital) as she gets more hind milk and not two lots of foremilk. At the moment one breast at a time is enough generally. I also dream feed her at 10.30 (although last night wasn't a dream feed it was a scream fest [​IMG]) but my friends tried that and they had terrible nights. My other friend feeds her baby formula at night to get him to sleep longer. Maybe try a few things out and see what works best for you and your baby.
    Houston hope you are getting on well.
    FS can't wait for your news xxxx
  7. SLC- feel for you. BF is very hard for many of us, you are not alone. although hasten to add that lots of mums seem to take to it really well too. I found it very hard. Please look on 'Baby and Toddler' forum there are always posts about bf and you will get lots of support from very knowledgeable posters such as bunique and undiwear as well as pepole like me who are no 'experts' but have found it hard and may have down to earth tips for you.
    If you can hang in there just a bit longer you may find as i did that bf becomes very convenient and easy and portable but of course it is totally up to you to do what feels right. Well done though, 7 weeks of feeding is really hard when it isn't feeling comfotable. Massive hug to you.
    FS i am totally on the edge of my seat..... xxx
  8. SLC thanks for those tips.
    Loving the 'scream' not 'dream' feed - made me laugh - ironic when actually it must have been awful. 7 weeks is brilliant - you should be really proud. iDid one lot of formula last night which seems to last him 3 hours, from start of feed. Just so paranoid as he's small anyway and has lost quite a bit of weight but not more than (10%). Also now I'm on antibiotics for infection which dr said will make him have runnier poos so worried it's not giving him goodness.
    Hope your LO eases up on you today x
  9. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    I checked in at 4:30am to see if there was any news as I was wide awake and downstairs worrying about lack of baby movement! A glass of cold milk got her wriggling.
    As if FS would be posting her news at that sort of time anyway!!
    Hope you are ok FS and that you're holding you're little boy soon xxx
    Coolgiraffe (35+6) xxx
  10. Another bfing trauma case here - I had to take lo to hospital for tests yesterday as she had lost 12.3% at 10 days. Was bfing constantly, very difficult to settle. I get really sick of people assuming latch is wrong (it isnt) and all this demamand equals supply malarky. My baby has really tried hard to stimulate my supply and it just hasnt happened. Right now I am prioritising getting formula into her and am undecided about what to do. Being in hospital was horrible not least because of all the blasted 'breast is best' posters. They are suggesting I top up and express between feeds I may try it next week but dont hold out much hope for my useless breasts. Please no-one tell me that 'anyone can breast feed' because that will make me feel worse not better!!! I had a very similar experience with my first baby btw except I topped her up earlier. And getting out of hospital was a challenging battle despite her weighing over 7lb (just a bit skinnier than at birth) and them not being able to find anything wrong. Cone on FS (bf does birth dance.....)
  11. Bg not bf, I may be becoming obsessed!
  12. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Just checking in to see if FS has a birth story after her induction post! Brings it all back....
    BG, your bf problems sound exactly like mine were. I saw a lactation consultant and took domperidone but it didn't help. Sometimes I guess it's not meant to be. Have you tried infacol? My baby had colic which i didn't realise and i think that affected bf, but by the time i realised i was giving her probably half and half bf and ff so it was too late. Anyway, as you know from this being your 2nd, your 1st is absolutely fine despite not having been bf exclusively for 6 months. This probably doesn't help in the post-baby blues state, but I hope you're ok. x
  13. Hi All! Sorry for the delay. Excuse me copying this from my post in my induction advice thread. I can't think after no sleep for more than three nights. Currently have my beautiful, perfect boy asleep on my tummy/stripey jelly belly! I'm head over heels in love with him! Sorry to hear BFing is such a trauma. I'm doing it too but it's such an effort. Can't even look at my nipples. They feel like they've been scrubbed with a scourer...

    Here goes: Hi all, thanks again for sharing your experiences with me. I'm delighted to tell you I'm at home with my beauiuful three day old son. I was lucky to have been 2cm upon examination when I checked in for induction - must have been the sex! Just as well as I'll never be having sex again!! I didn't need to be induced bit my waters were ruptured artificially by a crochet hook type device. I lasted until 5cm on the TENS machine then didn't find it effective. I moved onto entonox and loved the stuff!! After a few breaths of it I gave my husband the thumbs up and told him I was at Glastonbury in the Green Fields. The midwife was impressed at my enthusiasm! I had a bath and moved fast to full dilation. That was odd! During transition i could hear everything but was conpletely withdrawn. I had my hands curled under my chin and was grunting like an animal. I was taken back to my room and stayed on entonox on all fours until 10cm and then the gas and air was taken away because I wasn't pushing effectively. I was moved to the bed which wasn't on my birth plan - I wanted to be mobile and upright - at midnight. Pushed on my side - nothing. Was put on my back and ended up in stirrups, told to pull my legs back towards me and PUUUUUUSH! My husband was astounded when he saw our baby's head! It took two hours of pushing and an eventual episiotomy to get my whopper out. He weighed 9lb 6oz and was two big and I was two exhausted to push him through. They said there was a ridge of skin he couldn't pass which is where they cut me. I delivered him at 2.30am Saturday and left hospital at 4pm. I couldn't handle the stress of all the babies crying although they weren't rushing me out to discharge me at all. It's day 3 and I'm hoping my milk will come in today. I'm not sure I'm producing much/enough colostrum and have the midwife visiting for the first time today. She called yesterday but we hadn't been told of the appointment and ignored the doorbell. Sorry for my sleep deprived rambles. It's exceptionally cathartic to tell my story, especially with sporadic bouts of baby blues through yesterday. I found the labour very hard as I had no pain relief whatsoever for pushing for two hours and needed the extra help to finish the job. He shot out with the final push once cut and it was love at first sight. My husband has been amazing and we are operating a tag team. My stitches seem to be healing and I'm treating them with salt and arnica oil baths, witchhazel on maternity pads and baby wipes to clean myself after a poo. Followed by a bath! Also popping arnica pills. Thank you for reading if you've got this far xx
  14. cogratulations and well done FS to you and your husband. followed your story from the beginning, highs and lows and feel very emotional for you. i found ice packs wrapped in gauze great for wound pain (althoughhad c section so different). hang in there xxxxx
  15. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Yay! Well done FS! Sooooooooo pleased to hear from you with your lovely news, I too have been following your story from the beginning so it's great to hear you got your little baby boy (well - maybe not so little!)
    Thanks for writing all the details - you must be so tired but it's great to read. Although I am still so scared of the episiotomy thing, that seems to be the worry that won't go away right now. I just can't understand how anyone can be told 'we're just going to make a little cut' without dying of heart failure.
    Anyway, many many congratulations and let us know how you're getting on in few days!
    Take care, Coolgiraffe (36+1) xxx
  16. daisy_chain

    daisy_chain New commenter

    Great news FS and glad you didn't need an induction after all! Enjoy the new man on your life! X
  17. Congratulations FS - your pushing stage sounds scarily like my first birth. The not pushing effectively thing is interesting I think. I never really wanted to push like I did this time and this time I automatically put the gas and air down to push baby out. Giraffe please dont worry about episiotomy by the time you've been pushing for 2 hours you would let them cut one of your arms off if it would get the baby out! I was begging for forceps..... Of course hopefully you will push your baby out easily :)
  18. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Thanks Brettgirl! Ok I will try to stop thinking about episiotomies!!! xxxxxxxxx
  19. Congrats FS! Fab news. BG, I was readmitted to hospital with my lo as she'd lost so much weight. Unsure about trying to bf again this time so going to see how I feel after birth. Looking at my healthy, happy 3yo now though I would certainly say that being formula fed has done her no harm whatsoever! Cool giraffe, how are you doing? I have 9 days to go till due date but hoping a second sweep will work this week as v impatient now! Trying not to stress about labour as baby has to come out some how - what will be will be is my way of thinking!
  20. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Many many congratulations FS!!! As you know I've followed your story from pre-LO, and have also been checking in since Friday in anticipation of your happy news, so it's wonderful to hear of your new addition!

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