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Winter babies 2010/2011

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ladybug3, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. learningyoghurt

    learningyoghurt New commenter

    also wondering... does anyone else feel like it isn't real yet?
    Despite two positive pregnancy tests and the doctor telling me that I am and massive hurty boobs and hormoney headaches and strange abdominal sensations and slightly swollen stomach and morning sickness/ wooziness and amazing feelings of all-time knackeredness, I'm really scared that when I go for my 10 week scan there just won't be anything there...
  2. That's exactly what I think! I feel awfully tired and sick and my boobs have already expanded but I worry that it's some kind of fake pregnancy I've concocted in my mind... Does that make me mad?! Up early again. I'm not sure why I eat dinner, it just comes up again in the morning...
  3. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    Thanks Moonbeam, but I'd rather have good luck - congratulations should be saved until there's a screaming baby! There's a long way to go yet.
  4. I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep this baby thing a secret at work. In the last week of term we usually eat drink and be merry and everyone has noticed that I don't seem as enthusiastic as normal. And its really obvious that I look poorly and people are noticing that too. I won't even be 12 weeks when we come back after Easter and I'm really going to want to tell everyone!
  5. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    It is difficult! I've not even bothered trying! Everyone knows - but then I've had to let quite a few people know, because of my history. So everyone ended up knowing!
  6. I just want to tell everyone. People keep asking me if I'm ok, I have to say I'm just tired.
  7. I'm due on November 24th (so weird to be writing that!) Just wondering if we are entitled to our yearly pay rise that we get in September. I'll be going onto upper pay scale and don't want to miss out on the extra cash. I'm getting confused about all the advice on the websites I'm reading at the moment. Is there anyone reading this that knows for sure?
  8. Anyone else feel fat? I;m not even supposed to be putting on weight yet (according to the books) but I feel like a beached whale!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm being very impatient at the minute as have not been to see midwife yet. Doctor said last week he was passing my details on and she would contact me. How long did this take for everyone else?? Sorry but like I say i'm being very impatient!!!
    Hope everyone is well x[​IMG]
  10. I am seeing the midwife on the 6th- I made the appointment with the receptionist at the doctor. It is the midwife attached to my practice rather than at the hospital. I think different things happen in different parts of the country! My sister, who lives near me, has to phone up for her scan date, so I don't know if the midwife will tell me the same.
    I left work early this afternoon and slept from half two til half five. I feel a bit better but not much. I am just utterly exhausted. I was wondering whether I might be a bit anaemic- or is everyone so tired they feel they cannor get through a whole day's teaching?!
  11. Aaaaaahhhhh the BEST thing just happened... DH has informed me that we're getting a Chinese take-away for dinner!
    Now THAT is what I need! [​IMG]
  12. ladybug - I'm finding it hard to get through the day too. Have to sleep when I get back form work.
  13. Line manager gave me permission to spend my PPA at home this morning. Two extra hours sleep have been beautiful... Still knackered though and have a slight obsession with iced water and bananas. Pregnancy is weird!
  14. I'm so glad its the holidays!
    I have had a really bad week with morning sickness and so looking forward to 2 weeks of being at home and doing nothing!!!
    Hows everyone else?
  15. Knackered and got a stinking cold. But other than that I'm loving it! Especially the random cravings :)
    My boobs are annoying me though. I want to get one of those sleep-bras but reluctant in case they start to grow soon!
  16. have just slept for three hours and have indigestion! I love the holidays, so much time to just sleep and sleep! I've got the midwife on Tuesday, apparently she's going to take a lot of blood, not happy about that!

  17. Have been coming in from work and sleeping lots, and I've sent my husband out for creme eggs! I'm so looking forward to the holidays. My midwife appointment was getting close and now its been moved back a week. grrrr
  18. Hi ladies,
    Tentatively joining this thread... got my BFP last Sunday but refused to really believe it until today as I had a dark brown, lightish bleed which I thought was AF and only tested afterwards because my temps were still high. Test on cheapy stick has been getting darker all week though, and boobs sorer. Nausea decided to kick in today so I think I am finally convinced!
    Due date for me would be December 5th.. Have booked a dr appointment for next week. I am 4+5 now, so will be 5+3 by then, hope that's not too late.
    We're going to tell our parents tomorrow over Easter lunch - very excited about that.
    Ellesabe - the day you found out was, I think, the day we conceived! I remember marching you out to get your digital test. Mothers Day was a good day this year!

  19. Congratulations astralabe! So excited for you. I think you are the first December baby! Don't worry about rushing to the doctor, they won't do much, just refer you to the midwife at around 9 weeks.
    I am lying on the sofa in my dressing gown feeling very sorry for myself. I hate smells SO much and am dying for an ice lolly. Needless to say, I don't have one, so I am lying here feeling cross instead! I may have to get dressed and go to the shop...

    Ladies, do you think its about time we got a list started?
  20. Yes agee we need a list - I need to catch up on who's who around here!

    Astralabe (31) #1 due 5 December

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