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Winter babies 2010/2011

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ladybug3, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. I haven't been on here for ages. I hate the new website and struggle to find this thread every time!!! i'm friends with various people who use false names on facebook so if you do think of joining just to keep up with winter babies do so with a fake name and then just join our winter babies group and don't add any friends! there are settings on facebook to make you unsearchable too.

    we're still here. starting giving LO baby rice as he's constantly hungry. he's 19+3 today so a bit young but I can't cope with the screaming! still bfing thanks to domperidome and still knackered!! DS1 managed to seriously injure me on holiday a fortnight ago by jumping on me while I was lying on the floor and I ended up with sciatica again with SIJ injury. it's put my pelvic recovery back by a couple of months and I've had to stop pilates and head back for twice weekly physio. definitely a cost I could do without!

    first KIT day back at work next week. really sad about it. I've been enjoying this mat leave and despite the PND I've bonded really well with LO and am enjoying being a mum more.

    no other news from the kin house I don't think.
  2. OK, I will give the facebook thing a go- I have PM'd Elasti so if any of you see this and can tell her, then she can tell me who to search for etc!

    Sorry not to have been in touch sooner- had Ofsted last week so worked utterly ridiculous hours and didn't see LO at all for three days. Not that she minded staying at my mums, she loved it! Nearly the holidays. Off to set up my facebook account so whoever can help with inviting me to the group please PM me! xxx
  3. that's great LB - the ladies are on top form over on fb and v excited about you joining! hope ofsted went well x
  4. Am trying this again as it never lets me post - but I did manage to log on today and read posts which is progress.

    Been missing you, Labybug and KM - hope you're both ok. LB - hope Z is better now - scary. Also hope ofsted went ok.

    Not much news from me, E is gorgeous but teething, work is crazy-busy for me and OH, and now we just need some nicer weather.

    Come to facebook soon! x x
  5. Ooh yeah - it worked!! Helllooooooooooooo...
  6. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Thank you so much sr for updates! That was fab!

    Can someone please pm me on how to join the Facebook group, I will find a way xxx
  7. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Also, so sorry to hear about Annie's mum, such sad news. I've been through such a sad loss myself so know how she feels xxx

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