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Winter babies 2010/2011

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ladybug3, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. I'm here! Unfortunately I think this new site is doing people's heads in so less traffic. Lovely news Kitten, obvious name choice with your user name is Tom!

    WB - LO is good at amusing herself as long as someone is around. Jigsaws are a favourite at the moment or pretending to play house or cook, or looking at books.

    She announced the other day, Mummy can you teach me to read? Ermmm you are a little young, maybe when you're older.

    Thankful half term is here, after Ofsted. Can relax for a week. Off to see steam engines tomorrow, unfortunately outlaws are coming..... And can't do my normal trick of hiding in the kitchen. Stiff drink may be needed! X
  2. Hey ladies. WB I am the same as Annie, this site is super duff! I have emailed Bev with our concerns and there is a movement of facebook to consider moving our thread to another site if this doesn't improve. Well, The local food fest was obviously the place to be - we didn't go though. WB are you having a homes under the hammer moment? I love that programme. I have had some conversations with people where I have turned out to be quite knowledgeable about their crittle windows and chancel tax due to that programme!

    Kittens, a Tom cat - crongratulations, one of each how exciting. Annie bet you're glad Ofsted are gone for a bit. I have lost about 7or 8 pounds now. Have relaxed the diet for this weekend (cheeky can of strongbow and far too much bread) but MUST get on to it tomorrow. LO in pants - have I written that. I'm exhausted - so much thinking to do because I dont know what I'm doing! First 4 days she was a total angel -poos in potty and everything, had a bit of regression but is getting better at going to the loo in public toilets (with the occasional chocolate bribe).

    It's my birthday next week and have just ordered myself an ipad. I've wanted one for ages, but it's so much money - felt a little sick as I pressed confirm order on john lewis website.

    So back to the diet tomorrow - still got so much to loose to get a decent BMI. What better way to motivate yourself that with the prospect of getting pregnant again :-/

    love to you all x
  3. Annie, my LO thinks she can read! She can sound it most letters (jolly phonics @ nursery!) and the baby books that have a picture and a word are her favs at the mo cause she thinks she can read them herself!

    SR , don't feel bad about an iPad, it's changed our life! Seriously, it gives us vital time to do stuff when LO is being tricky the only thing that will placate her is the Peppa Pig app. Plus, we never go into our office anymore to use our desktop computer as its so inconvenient. So there is now a whole room in our house we never use! Prob cause we rarely do any work! Once I've learnt how to print from the iPad ill never need to use desktop PC. Yes, I'm definitely having a Homes under the Hammer moment, I love that show! I bought a flat that was in a total state in 2006 and did it up to live in, it was v cheap and I really loved doing it. The value went up by 25 tho in the months afterwards but then the credit crunch hit and its now worth what I bought it for, just! I rent it out and I just about cover costs. I've wanted to move for years so the thought of tackling another renovation is quite exciting, who knows! I'm sorry that this site is doing your head in, I don't want to lose you all! Have you tried bookmarking it?
  4. Hi all,

    I hope you are all OK and having a wonderful half term. We very much enjoyed the bank holiday weekend, the weather was lovely. A day at my mums and a quiet one at home and one at the seaside. We took LO to Hunstanton- lovely beach but proper gritty seaside attractions as well- and she loved it! Refused a pony ride (I think ponies have replaced donkeys) but went on the carousel and screamed because we wouldn't let her go on the ghost train! Massive portion of fish and chips, mr whippy ice cream, bucket and spade, the lot. OH was very dubious but soon got into the spirit of it!

    Just written a list of work that needs to be completed this holiday and over the next half term- rather daunting! I will definitely deserve my summer holiday! Let's hope the weather cheers up by then.

    I am not on facebook... please don't decamp without me!

    I am going on a spa day on saturday with a friend, will be lovely to have a day away from LO although I love her dearly!

    Right, work time. Do I want to design a new whole school lesson plan proforma or do I want to write a presentation for whole school training for monday? Neither!
  5. Hey all sorry it has been a while. I can't stand the TES ladybug we plan to decamp to another online forum if things do not improve we will not do s without letting everyone know.

    I've been enjoying half term despite the weather.

    I love having a garden and it has kept me from going mad with worry about the fact we rent now after selling our flat.

    Had our 20 wk scan on tues which was lovely. My brother in law was born with a cleft pallet and hair lip and when we scanned many she had her hands over her mouth so we were never sure. This one must have know and turned to the screen so we could see both lips and a tiny nose so all is good! Kittens congrats on your news, my OH wanted to find out but I didn't. One of each like you would be great but if I get another girl then Macy can have a sister like me and tht would be fab.

    Macy has been a delight for me and tells me she loves me all the time, she lifts my top and tells the baby how she will look after it and how it is so lucky to have a big sister like her (I guess I said that at some point). However she keeps being mean to my husband telling him she doesn't love him and no daddy don't stand near me. She will do this after hrs of him playing with her and making her laugh so have no idea where this come from!

    my dad retired yesterday and am really looking forward to spending some time with him when bubba arrives.

    ladybug, enjoy your spa day tomorrow, it's my birthday so think we are going to go into London and try and catch a show.

    SR well done on weight loss, they have been gradually increasing my thyroid meds as my pregnancy progresses and at the moment I feel good. Getting it check again on Thursday so feel I'm in good hands. Good luck, hope you join me soon x

    For those of you not on Facebook I promise to continue posting here even though I can't stand it. We have all been together too long to quit.

    enjoy the last few days of your holidays.



  6. Been away for a week - feel rather refreshed - LO was fab whilst we were away but now has forgotten how to sleep. Every element of it seems to have left his brain! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh - sooooo tired.

    7 weeks 2 days and then don't go back until next June - just rather a busy term with music concerts to organise for over 100 kids in diff classes - interesting! (primary)

    I suppose I need to think about doing some work today - errrr - we shall see.
  7. Have you all gone away now? I am missing my friends :(
  8. Hello. Sorry LB - I have tried to post but sometimes it doesn't even let me read - let alone write anything. I think the FB people have had a lot of problems with it too. I am feeling lonely though - it's just not the same. Glad Kittens is doing well and has joined Team Blue! Elasti - glad you are doing ok. Bradley - hols sound good. Don't do too much though. I am up to my eyes in work and we are not getting much sleep here. I know SR has been liaising with TES in th hope that they can iron out some of the technical issues but don't think we have had much joy yet. In the meantime, any of you non FBers, perhaps can be persuaded to set up FB accounts purely to re-join the current Winter Babies FBers. I am missing this thread enormously.
  9. me too having problems with this site no end! grrrrr - hate it! hate it! hate it!

    Struggling being pregnant - (anyone else find it really hard second time round?) maybe its the constant throwing up - but just feel shocking all of the time.

    LO - is being a pain in the ****** since we got back - had to have a conversation of why mummy and daddy don't sleep with him when we are at home! sooooooooooooo tired.
  10. Jones good idea, how do I join the facebook group?

    All ok here, except little one has a cold so has given up sleeping! He is soo cute though and starting to smile more, look at toys etc. am loving being on mat leave in the sunshine :) Getting to grips a bit better with the 2 children thing now (except 5 - 7 pm! much screaming!)

    Missing the old days of lots of posts from you all, boo

    Hope you got some sleep bradley xx
  11. sleep is not something I am good at now. grrrr. Am not enjoying this pregnancy and then feel bad about not enjoying it. LO is being a monkey at the minute - he is into everything he shouldn't be and I know I am not handling it very well - hopefully just a phase for both of us.
  12. Bradley - sorry about sleep. Sympathies. Know what that is like. Miss LB - we are missing 'the old posts' too. I have no idea about FB but am going to post on it now and ask my techno friends to sort this out for you. Expect a PM soon.
  13. The reason I am not on Facebook is that I worry about keeping my private business away from children and colleagues at work. So I would join if it was possible that other people I know couldn't find me! Is that possible?! I have a new phone too so now would be an excellent time!

    Hope you are all OK. Yesterday I slipped on the stairs and sent Zoe flying so this morning she has bruises on her cheek and a black eye and dried blood under her nose! I know these things happen but I feel dreadful!
  14. Hi LB, I was worried about the same thing so when I set up the account (with the help of my sister) I just set the privacy settings so that no one can find me, only I can find them if that makes sense? If someone types in my name then they don't come up with anything. I can only invite people to be friends with me and not the other way around. I also keep my list of friends v short, you guys, family, close friends and friends of my siblings.

    All ok here. BUPA finally sanctioned OH's new treatment so he had it on Friday. He feels ok so far, fingers crossed he will continue to feel ok. We went to a lovely wine festival yesterday, I got hammered and cried on my sisters shoulder for ages!!! Mortifying as I am known to be an ice queen and never cry. Apart from that bit it was good fun and LO kept going quite happily til 9.30.

    School is v v odd @ the mo, only one month to go til it closes forever so emotions are running high. Only 20 kids left in the whole school so most teachers have nothing to do most of the time (we r being paid til August) but are getting stroppy about doing invigilations, duties and clearing out stuff. In my opinion, we are being paid so we should be doing stuff. Everyone is so angry that they are refusing to help with clearing out the school, but if we don't take stuff with us or find good homes for it then it'll go in a skip! Crazy.

    No plans for today, I hope everyone has a good Sunday xx
  15. Hi guys

    WB glad OH is ok. It must be mental working in a school like that. If you we're closer I'd tell your PE dept that we would come and help clear out all their equipment as you can never have too much stuff!

    With regards to Facebook if you are really worried and only want to join for our group then why not sign up with a fake name. The group I made on there is 100% private so you would need to add me as friend then I could add you to the group. I'm fairly easy to find as last time I checked there was only me with my name of Facebook, there was about 100 of me when I had my maiden name (bunique you have friend with my old name who comments on your posts lots and it always confuses me as I think 'I never said that'). If you want to find me pm me on here I can tell you the name you need to look for.

    Got hit in the tummy by a rounders ball at a match tonight, not ideal when you are 5 months pregnant, think I'm fine but after falling down the stairs a couple of weeks back then I, concerned if I go a & e again then hubby might get arrested! Have lots of appointments with hospital though as they are monitoring my thyroid closely. I also get 3 extra scans which is lovely but may make not finding out the gender neigh On impossible especially as last on will be at 36 weeks. Will we be able to close our eyes???

    Hope everyone is well, I will try to post in both places, this is a pain but totally doable.

    Love to all

    Elasti xx
  16. LB - try not to worry about your LO - things happen - hope she is ok though

    wormburger - everyone needs a good cry sometimes.

    I agree re privacy settings - highest level possible and every now and again (this sounds freaky) I set up a fake person to see what people can see of my settings etc.
  17. LB meant to say hoe Zoe's ok. Macy has a scar on her cheek from where I grabbed her to stop her falling a few months back. I've used bio oil and it has faded but when she is hot it shows bright red! These things happen xx

    Miss L joined us on Facebook ladies come on join the dark side! Xx
  18. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Hi ladies,

    I'm still reading (and I'm still your biggest fan! ) just wish it wasn't so quiet on here...

    I'm not on Facebook either cos we have a lot of privacy problems and accusations about confidentiality at our school regarding Facebook. It's just easier to say I'm not on it when rumours start flying. Sad but true. Anyway just wanted to let you know that Facebook's terms and conditions doesn't allow false names because you are supposed to be 'yourself'. I know it is possible to create a false account but if you do don't tell anyone it's false or say that it is on Facebook because they can delete you or someone may report you.

    I wondered about using bio oil on my Los face cos she has a tiny scar from a zip pull tag that was sharp and rubbed on her face. I might try it. The scar has faded loads but it does show up a bit when she's hot or has a bit of dry skin on her cheek.

    It's lovely reading about the pregnancies too, seeing bumps is making me broody at the moment! Think we're going to wait a few months yet though,

    Cool giraffe xxx
  19. It's lovely over on the fb group - go on anyone else not there yet, I recommend it!
  20. Hello Everyone.


    Most of us are continuing on facebook, due to the terrible rewrite of this website. Here is an update from us all, not all of it good news I'm afraid.

    Yesterday Annie told us the very sad news that her Mum's cancer has spread. It is now in the fluid in her brain and the pronosis is weeks or maybe months. We have all written messages of support. Annie has been in school today to tie up a few loose ends, cancel events. Annie, we are all thinking of you.

    Bradley fell at work. Had to get an ambulance. She was running out of the room to be sick when she fell. She is ok, sore and on lots of painkillers.

    Elasti is trying to come up with names for her bump, and is favouring surname style names at the mo.

    Sleep continues to be a theme - or lack of it - for both pregnant ladies and lively toddlers.

    SR (me) is managing to loose weight and get fitter - hoping to TTC from December.

    Jones is trying to decide what to wear to a family wedding (to facinator or not to facinator)

    Astra got stuck in a traffic jam and had to pee on a blanket :) not quite as entertaining as Lambgate, but close.

    Kittens and Ladybug, please find a way to join us.

    Everyone else who reads this, sorry we're not on here.

    much love (and sorry for those who I've missed off this update)

    SR xx

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