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Winter babies 2010/2011

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ladybug3, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Hi ladies, I don't mean to sound smug, but I don't find new format any hassle. I had bookmarked the old one and if I click on the bookmark it brings me straight here. Had 2 wisdom teeth out yest, not half as bad as everyone was saying. However, they told me local anaesthetic (I had local and general) would take 2 hrs to wear off and it took 24!! I was scared witless that they'd hit a nerve and I'd have no sensation/taste forever! After chasing to get OH's scan results, were now back to chasing in order to get news from Royal Marsden. We were told info on trials wld come thro in 2 weeks max, 3 weeks on we are now told they will be considering his case next week and possibly ask to see him the week after. I am so desperate for a holiday but OH really reluctant to do anything while we're still waiting for news. He has booked chemo to start in 10 days or so so that he can get going ASAP if RM don't have anything for him. We had huge rows about it cause I want him to start June 1st so we can be certain to get a holiday but he's happy to be at the mercy of his consultant and as and when they can fit him in. I understand he wants to get stuff done but v frustrating that everything is still up in the air. I've got about 30 of the 50 pressies for Wed I think, my sister has another 10 that she got LO to help with when she was over the other night for her tea so that's cute. Right, sorry for huge rant. Can't remember who to reply to, Bradley I'd be hugely peed off too if I was you, some medical people are incompetent. Right all, enjoy Eurovision!
  2. The plan is to hang around here and hope it gets better. I guess we'll have to see if Bev and Pooky can persuade the development team to produce a useable site.

    Well this is day 3 without nappies. Have had a few half hearted attempts at nappy off time. LO asked to wear pants Thursday morning and have had no accidents since. I was a bit clueless but just followed her lead. We had a hilarious conversation about how to push a poo out 'its not working mummy' she said. Haha! I can't offer any full time advice but I think a cleaner and online shopping are great ideas. Can't remember who else I was going to reply to - sorry. Next weigh in with the nurse is next Thursday. Think I've lost quite a few pounds - clothes are def looser :). Hope you're all having a good weekend.

    Lets hope this site improves soon!
  3. Sr ha ha about poo and seems potty training going well. Hope all ok with nurse next week.

    Wb annoyed on your behalf as must be so frustrating. Well done on nearly 50 prezzies...impressive!

    lily we have blackout gro blind but light still gets in round edges. With blackout curtains over it but still rubbish. Hope sleep improves for you and jones.

    E still has had no accidents so far but isn't keen on pooing in potty and no chance in toilet. Hopefully it'll come with time. Back molar is hovering just under gum but taking it's time. So mega clingy toddler in the meantime.

    Kells can't offer full time advice either but cleaner a great idea and I do shopping online every week. Sooooo much easier.

    On phone so probably no paragraphs sorry. At least I can log in today. Big hugs all x x
  4. Arghh! Went to another tab, came back and what I've typed has gone!

    WB nightmare, can you get a last minute thing? Fingers crossed you hear something this week.

    SR glad potty training is going well, good news on weight loss!

    Kels, am full time in secondary, it is doable. My OH takes LO to childminders two days a week so I can go in early and things done. I leave on the bell one day a week. Only bring home work you know you can get done, it's really depressing carting books back you haven't marked.

    Had lovely bike ride today up to local forest place. LO tried to organise all of the other kids in the wooden houses so they could have a coffee shop, she succeeded most of the time as well! She is certainly keeping me on my toes! Backside is bit painful though, either need to do lots more cycling or get a better saddle! Local food festival tomorrow, yum yum!
  5. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Annie we are going to the same food festival as you today I think! Have fun :) Bike ride sounds great.

    SR your LO's poo comment made me laugh... well done for the weight loss, it isn't easy but sounds like you're doing really well.

    WB- hugs, how frustrating that it's taking so long to get things arranged. Hope you're ok.

    LO had a couple of nights of bad sleep here, waking up lots at various points in the night asking for cuddles, drink, tucking in etc. Sticker chart has worked wonders! We made it together and she gets a sticker for keeping quiet during the night, 3 good nights since then. She seems to respond well to this sort of thing so we're really lucky. I have conjunctivitis in both eyes at the moment plus a cold too and generally feeling rubbish so good night's sleep is helping lots.

    Has anyone used a ready bed or roll out bed for travelling? LO too big for travel cot now so I've looked at the Peppa ready beds, any reviews? Our gro blind has finally bitten the dust, suckers are kaput so we're investing in proper blackout roll blinds for the new house!
  6. Kittens, LO has used the Peppa Pig bed at a friends house - we were there too! - & she loved it. Annie, that's so wired that your LO wants to play coffee shops, my LO is obsessed with it and charges £40 for everything!
  7. We went to that festival today too - I did look out for you guys but didn't see anybody. Had a lovely day - LO has been fab. I have had a bug this weekend though which was a bit rubbish. Least I feel better today. Haven't done as much work as I needed to though. ARGHH. WB - hugs and sympathies. I feel for you - no fun having life on hold when you really need to be making the most of every minute you have. hope you get news very soon. Sorry - can't remember who else to reply to either. Better go - must get some work done.
  8. Lovely little weekend here... not enough work done, but hey ho. LO a delight yesterday but miserable today- gums bulging with back molars but they just won't come through! We have an airbed for our LO and both times we have tried to use it, she has refused to sleep and had to come in with us! Not helped by the fact we were in other people's houses so couldn't really let her cry. Hope you are all OK, this is a rubbish short post, but must get on with my work xxx
  9. DIdn't see you either Jonesec - Kittens and I bumped into each other on the train! My OH was a bit puzzled and then it dawned on him that he'd just met another one of my dodgy internet mates as he calls you all! LO was good for most of it, we had a couple of mega tantrums over riding in the buggy though. She wolfed down a rather large portion of my paella - mussels, squid and all. She is eating and eating and eating at the moment. We can't keep up and if she doesn't eat she gets so grumpy. I think we're in for a big growth spurt.

    WB - think we've just booked a holiday in your part of the world over the Summer - well one week in the North of your county and then 6 days in the South - so at some point I'll be nearby if you are around.

    We're now TTCing, thought it was going to wait a month or so, but OH had other ideas. Oh well.... I'm feel much more relaxed than last time. LO is fab, another would be amazing, but it isn't the end of the world if it didn't happen.

    Glad everyone has had good weekends. Hope you all have equally good weeks, we're still waiting for our call from Ofsted, they are circulating Hampshire at the moment, they were at another school around 30 minutes away last week........
  10. Quick post - I'm full time primary and sometimes I wish that I wasn't, but it is doable. I think that if I was part time I would end up doing a full time job on part time wages.

    Everything gets done to an ok standard, very few bells and whistles now. PPA is definitely better used than pre-LO!

    LO is at a childminders near to school and we're hoping to move closer in less than a month now, which will make a huge difference (over an hour say saved in travel time). I also really want a cleaner once we've moved. OH does a lot to support with cooking, housework etc.
  11. Annie, it would've fab to meet up when you are down. Good luck on TTC! Glad people have had a good weekend, met my sis & BIl for lunch then BiL took OH to watch the county cricket side as his bday pressie. Gave me and LO a bit of time to buy a few more pressies - nearly got 50! We wrapped them up and when LO saw the boxful she said, 'Daddy is very lucky'. Hilarious! We've got 5 family birthdays in the next 5 weeks so there is lots of stuff being bought, LO is very excited about all the presents & cards, it's super cute. Off to my other sisters tomorrow to pick up all the handmade stuff she did with LO on Thurs eve, sounds likes she went a bit crazy. Makes up for bragging about my nephew being potty trained! Just realised that in this me format I can see loads of previous comments not just one, bonus. Decided to go to Nottingham middle of next week for OH's bday, it's where he was born and I've never been. Think he wants his mum to meet us there so she'll be included. Looking at a far stay b&b outside the city so it's better for LO. Sorry for long post, OH not back from post cricket drinks!
  12. Aarrgghh..... Am fuming, invited mil, SIL & BiL to Nottingham @ some point during our 3 day stay and none of them can be ***** to come, bearing in mind it's a 1hr30 journey compared to 4hr30 to see us at home. And it's OH's 50th, and he's ill. They are useless. I get so angry, SIL is a stay at home mum to a 14 year old but she can't come cause she has to pick her up from school, *** doesn't she have any friends?! BiL works from home but hardly has any work on and mil is an 83 yr old! She has prior commitments apparently, I know we gave them virtually no notice but seriously. Aarrgghh........ X
  13. Oh Annie - that is exciting. Looks like it's just me then with 1! WB- big, big hugs to you and your OH. Is he hurt by his family being rubbish? Quite hard to believe, particularly under the circumstances. Glad your sister has redeemed herself though. Think it was kels asking but I send what the wise NED says - you have to accept that you are doing things a lot of the time to an ok/good standard rather than it all being outstanding. Guess it's a question of priorities. Hope our pregnant ladies and new mums are all ok. I didn't have a very productive day today - spent most of my ncps sorting out problems caused by other incompetents. Very annoying. Better go - lots to do and sleep worse than ever here. Lots of love to you all. Also, I think it will be interesting with new group thing to see if SR's theory about us having a regular reader base is right!! We might be missed if we migrate lock and stock!
  14. I am immune to slapped cheek so back to work tomorrow - have so much to do! really tired and ready for a holiday - roll on Saturday! change from Dorset to pembrokeshire but I don't really mind. No clue on names - hope everyone is well etc.
  15. Good news Bradley. Hope school isn't too awful on your return. Got 7 texts from childminder today to report every incident of awful behaviour. LO hit children, wouldn't share, was shouting and generally being demonic. Joy! I have resorted to the quiet disappointed voice. Not sure anything has made a difference. Tomorrow will show Astra's video to see if that has an impact! Thanks Astra!
  16. Jones, I really feel for you, that's not very helpful of your childminder to send 7 texts while you are at work. The only thing that works with LO is promising ice cream! We eat out most days at the mo (usually just soup, sandwich or using Tesco vouchers) and if she doesn't sit up and eat her main then she doesn't get any ice cream. It works really well and she tells us afterwards, ' I must be a good girl again so I can have ice cream morrow,' V funny. Fortunately, it means she only gets it once every 3 days or so! When she gets it she spends ages afterwards saying 'I am a good girl, I'm not naughty'. It's hilarious. She even remembers the next day! So you need to find your ice cream equivalent! OH has had a lovely bday, he was v touched by the 50 pressies, esp the handmade stuff and the little cheeky labels I made. Nottinghamshire has surpassed my expectations, serves me right for being a Southern snob!
  17. Grr - just lost a long post as computer decided to do updates half way through. And now my dinner's burning but want to post this before I eat it, so apologies for the typos.

    Wb - glad your OH liked the presents. It's such a touching idea. Glad you also are enjoying Nottinghamshire - although we're even more friendly over the border ;-)

    Jones - your LO sounds hilarious. Not keen on childminder's persistant telling tales on him though, even if it was less than pleasant behaviour! Maybe your LO is mischievous just to make your childminder's life difficult! Sorry, not really my place to say but I am a secret fan of your LO!

    Sleep pretty bad still here. LO wouldn't take her coat off when we got home and when we did eventually prise it from her, she insisted on having it on her bed. Crazy lady.

    Anyway, tea really is burning so bye!
  18. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    WB glad your 50 pressies went down well! Happy birthday to your OH.

    Bradley that's good news about slapped cheek, luckily I haven't had an issue with it so far, hope your week is ok at work.

    20 week scan this morning- we're having a little boy this time! Really pleased and excited :) LO came too and understood a little bit, she was very good in the scan room on OH's lap although the blobs on the screen didn't mean much to her. OH very chuffed it's a blue bump :) Baby wasn;t cooperating and kept lying in the wrong position to take all measurements so I was told to eat some chocolate and run up and down the stairs- but he wouldn't budge so we have to go back and get rescanned, at least we get to see him again! Everything they could measure was fine so no worries at all.

    OH has an important exam next week so he's spending today studying on annual leave- and most of the weekend, but I have some nice activities planned with LO, making the most of 1:1 time before baby comes!

  19. Congrats Kitten! Home again, it's so lovely to be back, even if it does mean lots of washing, shopping and putting away! No plans for the weekend until lunch on Mon @ my sisters. And the sun is shining, bonus. I hope everyone else has a good one x
  20. Where are you ladies?! I thought Sunday night was TES night? Maybe it's because it's a Bank Holiday. Had a quiet one, painted a breeze block wall today which was harder than it sounds! LO can see it from her bedroom window and was very chuffed, although painting held her attention for all of 2 mins. She was pretty good for an hour or so tho and just sat on a picnic rug on the lawn with her cbeebies magazine, some dollies and a teaset and some books. It's unheard of for her to play happily on her own, how are your LO's at entertaining themselves? The masonry paint has been in the shed for nearly 3 years so its taken a long while to get done. Currently trying to persuade OH that I should buy a cute cottage at auction to do up. It looks in a total state but is a bargain and is in my preferred village for if/ when we move. I'm trying to persuade him that I'll need something to do once my job ends and a bit of a focus generally, I'm not sure ill win this one tho!

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