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Winter babies 2010/2011

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ladybug3, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Hello ladies
    I've posted this on the ttc thread but in case none of you visit us anymore.....!
    Did you all have sore boobs as one of the first 'signs'? I seem to have every other symptom but this and wondering if I'm in with a chance. I did test this morning but BFN (AF due on 4-5 days time) but if it is a main symptom, I'll at least be able to confirm my suspicions!
  2. Sore boobs but not like before AF- I had aches under my arms to start with and this spread into my boobs.
    I have spent much of today lying down and trying not to be sick. My sister is 10 weeks pregnant and says she is starting to feel better, only 4 weeks to go!
  3. Hi.This is for those of you that are having trouble geting decent bras. Try bravissimo. There are a few shops around the Midlands - Solihull, Nottingham, Leamington. Or you can find them online and orde off th net or request a brochure. They cater for big boobed ladies, and do a range of nursing bras, etc. I'm bigup top anywasy, so have bought all my bras off them for years. Hope this helps? Happy bra hunting! x
  4. Welcome Hinky Binky x

    Hi girls I woke up very early this morning and feel as though I have the hangover form hell despite drinking only coke and the odd orange last night, The room is actually spinning! Have only actually vomitted once that was on thursday but I actually felt better after that, this is much worse.
    My boobs have also been in need of a little enlargement but although the feel really sore I'm not convinvced that they have actually grown yet.
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend. xx

  5. I have been up for ages too- I've only been sick once but every day I do a lot of retching etc which is utterly horrible. I also had a bit more spotting last night- nothing major but it still worries me! I really want to pay to have an early scan but my OH isn't keen to do so, he thinks everything is fine and I'm worrying about nothing! But I want to know sooner rather than later if there is a problem... I didn't realise that I was going to worry about EVERYTHING as soon as I got pregnant!
  6. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    eek, i remember when you started this thread ladybug and i hoped i'd be able to join it. well here i am! got bfp yesterday from 2 tests and 2 today as well!
    i'm not sure how to work out how many weeks i am. online things keep saying different weeks. if my last period was 41 days ago do i turn that into weeks??? just want to know how long i've got to wait for scan (worrying already - of course!).
    ooh crikey, still a bit weird all this isn't it?!
  7. Congratulations kitten! It is weird and still feels totally unreal. Basically you count from the first day of your last period, but if your periods are irregular they might change it when you have a scan. I just worked mine out using one of those due date calculators online but the doctor I saw had a comedy old fashioned chart thing and came up with the same day!
    As for worrying, I think it's just the beginning- imagine what we will be like with a real life baby to take care of!
  8. We disappeared onto the second page, girls! So I thought I'd bring us back. I was on a course today and my stomach grumbled all the way through. So embarrassing but I'm STARVING today! I've just had crumpets and jam, mmmm...
  9. Can I just ask... what's the deal with the excessive weeing??
    I can understand in the later stages when the baby is pressing on one's bladder but I'm only 5+3 and have not stopped going to the loo all day! Why on earth does this happen??
  10. It's hormones apparently. Progesterone slows muscles down, so the theory goes, so you can't hold your wee. It also slows down your digestive tract- hence the constipation!
  11. Hi, I can't believe I can join this thread now got my BFP on Saturday and I am still in shock. I found it very hard to tell everyone at school about my weekend today!!!

  12. CONGRATS!!! It's hard to keep quiet isn't it?!
    We are going on holiday with my sister and her partner in a few weeks and we have decided to wait until then before we break the news. She phoned for a chat yesterday and it was UNBEARABLE but I somehow managed to refrain from blabbing, even when she came out with the perfect lead-in... "Any more news...?"
  13. Hi everyone and congrats to you all. I too would like to join the Winter babies 2010. I'm due 14th November and starting to suffer from the dreaded morning sickness. This is my second time around, already have six month LO and still on ML until May. I can't imagine telling school that I could be on ML next year again. I'm also finding it really hard to contain my excitement; I've already caught myself looking at suitable buggies :)
  14. Hee hee! I'm due November 20th and I think I've already read my Pregnancy Bible from cover to cover [​IMG]
  15. It's also because baby is so low down and is sat right on your bladder. Although what my excuse at 18+5 is I have no idea! Bizarre as it sounds, drinking more seems to make me need to go less
  16. I know, I've started at the begining of my book again 'What to expect when your expecting'. I really should know what to expect at this stage :) but they say every pregnancy is different.
  17. This evening I am eating grapes and prawn cocktail skips for tea. I just can't seem to fancy anything else! Usually I stay up for "One born every minute" but I am just not sure that will be possible tonight, unless I nap first... It's sad because I felt much better yesterday and ate dinner for the first time in a week and I thought I might be feeling better. No such luck...
  18. Hi, can I join? Had my first midwife appointment today, am around 6/7 weeks and due around the 15th Nov. Feel rubbish but glad I'm not alone! [​IMG]
  19. We got a bit worried tonight because I had a bit of spotting so had to phone NHS direct. They said its quite common around this time but to go to the doctors if it gets worse. That made us feel a bit better.
  20. learningyoghurt

    learningyoghurt New commenter

    Hey - can I join?
    7 weeks and due on the 8th November (insofar as I can remember when was last period was, which I never can). I have killer breasts these days - maternity bra is first on my list of pregnancy purchases.
    It's a bit of a surprise, not planned and I'm going to be a single mother. Really really happy but also very frightened!

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