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Winter babies 2010/2011

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ladybug3, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Thanks!
    I'm pleased it went well telling your Head elastigirl.
    I'm only 4+3 and wondered if this was too early to be telling my Head, but I wonder if it might be a good idea for at least someone to know to look out for me a bit! What does everyone think?
    I went to see GP today which was total uneventful to say the least! I'm not sure what I expected but she just gave me a phonenumber to make a midwife appointment and told me my due date (Nov 20th) [​IMG]

  2. My husband phoned the doctor today, and they can't get me in till thursday [​IMG] I can't wait for anything!
  3. Back at work after 2 days off. The little bit of spotting I had seems to have gone away. I am 6+1 and sickness has arrived with a vengeance- nearly threw up on getting up yesterday and today and I'm so tired. My head came to see me this morning and asked me outright if I was pregnant so I told her- I couldn't be bothered to lie! So now my line manager, my TA, my head, the deputy head (the head told him) the TAs friend and my best friend (who also works here) all know. Soon everyone is going to! But to be honest, if the worst does happen, they'll know because I'll be off work anyway so it's not the end of the world!

    How's everyone else doing?
  4. ladybug, I didn't think they were allowed to ask if you were pregnant.
  5. Hi all, its nice to see so many people have already joined this thread!
    Hope you are all OK and still excited! Glad the spotting has stopped ladybug. I think I am 6+1 as well so I will be comparing my symptoms with yours!
    I think my brain has turned to mush, I have forgotten to do so many things at work this last couple of weeks... and I am normally sooo organised so those 'in the know' are mocking me and say my brain will never come back now! I think I should start making v detailed lists of what I should be doing.
    Just need an excuse for not drinking at the end of term night out next week, as I do normally like a glass of wine or two (or three)... any ideas? (My easter hols are extra early for some reason)
    Miss L x

  6. I wrote the date on the board as the 4th March today. It took my class (very low ability Year 9) 5 minutes to persuade me it is the 17th. I just wasn't having it! My TA was killing herself laughing.
    My excuses for not drinking: "I'm driving", "I'm on antibiotics for a water infection" (no one will ask!), "I'm trying to find out what is causing stomach pains and the doctor advises I cut out alcohol for two weeks"
    I am ravenously hungry and my husband isn't home yet- off to indulge in buttery toast!

  7. I'm 4+5 and have been having weird cramps/twinges/lower back pain for the past 24 hours. Is this normal or should I be worried or should I just chill out and quit the paranoia?
    Trying so hard not to panic :(
  8. If you would describe them as mild or moderate, then, yes, totally normal! I have period type pains all the time. If you would say they are worse, severe, I would call your early pregnancy unit as pains can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy. If you are not sure who to call, try the out of hours doctor- it's what they are there for! To be honest, I think you are fine- you are going to feel all kinds of twinges over the next 8 months!
  9. Good ideas Ladybug. I think I will go for the 'antibiotics' with a
    knowing grimace to put off any further enquiries lol! Right, off for a
    Hope you are ok ellesabe (sp? told you my memory has gone!)
  10. Thanks for the reassurance! I keep thinking that lots of people don't even know they are pregnant at this stage and if this was the case I probably wouldn't be noticing every tiny thing!
    I also just looked on this website and found that and 'ache in lower tummy' is the third most common sign of pregnancy. Phew!
  11. Hey laides,

    Glad everyone is doing OK. I still seem to be shattered and am wondering if can acually go to bed at 8.30 tonight! My brain is also frazzled I keep forgeting where I have left things, yesterday I had lost something for about the 3rd time an a random guy at work said 'your not pregnant are you??'. I just laughed as did he. How funny!
    Is anyone else crazy shattered???

  12. Hi everyone
    I'm another to join your group. I'm about 5 weeks pregnant and according to the online calculator I am due on the 12th November. We are going to tell our parents at the weekend.

  13. Congratulations to you all!! I can't believe there is a winter 2010/2011 thread already! Seems like only yesterday I joined the 2009/2010 thread! My LO is 3 months on Saturday! :)

    I hope you all have wonderful pregnancies and that everything goes well for you all.

    Also - slight cramping pains are normal in early stages, it's your uterus stretching. Also brown spotting can be normal too. Sticky vibes to you all. XXXXX
  14. Hi Mel. Lots of us are having November babies now. Very exciting.

    I did go to bed at 8 last night. Apart from getting up to pee three times I slept beautifully. This morning I was actually sick for the first time but I'm so glad I was because I feel much better today. I think I have the classic 'morning' sickness!
  15. Hi Ladybug, I went o bed at 8.30 and only woke at 3 to pee. Was sick for the first time this morning too. How weird!!
    elasti xx

  16. Oh My God. It's the weekend! I thought it was never coming! I'm so tired and sick I just want to cry. And it could go on for another 6 weeks or more. Purchased my first bra in a bigger cup size today... I hope they don't get too massive! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend planned!
  17. I came home from work and went straight to bed for an hour, didn't know I would be so tired.
  18. badviolinist

    badviolinist New commenter

    Decided I needed to buy at least one new bra yesterday as my underwire ones were killing me. Got myself into a right state in Mamas and Papas and started crying in the changing room. I ended up buying a nursing bra as it was comfortable and is quite pretty. I had put on weight before getting pregnant and I feel so bloated so I feel huge. I can't imagine how horrible I'm going to look in a few months. I know looks should be irrelevant but it really affects the way I feel and I don't have many clothes which fit, which doesn't help.
    Aaargh! At least after 12/14 weeks I will have told everyone and it will be OK to look pregnant.
  19. Hi, I am 7 weeks today, may I join you ladies?
    Badviolinist, I had a bad bra experience today as well, not quite tears but I spent what seemed like forever in M&S trying to work out what kind of bra I needed to get me through the next few months, very stressful afternoon. I've been really bloated as well, I am hoping that it doesn't last too long and is instead replaced by a nice neat little bump!

  20. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    I'm definitely in the tired club! I work three days a week, and on the other four I'm having a snooze in the afternoon! Came home early on Wednesday as I had a sludgey discharge which freaked me out, and promptly slept all afternoon!
    Am wearing a sports bra today as it is comfiest. Am reluctant to go and buy any new bras as yet!

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