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Winter babies 2010/2011

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ladybug3, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. badviolinist

    badviolinist New commenter

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm another one to join your group, I'm due on 7th November according to the online calculator (1st day of last period). My boyfriend and I have told a few friends and our immediate families. I found it too hard to go out and lie about why I wasn't drinking.
    We're very excited and happy but I keep having thoughts of doom but I try to pull myself round and blame it on my hormones.
    I haven't been too sick, just slightly sick - I had a coca-cola tonight and it was delicious. Going to try not to addicted to coke!
    I feel really fat and bloated already and I don't know how long my clothes are going to last.
    Going to the doctor on Monday.
    Good to have this support network.
  2. Hey all. I told my parents last night and they were over the moon. It all seems so unreal at the mo. I've been crazy tired all week though. Really don't know what to do about telling my dept. I feel like I need to as there are lots of things I'm going to stop doing and will need their help for. Like getting trampolines out. Don't know if I should stick to the bad back or come clean. Xx
  3. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    JHSticks - I had the tests and nothing wrong was found with me.
    In 2008, I conceived both times that we didn't take precautions, yet when we started trying in Feb 2009 nothing had happened after 6 months. So I went to see my (wonderful) GP and he referred me to the fertility consultant.
    I was put on Clomid and it was my third month of being on this when I became pregnant. However, I also started using progesterone cream that month too!
    Whoever it was who said they were feeling fat and bloated - same here! Nothing feels comfy today! And my boobs feel like melons!
  4. I'm SO tired, I have literally been napping all day in spite of the house work that needs doing and the marking... And my boobs feel like melons too! And I think I am constipated. This pregnancy thing isn't much fun so far!
  5. BFP again today with clear blue test. 2-3 weeks since conception, so 4-5 weeks preg
    Looks like i'm joining winter babies!
  6. Welcome moose_fairy. This thread seems to be growing quicker than my boobs. Which also btw feel very swollen. Telling hubby's parents today.

    Still don't know what to so about work any advice? I have no intention of telling head yet but don't know if I should tell the rest of my PE dept?
  7. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    I think your head should be the first to be told formally - word gets round, and he/she may be annoyed if she doesn't hear this from you.
  8. I trust my dept not to tell anyone. It's early days but given my subject they will notice changes immidiately. My head is not a fan of pregnant people so I would rather wait lol after the scan. I have np obligation to tell her before that.
  9. I would someone trustworthy know, like your HoD and see if you can get some changes made to your timetable etc. When you look back, you won't remember you told people too early, you'll remember that you did everything you could to keep your baby safe. And if anything did go wrong, god forbid, at least you won't have to wonder if it's something you did wrong. If it was primary, I'd say tell the head as the community is smaller and word gets round, but your secret's probably pretty safe in a secondary department if you ask them not to say anything. If it helps, I've told my line manager. I needed someone to know in case of emergencies!
  10. Thanks Ladybug3
    Hubby thinks I should try to make it to easter and tell peple when I return but you make a valid point which I shall put to him. That scan seems such a long time away and so much go wrong inbetween so I guess the more people looking out for me the better,

  11. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    Sorry - do only people who give you the advice you want to hear get a 'thanks'?
  12. Sorry Mandala1,
    I do appreciate you answering I just am dreading telling my head. I really do not want this thread to become an uncomfortable place to be so it was not intention not to thank you. Telling her It is actually stressing me out already.
  13. I told my head of P.E today. he was great...said we cant teach rounders though which id never thought about. may be idea just to tell your head of P.E

  14. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    No I'm sorry. I'm crabby today. I hope it goes OK.

  15. Can I join you ladies? I got my BFP today so think I'll be due around mid-December [​IMG]
  16. What a great day to get it! Congratulations!! [​IMG]
  17. I had some bleeding when I woke up this morning, nothing major, just a bit pink, but it's really freaked me out so I stayed at home today. My Mum has told me to stay in bed and rest so that's what I'm doing! I know spotting is normal but it's still bothering me,,,
    p.s. welcome ellesabe, brilliant news!

  18. I still can't quite believe it if I'm honest! Going to the doctor this afternoon and not really sure what to expect. Surely there's not that much to say?!
    I was chuffed to be able to phone my Mum on mothers' day and tell her the news [​IMG]
  19. Hey all,

    Congrats ellesbe its an amazing feeling eh?
    Hope you are ok ladybug3, how are you feeling now?
    I decided to bite the bullet with both head and my dept today. I told both that I didn't want anyone else knowing. I have to say I will have to take back everything I said about my Head. She was very supportive and seemed genuinely pleased that I had told her. My dept are crazy excited for me but have also agreed to look out for me and jiggle some sports around.
    All in all a good day. I also spoke to antinatal clinic today, they are not going to see me at all until 10 days before 12wk sca at start of may. So won't even seen a midwife until twenty something of April. So I guess we are all really early days. It is going to be such long wait!
    Hope everyone else had a good day.

  20. Glad you had a positive response from school, elastigirl. I am ok. The bleeding was only pink on one wipe and has been very very slight brown spotting the rest of the day. The lady at the early pregnancy unit said I need to rest and wait so that's what I am doing. To be honest, I think I have a urine infection and I am going to go to the doctor tomorrow. All books etc suggest brown spotting is normal so I will just have to wait and see. 6 weeks tomorrow... it's so long until 12 weeks!

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