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Winter babies 2010/2011

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ladybug3, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Have seen a couple of hints that I'm not the only one due in November so I'm hoping someone will join me...
    I'm 5+1, due 10th November all being well. Only symptom so far is sore boobies and waking up at 5 in the morning to pee!


  2. Hello again! I've been peeing about 20 times a day! Doc says I'm due on the 14th of Nov. I'm still new to all of this do I count my weeks from my last period?? Sorry for being dumb!
  3. Yey, Ladybug you finally caved in and got the winter baby thread going! Hope everything is going well! [​IMG]
  4. Yes, you count from the first day of your last period. I worked mine out with one of those online due date calculators but the doctor I saw yesterday had a very old fashioned chart which he used- still came up with the same answer though!
    I told my mum yesterday- and discovered one of my sisters is pregnant too- due two weeks before me! Now I am very excited!
  5. That makes me 4+4. How exciting about your sister! My mum and Dad go away on sat for a week so we are going to tell them when they get back.
    I can't believe how quickly it has happened. Hopefully we will have some more winter mummys join us soon!

  6. Well done LB for getting another thread started! And looks like you have a friend - you're not on your own, hooray! Hopefully some of us from ttc will be over soon xxx
  7. Ooh I'll join you, just got a BFP on Monday, and (I think) due around 9th November.
    No symptoms yet! But then I always drink so much water that I am always popping to the loo, so I prob can't tell the difference!
    Looking forward to some exciting times ahead!
    Miss Ladybird (have been hovering but not posted on pregnancy before!)
  8. Hey Miss Ladybird
    Congratulations! We now have 3 of us due in Nov!
    I'm so excited but finding it so hard not to tell people. Work is tricky as I am a PE teacher, gymnastics and trampolining are my main sports and the doc said that even at this early stage I have to stop. This has been hard today as the kids were all like 'miss can you show me how to...' and I normally do but have all of a sudden developed a bad back as a cover up but collegues know that I wanted a baby after I got married in Dec so are likely to cotten on fairly soon.

  9. Evening! So excited there are three of us! I have had a fairly uneventful day. Slight stomach cramps this evening but am told they are quite normal. I don't think I'm going to last until 12 weeks not telling school, I'm so excited, and I keep needing the loo so I think my TA is going to get it!
  10. COngratulations everyone - can't believe there is another winter baby thread - time has flown and my LO is now 5.5 weeks old. Enjoy every minute - even the sickness. It does go!
    P.S. In terms of dates they always count from the last day of your last period - not the first.
  11. I know it is so hard not to tell everyone when you are so excited, in fact I have told my 2 best buddies at work. Patience is not one of my virtues!
    So, do I need to give the doctor a ring or anything yet?
    Lovely to hear that I have 2 november buddies!
  12. hey.

    im also a P.E teacher. think im due in nov. waiting for my date scan. Aint had any main symptoms but a killer period pains and back ache. lol. You told work yet??

  13. I've not told work but am wondering if given the fact we teach PE we are more at risk. Our day to day activities will change almost immediately. ie me not being able to demonstrate a front drop today. Might tell dept soon even if it is early I would want them to be there for me if anything went wrong.
  14. I went to the doctor but he just signed me up for the midwife at 9 weeks, so I don't think there's any rush to go, although I suppose it depends how busy your midwife is.
    Is anyone else really anxious? I am excited and I hope it all works out but I keep thinking about the things that can go wrong. I know I'm driving my husband mad- I'm starting to annoy myself. Like this evening, I have a pain in my lower stomach. I know it's completely normal, but I'm worried it's something sinister and I know I won't stop thinking about it. Aargh!
  15. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    Hi, I'm due 8th November! (Please don't congratulate me though - not until November!!)
    I had to go to hospital for a blood test last Fri and Monday to confirm pregnancy - have been on Clomid to conceive. I also have a history of miscarriage, and am having twice weekly injections of hcg and am taking aspirin every day.
    Going to the GP today to let him know.
    We've told our families and I've told the people I work with - mainly due to my history. I found it a lot easier when I miscarried when people knew I'd been pregnant than when people didn't know - I got a lot more support. As a result I'm very sceptical of the wait until you're 12 weeks routine!
    My boobs are far more sore than they were with my other pregnancies, am nauseous randomly throughout the day, and have thickened around the waist and tummy!

    Good luck all xxx
  16. Another winter baby thread.... can't believe how quickly time flies (although it certainly doesn't feel like that when you're pregnant, lol!)
    Sorry Dimebar but they do date pregnancy from the first day of the last period, not the last day xxx
    My baby is six weeks old and currently cooing and shouting to herself on her play gym... precious times! [​IMG] Good luck everyone, hope you have wonderful pregnancies!
  17. Hi all im due on 1st November - havent told work yet just 2 close colleagues in my department and we are going to tell the family this weekend!
    This thread has made me feel much better as i too have been very paranoid about cramps etc and continously check when i go to the loo - driving me insane as well as my partner! Also waiting for 12 week scan seems to be taking forever!
    good luck to all and nice to know we are all thinking the same - made me feel better!!

  18. How bizarre - they did mine from the last day of my period?? Didn't make any difference as at the scan they put me back 20 days??
  19. Para,
    Hope you don;t mind me asking but did they find problems after your mc's leading to treatment you have desc? I am waiting on appt with mc specialist after 3rd mc ( although I have a wee boy). They did al the tests after last mc and found nothing. MW suggested to me I might take a junior aspirin if i got pg again to see if it helped as she seemed to think it wouldn't do any harm. Sorry if im asking too much..just ignore if I am.
  20. Oooh, we're getting quite busy on here now! I ordered some pregnancy books on amazon today, to be delivered tomorrow, so I'm going to spend my weekend with my feet up reading! Off to bed now. So early, but so tired! My husband seems quite sad about me leaving him downstairs on his own but I think he's going to have to get used to it! Have a nice weekend all x

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