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Winnie in Winter

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by c0ldplay, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. c0ldplay

    c0ldplay New commenter

    Hi, I have an interview where I have been given the topic of Winter. I thought I would use Winnie in Winter by Korky Paul as my stimulus, The HA's will be writing a caption of what Winnie is wearing, MA's will label a picture of Winnie where they can label her clothes, LA's will have a suitcase of winter clothes and will attempt to write initial sounds on whiteboards for these items. My worry is that I will be taking a load of (self-produced) worksheets for the HA and MA groups and am thinking this may be frowned upon and not go down well. However, I don't want the children to use blank paper. BTW, I only have a total of 20 mins to teach, including the children's output. Any thoughts/ideas gratefully received ( both on the activity and my doubts!). Thanks for reading.
  2. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    Is this Nursery or Reception and will you be told their different abilities before hand? Personally I think I would try not to have worksheets at interview. Have you been told it has to be a literacy lesson or can it be any area of learning.
  3. c0ldplay

    c0ldplay New commenter

    Thanks for replying. It is a reception class. I will have a 10 minute prep time where I can chat with the TA before the interview so I would be able to ask about abilities then. I have been told it has to be literacy but I haven't been told it HAS to be Winter. The invitation to interview letter simply states that the current topic is Winter.
  4. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    I didn't know the story but have just seen it read on Cbeebies on You Tube. I would now suggest you read the story and have a magic wand to use when Winnie does and put on a woolly hat and scarf etc when she does as you read it to engage the children. If you can find a suitably colourful hat and scarf and coat perhaps afterwards you could get the children to use some lovely descriptive words to describe them and maybe get them to use their phonic knowledge to help you write them down modelling to the group. You could lead on from there. I am reluctant to suggest too much as you need your ideas otherwise you could have others reading this and going to the same interview. However I would try to keep away from lots of worksheets
  5. c0ldplay

    c0ldplay New commenter

    Thanks very much for your helpful advice. This is a great idea and is much appreciated.

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