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Winni1's Art and Music of the Week -Ideas Bank

Discussion in 'Primary' started by winni1, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. WOW! that took a long time to download. It looks superb. I've been stuck in a rut with artists that I am familiar with. Thanks for expanding my repertoire (did I spell that right at this time of night?)
  2. the pp is brilliant, thank you to everyone. A couple of questions; How do we stand with copyright restrictions? Is it okay to show on IWB as long as we dont print? And is there a way that I can delete the title and date to put on another slide so that the children can suggest these as they discuss the picture?
  3. Thanks to all those who have added to or uploaded their Art of the Week PPs - i know i now have a fantastic selection to choose from! I have done a similar thing with some ideas for music of the week and I am REALLY hoping other people may do the same / adding or sharing their own as I know I find it really hard to select songs unless I quite like them! Anyway hope it may be of some use to people! Bexla XX
  4. And clearly I am feeling a bit dippy with summer brain as I forgot the link so here it is - https://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6020636&preview=1
  5. Love the ppts had made my own art one but wont upload here or anywhere else for some reason, sorry.
    Was trying to think of simple way to collect lots of free music simply together so that teachers could do it without having to do any searches

  6. You can download copyright free music by Googling 'Creative Commons', but you won't get anything 'famous' that way. It's obviously illegal to download copyrighted music without permission, and so it's not possible to bring together such a collection. It would make life SO much easier if I could embed a sound link into a PP file like the music of the week one above, but not to be - will stick to Spotify instead, which is a bit of a Godsend!
  7. I'm going to try and upload my version of the art powerpoint too.
    Quick question Winnie1... have you had any issues arising from nutidy in art? Have the children commented on it? Or have you steered away from those particular pieces?
    The reason I ask is that I would like to use the Temptation of St Anthony by Salvador Dali but if you look closely there are a couple of nude statues and I wasn't sure if this was appropriate for Year 1 children... Not sure if I'm being sensible or just prudish :)
  8. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    I have mostly kept away from anything that could cause me problems with over protective parents. It is fair to say that the children probably come into contact with far more 'overt' images in the papers and mags lying around at home but...that is at home.
    I did have Rodin's 'The Thinker' and he is naked but you can't see anything much. The kids commented on his nakedness but we talked about why Rodin didn't sculpt him with clothes on. Eventually we came to the conclusion that it was to show that the man's thoughts were his true self with no disguises. Deep and clever for 5 and 6 year olds but this is the true power of encouraging freedom of thought!
    Make your call but check with your HT if you are in the least bit unsure. Hope this helps [​IMG]

  9. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

  10. Sorry to jump on the bandwagon Milliebear, but could I have a copy too???
    Thanks in anticipation - SOOO loving this thread
  11. SORRY Milliebear.... a stray "l" managed to attach itself to my address [​IMG]
  12. Well my afternoon planning was sidetracked, I think it's fair to say. I've become so excited about the prospect of using this - hopefully this will rub off on the kids too! :)
  13. Just thought I'd mention that there's another useful music website called Last FM
    It seems very similar to Spotify as you can listen (but not download) to full tracks for free.
    The only down side is if you listen to one track several times then you are limited to a 30 second clip from then on (unless you buy the track) but there are no ads from what I can remember. Would be ideal for music of the week if only going to be played a few times, but not for daily/weekly tidy up music.
    I found this site really useful when doing WWII songs last term
    (I'm not on commision or anything either [​IMG] )

  14. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I'm going to do this idea! Love the PPT so thanks v much to the person who uploaded it! (Think it was bexla- tyvm!)
    Just wondering - do you guys link the music to the Art? Like pick two that are similar? or do you just pick at random? I'm not sure whether to associate the two or not!
  15. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    Hi lillipad,
    I never do because I think the children get more out of it if they have a pair of contrasting pieces. I always try and make them as diametrically opposed as I can. It adds to spice of life and I believe it encourages creative thinking. Plus it gets you thinking and talking with the children in a way that is not always possible when teaching traditional curriculum lessons, (regardless of how experienced or good you are.) I have learned loads through doing this, not just about art and music but about how children think. I keep saying it but, it is tremendously powerful for the children to see you figuring stuff out and learning new things together.
    I also never link it to my topic because I have everything else linked in. This is an extra bit of brain growing and enrichment which I like to do to support all round thinking and conversation skills. It is actually nice to have a break from your theme...bit like opening a window! A change is as good as a rest don't they say?!
  16. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    Just wanted to say a BIG thanks to all of you who are using and sharing things on this thread. It is exactly what I wanted to happen and I am chuffed that so many of you are going to take the idea and run with it. Brilliant ladies and gentlemen. Keep it up! [​IMG]

  17. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    You have a good point there Winni. I was thinking of using different pieces cause i didn't want their ideas on one to influence their ideas on the other. I've decided to use it as part of my "Early bird work" so they will do work on it first thing in the morning as they arrive in the mornings. There will be like specific tasks like listening to the instruments, looking at the art and talking in pairs about what they think it's about etc.
    Just wanted to note though, that power point that someone uploaded is fab... But they might want to be aware (Maybe they already are and have done it on purpose!) that they've used only male artists. I took out some of the male artists and substituted them for female artists like Bridget Riley whose work is fantastic.
    p.s- i also edited it so that the name / title / date came up on a slide after the painting because i wanted the kids to think of themselves too but it's a great base! [​IMG]

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