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Winni1's Art and Music of the Week -Ideas Bank

Discussion in 'Primary' started by winni1, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Ok, have made a powerpoint of different images for Art of the Week and uploaded it. First time I've uploaded anything and think i've made a bit of a mess of 'tagging' it. This is the link - which i don't think will come up as a proper link - don't know why?! But am hoping if you copy and paste it to address bar it may work!! Anyway if not you can always PM me and i will send in to you. My fingers are crossed it will work though!!

  2. Uncross your fingers, it works! Thanks a lot for this, a really good resource. I'm just about to send it to my Art and Design co-ordinator and become her new best friend! Thanks again.
  3. Yea!! Thanks for letting me know!!
  4. Hi all, just been reading through the thread, I really like the idea of introducing children to different kinds of music. I just wanted to know how people use the music/ art and when e.g. which part of the day.
  5. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Sorry to ask a naiive question, but when do you look at Art / music of the week? and what sort of things do you teach them about it? Obv they are year 1 so i guess you can't go into too much depth, but i was considering doing something similar for that first 10 minutes of the morning to get settled and warm up our brains?
  6. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    I do it as a twenty min ish... session on a Friday afternoon and then we use the music as PE changing and at other times e.g. painting or whatever.
    I have a permanent display up which saves doing one board all year and I just change the pictures weekly and put up the new music title etc.
    You'd be surprised how deep I do go with the children actually. I let them totally guide the discussion and have their own opinion as long as they can justify it. This takes time and a bit of training but it pays back when you are writing and problem solving.
    I had a girl last year who made a big scrap book of images from the web and did some writing about each artist. She even went to see some Hepworth when she was on holiday in St Ives!Her mum will keep that forever and it is a lovely thing for her to look in on as she moves up the school.
    I posted some of the questions I use on another thread so I will cut and past them over for you.
  7. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    Was easier to just copy over the whole thing so sorry for repeating myself a bit!
    Basically I let the children look at the art and then we talk about it as a class. (Usually on a Friday and then as and when during the week. We use the music to get changed for P.E.) I do a bit of leg work before hand so that I can answer thier questions and give then info as we go along. But, if I don't know an answer then I am totally honest about it and we either look it up together or that is a job for them to do at home etc. It is very powerful for them to see that you are learning too and they come to realise that not knowing something is ok as long as you want to find out.
    Here are some questions I many use to get them thinking:
    What might it be called? Did a man or a woman make it? How did they make it? (eg oil paint, photo, stone...) Why did they make it? What do you think about it?
    I let them have their full say and their own opinion of the art and the music as long as they can justify it. Their, "It is nice" is always followed up by my," Why?" I teach infants so it takes a few weeks for them to get the hang of it but when they do it is an empowering thing. I swear their reasoning skills and language come on in leaps and bounds.
  8. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Fanastic! I love it! I'm gonna steal your idea! :D Thanks!
  9. MsKE

    MsKE New commenter

    Thank so much, Winni and Bexla - love these ideas! Am inspired to use them in September!
    Also - thanks for highlighting Spotify - have just heard a song I knew from over 10 years ago for the first time since don't know when - raised a tear!!
  10. Wini having real trouble uploading here or on PTRC possibly too big. I included some of yours particularly more modern stuff that id not got and lots of obvious famous artists. Put picture followed by page with little info for teacher to make it easier just cant at moment share it!
  11. Just wanted to say that I'm really inpired by this thread - I LOVE IT!!!
    I'm a primary trained teacher who 'accidentally' fell into secondary teaching and am only now taking up a primary teaching position 3 years later. I AM FREAKING OUT!! I feel like I don't know anything any more! Things have changed so much even in 3 years!
    Anyway, I am inspired and encouraged by all the GREAT teachers and GREAT ideas on here. This is by far my favourite. Thank you SO much and keep up the fab work!
  12. Bexla, Love your PowerPoint Thank-you. I have been finding some of my own Art of the Week aswell and have added it on to the end of your PowerPoint if you dont mind I will upload it for people to use in addition to your own if not I will put it in its own standalone file. i just thought it would be good to keep our ideas together then people could just keep adding to it. let me know
    Thanks again
  13. Hey tinzel, thank you and please feel free to add to the end of mine - i'm certainly not precious about these things go for it and i shall redownload it myself - Fab!!
  14. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    Did post on another thread about 'Art in a Box' from the Tate. I got one for about a tenner on Amazon. They are nice cards with pictures of works from the 'Modern' and some activities/info on the back. Nice selection if you are struggling with finding more modern stuff.
    We also have quite a selection of pictures in our Art stock cupboard. Someone has collected lots of calendars and cut the pages out. They make reasonable posters for display and are free!Maybe a letter home towards Christmas might help you build up your own stock.[​IMG]

  15. Hey Everyone, Thanks winni1 for the original idea it is brill. As I said before to Bexla, your presentation is fab thanks I have added on to the end of it and uploaded it in the resources section. This is the link:
    Hope you find it useful
  16. I've already got my order inwith Amazon for 'Art in a box' it looks really good. 11-13 days for delivery so only just in time for the start of term.
  17. Oh and thankyou I've just downloaded the powerpoint. It looks great.
    I'm guessing that you all know about sing up I only found out about it last term. No I can't sing but I've certainly had fun trying and the kids love it.
  18. I've done a PP of about 30 'Art of the Week' slides, but can't upload it to the TES Resources bit cos it's too big - boo! Am happy to mail it if anybody wants a copy though. It is all sorts of art through the ages with the name, artist and date revealed on a mouse click (I did that because I wanted the children to come up with their own suggestions about the artist, name of work and possible era, before I gave them that info).
  19. I would love a copy of the PowerPoint if you don't mind. My email is puuuuuuuuurfect@hotmail.com
  20. You have mail Tinzel. I have managed to upload the slides now (took out a massive Barbara Hepworth file!). Here is the link:


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