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Winchester Primary PGCE 2012

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by HBMoose, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Hello! Does anyone else here have a conditional offer from Winchester to start this September? =)
  2. Good luck :)
  3. Hey, i got on the pgce primary at winchester for 2012 start too :)
    See you in september :) x
  4. Congratulations, see you then! =)

    A friend of mine from college also got onto the course. Would anyone be interested in a facebook group to find coursemates if we set one up?
  5. I also have a conditional offer for September , need to bump my GCSE maths and science up to a C
  6. and yes to face book group :)
  7. Hi everyone,

    I also have a conditional offer for the Primary PGCE at Winchester. Has anyone set up a facebook group yet, would be nice to get to know a few people before starting in September!
  8. Hi everyone! I will also be starting in september after recieving a unconditional offer from Winchester. Very excited about it but nervous!
    If the facebook group has been set up please let me know as would love to get to know a few people before starting!
    Also, does anyone know any info about the 2 week placement we have to arrange yet? As in, do we have set tasks to prep for etc? Without sounding too keen, I kind of want to start prepping as soon as possible so im ready!!
  9. Great to see a few more people popping up!

    I will try to set up a group tomorrow if I remember, are we allowed to post links on here? If so I'll pop it up.

    I had an email a couple of months ago from the department, all it really said was to feel free to arrange placement with a school, but to wait for the handbook to arrive in the post before we actually do it. Hopefully we should get them in April/ May according to the email. I've got a school that has agreed to take me but have told them that I don't yet have my handbook =)
  10. I've just set a group up now, was quicker than I thought it would be =) hopefully this link will work


    I'm not really in touch with anybody else I was interviewed with but hopefully we will find a few of our cohort =)
  11. Hi Emzb51, Congratulations on receiving you unconditional offer at Winchester and i hope you meet the terms and conditions. I also have an interview at Winchester in mid April and was wondering if you could give me an insight on what your day consisted of. As in what you had to do? If there was a presentation and also what was your written task on.

    I would be more then grateful if you could help me on that please as i am every nervous.

    Hope to hear form you soon and best of luck with everything.

  12. Hi I've also got a place for September looking forward to meeting everyone, thanks for setting up the facebook page!
  13. I thought that they said that information would go out early in the summer term about placements etc. So guessing after Easter
  14. The facebook group is steadily growing so if you haven't found it yet, please do come and join us! =)
  15. Hey Guys,

    I've applied late for PGCE Primary, I have an interview on the Monday coming up, I really really want to get in, any information that you can give me about the interview??? Cheers

    And yeah the interview is at Winchester of course!

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