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Win an iPod on MathsMaster.Org!

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Betamale, May 8, 2011.

  1. ...never used the forum for anything but self promotion?
    Great you have provided someting for free and I am 100% behind that, so well done
    Areas to improve (IMO)
    The site looks a little 'off the shelf' and the ads cheapen it a little
    The constant clicking through to get to the page you want for the videos is a little annoyig and means you lose where you are. A nice tble with all videos in would be a good idea. Khan academy is a good example
    The videos I watched laboured basic concepts and may not appeal to lower ability pupils
    This is an example
    A simple intro to say "This is a shift along the x axis" would have been enough and then you could have gone into detail...
    The ipod being given away is a little 'dated' and may be seen as a let down...perhaps..
    but again, all IMO
  2. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    I never said I had a problem with him trying to make money from adverts. If he or any of the other organisations offer free resources to end users fund them this way then frankly I am all for it.
    I stnad by my veiws that the quality of the material is so poor that I would not recommend it to anyone i teach. Totally free and much better material can already be found on you tube and you dont get your senses mashed every 5 seconds by advertising.
  3. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    Ipods - dated! I've just bought my first mobile phone... Quite fancy the ipod!
  4. DM

    DM New commenter

    Same and same and I saw it first.
  5. The one on offer has had two newer versions since and retailed at about £30-40.
    I think the kids will be expecting the latest I-phone costing a fair bit!!!!
    I think its great the site is functioning ad offering gifts but its like saying you are married to a singer when in reality your wife is the only one who does karaoke at the local social club on a tuesday night in front of 7 people.
    If you fancy an ipod they are easy enough to confiscate with justification [​IMG]
  6. DM

    DM New commenter

    I understand you have been bad so hand it over.
  7. I have to admit to being a bit dubious of mathsmaster.org the first time he posted and deemed the pupils he was teaching to be 'very IT literate' seemingly on the basis they could use YouTube and mymaths. It also seemed like he was only here for self promotion.

    Now though I'm thinking 'give the guy a break'. He's funding this out of his own pocket and giving away anything is very generous of him.
  8. Giving free stuff = good

    Better if it is useful and I am still not certain how the 1 I looked at would be used

    He is funding it through advertising

    Why would he not want comments from professionals
  9. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    I would beg to differ - he is hoping to fund it through advertising and given the quality of his site he is very unlikely to succeed IMO!
  10. I doubt he is making very much money at all from a handful of Google Ads.

    It does seem like an honest attempt to have a go at something and make a difference. Yes, of course he will welcome feedback on his service, it will allow him to improve.

    I thought Betamale gave very constructive feedback, with which I agree. But moaning about the guys free prize?
  11. Yeah I thought that was daft
  12. The iPod shuffle isn't, of course, any use at all for video but it's a nice little prize just the same.
  13. DM

    DM New commenter

    I'm first in line. You'll have to get past me if you want to get your hands on it.

  14. Given that my thought was ... oooooo a potential prize for the staff end of year raffle ... and
    I posted first ... tis mine I think
  15. DM

    DM New commenter

    I'll let you hold it for a minute or two after I win it if you like.
  16. But what about the iPod

  17. DM

    DM New commenter

    Can't hear you. Too busy listening to my new toy.
  18. That's what's been missing recently, good old DM humour! You always make me smile!
  19. Ahem.....
    Personally, I find powerpoints dull and boring ... [​IMG]
    ... but, then, I can not imagine anyone being 'entertained' by a maths one ...
    ... but one might learn something from them...
    I think we are a tough crowd at times because we are not in the 'I am struggling with xxx and will try anything' camp like our students....
    ... not overly concerned about advertising revenues but I don't seek them myself - if anyone feels the need, just leave a brown paper bag of tenners behind the third seat on the left in Crewe Station main waiting room .....

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