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Wilshaw on the BBC

Discussion in 'Education news' started by helpline2, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. helpline2

    helpline2 New commenter

    Michael Wilshaw, a 21st century incarnation of Wackford Squeers, has the answer to terrorism. It is "British Values"

    Well Sir Michael, consider these British values:

    OFSTED change the definition of words. "Satisfactory" means whatever they want it to mean. Is that one of your values? Disingenuous mendacity?

    Paying Tax? Do you condemn the tax dodgers? Or are the British values of the Royal Family (tax dodgers for over fifty years) predominant?

    Should muslims embrace civilian bombing? Lying and faking evidence to start an illegal war? The Muslim faith, like all faiths, involves helping the poor. It does not involve sending sick people to their deaths like Ian Duncan Smith. British values again?

    [​IMG]And bullying. Is there any other simple British word to describe the behaviour of brutish OFSTED inspectors who intimidate teachers who are trying to do a tough job under difficult circumstances?
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