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Willow Withies - Suppliers

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by LucSki, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. LucSki

    LucSki New commenter


    Does anyone know where I can get some willow withies from in SW London?
    I would need them delivered to school in Fulham.

    I am looking for enough so that about 70 children can make medium size sculptures in small groups.

  2. 'Specialist Crafts' do them and deliver fairly swiftly if you ask them and pay a bit extra, look at their catalogue for other stuff too and I would buy a few bundles.
    Otherwise, make your own 'paper withies' by rolling small newspapers (TES is perfect) around slim dowels and slide dowels out and fix with small squares of sellotape they work really well and don't cost much. I got some very cheap green garden pea stick from the local market.I use that technique a lot and cover with tissue and PVA....
  3. Can I ask what kind of things you make with withies?
  4. I have seen some lovely living sculptures. They grow if you stick them in the ground.
    Try making shapes that could be lanterns, butterflies, kites, shapes to hang in trees - using the natural aspect of the withy.
  5. Thanks. I'll look into it
  6. Jacob Young and Westbury are in West Sussex. I get all withies from them they are most helpful. They are googlable.
  7. Have made some very large 3D fish using withies and little bits of masking tape to make frame work, then covered with coloured tissue paper glued with wallpaper paste, and finally 'varnished' with diluted PVA.

    Bending and taping withies together a bit fiddly but older juniors cope really well.
  8. Can't seem to locate 'specialist crafts', are they an online organisation, we're looking at purchasing a few withies....

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