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Will you be a NQT in Religious Education in September 16?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by reader42, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. reader42

    reader42 New commenter

    New2RE programme in September 2016

    •  Are you likely to be a newly qualified secondary RE teacher in September 2016?

    •  Are you keen to extend your repertoire of strategies for teaching RE?

    •  Would support with deepening subject knowledge be helpful, as you

      teach six religions and non-religious worldviews?

    •  Would you value having an experienced RE teacher/leader as a personal mentor?

      If so you'll be pleased to hear about the New2RE programme from NATRE (National Association of Teachers of RE).

      Thanks to grant funding from a number of trusts we able to continue to offer an opportunity for NQTs beginning their careers as RE specialists in September 2016.

      The programme is free to the teacher, subject to a contribution of £120 from your participating school, and permission from your Head Teacher/Principal to attend the residential course.

      We have 25 places to offer to NQTs on our three year* early career development programme: New to RE.

      *subject to continuing funding

      The programme is designed to support you in the first three years of your career and help you to develop your subject knowledge, your repertoire of teaching strategies and confidence as a teacher of RE. The programme will be tailored to the needs of each teacher and be designed to complement and enhance the provision your school provides for your NQT and subsequent two years.

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