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Will the last one out, turn off the lights...

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by johnbrown, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. I completely understand why you are doing this but it isn't great union work, is it?
  2. ccroyle

    ccroyle New commenter

    2005 = 100 ICT - AS Students
    2006 = 105 ICT - AS Students
    2007 = 104 ICT - AS Students
    2008 = 101 ICT - AS Students
    2009 = 100 ICT - AS Students
    2010 = 104 ICT - AS Students
    4 groups each year.
    Madcat - Don't know what's going wrong at your place!
    BTW - the A2 % going through has increased in the last 2 years to 75%[​IMG]
  3. We offer the BTEC IT and AQA GCE Computing
    We recieve a healthy level of interest and a good (and increasing) level of uptake in these high-quality, interesting sixth form options.
    Both me and another HoD in a neighbouring school (who offers the same) are reporting a significant increase in numbers this year.
  4. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    Not the same at my place either. In Year 12, we usually get 1 group for Computing (18ish) and 2 groups for ICT (22 ish in each). We've just launched a Level 3 BTEC that we hoped would replace one of the AS ICT groups, but it hasn't - instead, we've picked up MORE students. We've now got the same as before (1 Computing, 2 ICT) but also an extra BTEC group of 18ish. The Computing group looks likely to have to splill over to 2 groups as well if anyone else decides to take it.
    What's going wrong at your place then?
  5. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    Must be something in the (local) water then . Talked to a couple of other schools, in our area, and their ICT numbers are dwindling as well -.but one did report growing numbers for Computing
    Pleased to see that lots of you are bucking the trend by offering more technical approaches - unfortunately for a variety of reasons, this route isn't open to us.
    Ah well, I'll just have to content myself by pushing up the numbers in the programming club .
  6. Great to hear a success story for both ICT and computing hipster, we can't all doom and gloom it.
  7. BrianUK

    BrianUK New commenter

    So I hope you went and shook them all by the hand nodding furiously in agreement at their wisdom and great sage-like understanding of "how things are" and for publicly executing your subject in front of you, the students, your peers, the cleaners, kitchen staff and the bloody P.E. department (bunch of smart *** if ever I met any). And just before you kicked them where it hurts I hope you asked them to quote the actual source of their new found wisdom? Go on ask them. I'll give you a tenner if they can. (Oh and it has to be a genuine source and public source - not the admissions man (i.e. the bouncer) at Solent Uni.

  8. I don't think our SLT has really given the Russel group report much more than a glance, so there'll be no "pep talk" to our prospective students. The report did look quite favorably on Computing, which is where I intend to lead the department. A speaker from CAS I listened to awhile back said that the AQA computing course is looked upon quite well by Universities .
  9. BrianUK

    BrianUK New commenter

    Again, what is the source for this quote? A CAS speaker? Surely he has a biased interest in promoting Computing A Level courses regardless of exam board. The Russell Report (whether you love it or hate it) is quite explicit about essential and preferred A Levels and ICT wins 2 to 1. Computing A Level only being seen as a *nice to have* for the Computing courses.
    SLT/SMT are badly informed as, it seems, are the majority of the rest. ICT A Level is a rigorous course and damned hard to score well in. Those students who gain an A grade or above in this subject are clearly a cut above the rest - especially as they have overcome esoteric marking schemes and exam marking. ICT AQA A Level is in the top two hardest subjects to score an A in. Fact.
    The message has to change and ICT A Level needs supporting, not knocking, in favour of the "flavour of the month" computing courses which cater for a completely different type of student.
    Business Studies, Psychology, Media Studies, Critical Thinking and General Studies are the ones that should be getting your attention.
    And no, I am not an employee of AQA before you ask. :)
  10. [Full disclosure - I'ma board member of CAS]

    I read the CAS speaker and the quote about ICT being poorly regarded as being totally different incidents. I would be very surprised if any of our members were saying this. The suggestion is not that Computing is better or more important than ICT - both are important and useful in different ways. On a personal level I have issues with what ICT has become (i.e. Office Studies in many cases, as I have said recently), but ICT as it *should* be is a very worthwhile subject and I am currently telling both my Y9s and my Y11s that for many of them, ICT is the better option.
  11. ICT is doing very well at my school and we're increasing numbers. I think we just have to understand our market! It certainly hasn't hurt the offers that students have received.
  12. I was not criticising ICT, just stating that the AQA Computing course is fairly well regarded. In reality, for those wanting to study Computing at degree level, Maths and Further Maths are far more important.

    I will now, however, go on to criticise ICT. I only have experience of the OCR A-Level, and while you may be correct that it is very difficult to get an A grade, I can categorically state that a C grade is handed out to students with an intellectual capacity that barely enables them to tie their shoes.

    Once upon a time I used to teach A Level Chemistry and Physics, and there is no doubt in my mind that the Sciences are far more difficult to succeed in than ICT. I certainly know which courses I would be advising my own children to take at A Level.

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