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Will I get supply work in the Lincoln area?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by CYPRESSWOODS, Jul 23, 2019.


    CYPRESSWOODS New commenter

    I have just left a permanent post in Lincoln. I was HOD but never settled in the position and have taken the decision to leave and to supply teach instead from September I am worried about the financial implications of doing this and would be really grateful if anyone can advise me on whether I am likely to pick up work.

    Thanks so much!!!!
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  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I am not in Lincoln but there are one or two who post on here fairly regularly. You might have to wait a little for responses from people since the boards tend to slow down when schools break up.

    You might find that you will find longer term roles more easily than day to day supply.

    Mentally brace yourself for a slow start in September unless you have a long term role startingnin September. Day to day supply will pick up around mid October. However, if the recruitment crisis continues it may be busier than usual but very difficult to predict. If you are willing to teach primary as well that may help you pick up days.

    If In were you in this slow time, I would take some courses to help you find alternative work if you need it.

    Vision2learn.net do a selection of free courses and I highly recommend them.

    No point in worrying but you must take action and plan mentally and perhaps take some courses and/or get workmover the summer perhaps in a different field. There are other jobs working with children but you would need to look into that.

    CYPRESSWOODS New commenter

    Thanks so much for your reply I really appreciate it. I am a bit panicked as I have been a HOD for 25 years. I was appointed as a permanent HOD in September to supply two weeks before the end of term but really struggled to settle under a new management regime. I decided to leave at Easter but the Head asked me to stay on for two months to cover ICT lessons as the Head of ICT also left at Easter too. ( vey high staff turnover) I started to supply two weeks from the end of term and actually picked up some work.I am only 18 months away from being able to retire and I always planned to do so at 55 but didn't expect to be in this position.
    I would actually prefer a longer term role so fingers crossed something will happen next term!

    Thanks a
    gain for your supportive words they were really appreciated!
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  4. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    You are welcome.

    Schools always need ICT teachers and you have a lot of experience. You could also look into working for training companies that train adults in IT to get them into employment.
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  5. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Star commenter

    Far too late now but you would have been best seeking out supply teachers (they tend to gather in the staff room) and asking them about the 3 items that matter
    1. Which are the Schools from Hell around here?
      Strangely it's not always the obvious ones as some of these know they have problems and work hard to make sure their many supply teachers will return.
    2. Rates of pay?
      I'm on £202.08 per day in West Yorks doing long-term Maths/Science and I've yet to find anyone on better (and I do ask). However that isn't Lincoln and @Jolly_Roger15 appears very similar to me and he can command £0 a day, North London also isn't Lincoln.
    3. Availability of work?
      Again only possible from asking other supply teachers.
    All the above are trade-offs, usually the 'good' schools can attract and keep cheaper teachers and I have to hustle to avoid excessive workloads being dumped on me.

    Agencies of course know the answers to all the questions above but it is definitely not in their interests to reveal this. I didn't put in a 4. Which Agency? because I regard them all as money-grabbing parasites and out of the six I'm signed up with the only good one is the one that has got me the Autumn half-term gig.
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  6. FrauRussell

    FrauRussell New commenter

    Lots of good advice here from seasoned commentators. I would also suggest, if you haven't already done it, register with as many agencies as you can bear as then you have coverage. Just keep a note of roles they put you forward for to avoid any conflicts. Often especially with longer term, jobs are touted out to more than one agency, and being put forward means nothing - you just have to wait and see if your cv is picked from the pile. If you want to approach schools direct, make sure your agencies don't also put you forward. With bookings, be prepared for the possibility of a long term term assignment followed by a gap. This happened to me, and I went from long term in a pleasant, convenient school to nothing then a period of day to day which was discombobulating (I've always wanted to use that word! Describes very well how I felt). After a long time in a permanent post supply can be a shock to all your systems, so take care of yourself as best you can. But, for me, it's better than a permanent role, despite its disadvantages.

    CYPRESSWOODS New commenter


    CYPRESSWOODS New commenter

    Many thanks for posting. I did speak to a few supply teachers before the end of term and they seemed to suggest that supply would be available from the end of September.
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    CYPRESSWOODS New commenter

    Thanks so much for your reply I really appreciate it. I did pick up some day to day supply during the last two weeks of term. I am really pleased to hear you say it was still better the permanent, as I was getting really 'down' and 'depressed' at my school and I do not regret leaving but am just worried about what the future holds.. I can retire at 55 in 18 months time and always planned to di so with a view of picking up some part time teaching.

    Thank you for your advice it is very much appreciated.
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    CYPRESSWOODS New commenter

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    CYPRESSWOODS New commenter


    CYPRESSWOODS New commenter


    CYPRESSWOODS New commenter

    Thanks so much for all this good advice. I did speak to some supply teachers during the last wo weeks of term when I was supply teaching and they did give me hope that I would pick up supply work. I seemed only to be offered work from one of the three agencies that I registered with and had to 'swallow' the £125 per day wage as I did not feel in a position to barter!!

    I sort of get the feeling supply work will be available from the end of Sept through to Easter so will just have to wait and see. Agencies seem to promise a lot but not deliver wat they promise!

    I think I know the schools to avoid but my worry is I might not be in a position to turn work down, particularly early on.

    Thanks so much for all the advice, it is really appreciated.
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  14. Robfreeman

    Robfreeman Occasional commenter

    I'm in the Lincoln area as a supply what part of lincoln, in the city outskirts or miles away, what's your maximum travel distance? There are quite a few agencies and the schools tend to be spaced.

    Saying that I just did an entire academic year with no days off.

    There is work about but I did drive just over 400 miles a week for that.
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    CYPRESSWOODS New commenter


    CYPRESSWOODS New commenter

    Thanks so much for your reply. I presently live in Nocton but we are in the process of moving to Wragby. I am willing to travel up to an hour by car so am quite flexible on travel. I did get some supply work in the last two weeks of term which was a nice surprise as I was not expecting much. My main concern is I have given up a full time permanent position although do not regret that as I did not like my job. I am just a little worried about what the future holds.

    I agree with you as I moved from the south east 5 years ago and it was much more concentrated and I could access literally hundreds of schools within a half hour drive.

    I would really appreciate any feedback as it is great to hear from someone from the Lincoln area.

    Thanks so much for your reply.

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