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Will I EVER get a job?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by justttamyyyyy, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. justttamyyyyy

    justttamyyyyy New commenter

    Hello all,

    As recently posted in jobseekers I am looking for some sound, reassuring and realistic advice on whether or not I will actually ever get a job.

    I qualified for my FE PGCE nearly 3 years ago and am yet to secure a job, or any relevant experience. Every school/college I ask about gaining experience with say they don't take people, already have someone or have to prioritise the current PGCE students. I can't seem to get a look in anywhere.

    The longer I stay out of teaching due to lack of jobs and opportunities, the more scared I get about applying for jobs (if and when they show up).

    My degree is in Fine Art, and there just never seems to be a demand for tutor in that area. Many of the job posts I've seen advertised also require you to teach at KS3 and KS4 - both of which I am not qualified to do as my PGCE didn't award QTLS. I am unable to apply for QTLS as I was informed I have to be in a teaching job, sticky situation.

    Is there anyone with any good advice on what I can do? If anything?

    I've looked at supply teaching, but from what I've gathered it doesn't really exist in FE. Teaching at school level doesn't interest me whatsoever. I was looking to gain QTLS simply to improve my chances.

    I feel like I'm shouting and pulling my hair out but just getting nowhere. It's extremely frustrating and makes me not want to return to teaching at times, although it's all I've ever wanted to do.

    Thank you,
  2. Jessy1234

    Jessy1234 New commenter

    I know it's hard trying to get experience as I have PTLLS and can't do dtlls or CTLLS until l I'm in paid work. Which is why I'm thinking about gaining experience in primary before embarking on pgce.

    Have you

    Have you thought about volunteering at the library as a tutor as they prefer qualified student teachers in FE, level4. Perhaps apply for learner support or SEN. I worked with learning Disabilities in a Community centre and really loved it. It was Autisim, Aspergers post16 and it was the best job I had for six months. Clients really appreciate you for helping them.

    Maybe you could try SEN course, I've seen Sen courses I'd love to apply for,
  3. tlas

    tlas New commenter

    Hi Justttamyyyyy,

    I just wanted to say I totally understand what your going through, I am in the same position, I qualified last year. There are so few jobs in these areas which makes it very frustrating. I am working as a TA in a school. It is a very different experience and has taken some getting used to. Personally, I just want to get some experience teaching in FE, in my subject area and have the chance to gain QTLS to improve my chances of getting longer term teaching work (if it does help?)

    Unfortunately, I can't offer you any advice, but to just simply say you are not alone. It is very difficult and frustrating. I think if you can, go for jobs that are in an FE setting to show on your cv as FE experience even if it's not teaching. Although I know this is easier said than done, otherwise I would be doing it myself, and that's definitely not through lack of looking or trying.

    Good luck, hope something turns up for you. If you have any questions feel free to DM me.

  4. Rozario123

    Rozario123 New commenter

    I would seriously consider looking at schools. I work in FE and have noticed that very few jobs come up in the Art dept. I also do supply in schools both primary and secondary with my PGCE in post compulsory, so maybe try some supply to get a feel of schools. Its not as bad as I thought it would be, and it pays some bills and gives me more experience.

    As for getting the QTLS, I'm not sure that its worth it. I haven't bothered up to now, my college doesn't care as long as you have a teaching qualification. Maybe you could try a different subject in FE, just to get your foot in the door, which is what I'm doing.

    Good luck
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  5. shahidhussain123

    shahidhussain123 New commenter

    Hi All,

    I am in a similar situation but I have only just graduated last month!!! It does concern me that jobs are difficult to find in FE. However, I'm going to do supply work until I find the right post I suppose so I am not inactive in teaching.

    I would personally recommend looking at the justice sector for FE roles (prisons). Its not as bad as you may think as I have taught ICT in male prisons and enjoyed it. also you teaching qual will be enough for the role.
  6. bob79

    bob79 Occasional commenter

    Gove created parity between PGCE quals, QTS may be requested but it is no longer a statutory requirement - especially re: academies. I would apply to schools, Sixth Forms, FE Colleges, academy chains and private schools. I have a PGCE in Post-Comp, never had QTLS no point and I have worked in all of the above institutions I listed. I have applied for many jobs, some shortlisted me some didn't, but had I not applied I'd have never known (short-listed for over 3/4 I applied for). Be brave, apply for the things you think you have not got a chance in, discuss your drive to gain QTS in your letter of application, say you'd be happy to convert etc in post, but if you don't apply you'll never know. FE jobs are always thin on the ground, you are best to join their bank staff rota, many get on that way - myself as an NQT as it happens! Good luck, you will find something.
  7. Mitochondria

    Mitochondria New commenter

    What Rozario and Bob said. I'd also join as many teaching agencies as possible. I have a PGCE Post-comp, but strayed into secondary territory, even though I didn't want to touch it with a barge-pole, and I ended up loving it! Try it...you may end up liking it too. :)

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