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Will having history of stress affect my teaching application?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Alec2005, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Look at a long thread on health screening/questionnaire on Prospective student teachers forum. You will have to disclose all your medical history. If your uni's occupational health unit think what you've put down requires investigation, they will do so, by writing to your GP for a report, or inviting you for a talk with a nurse of a doctor. Don't worry about it though. A lot of people suffer from stress or depression from time to time - it's part of modern living - and most conditions aren't serious enough to cast a doubt over your mental fitness to teach. Just be honest in what you disclose, and it will be sorted out.
  2. While PST forum deals with teacher training, similar considerations apply to those going for a teaching post - you will be referred to OHU of the school's local authority.
  3. So if I suffer from stress it's not there going to stop me from teaching. Its just they will look at ways to help me?
  4. haha, yeap, they will do everything to make sure you are not stressed. Honey, they will stress you so much you cannot imagine.
  5. Few I was just so worried it would affect my application. I thought I was going to loose my life long ambition and career.

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