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Will examiners get furloughed?

Discussion in 'News' started by sawhyte, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. sjk81

    sjk81 New commenter

    They emailed me at the end of June stating I would get my final furlough payment in August. I thought 'I've never been paid in August before, so queried it. Whoever it was that replied was a bit offhand and stated that this is 'normal payroll practice' to pay a month in arrears. I was paid the May/June payments at the end of June (Bare minimum based on my yearly pay from them as I normally don't work these months)( and was told that I'd been paid the June payment early (For whatever reason). I queried it again stating that I'd never been paid by OCR in August for July work (Even attached the Pdf file of my July '19 payslip). Just got the same offhand response from the same person. So yep we're probably in the same boat... A big fat £0 for July and and having to wait till the 28th August to see the final payment for when we normally mark in July. Good job I'm not totally financially dependent on being paid in July, but anyone who is and is in the same boat, is a bit screwed.... Was thinking of taking it higher, but will probably get the same snotty response...
  2. suwater

    suwater New commenter

    Hi just quick question .. Have you got paid for the papers you would of marked if the exams had gone ahead ? I am asking as I am an exam invigilator and our school is refusing to pay us anything . I looked at the same period last year and I earned approximately £760. So it is not as if they can not just pay us 80% of last year's earnings. Thanks
  3. suwater

    suwater New commenter

    Hi did you get paid for the papers you would of marked had the exams gone ahead. I am an invigilator and our school is refusing to pay us anything . Thanks
  4. nervousned

    nervousned Senior commenter

    No, payment was based on payments made for marking last year.
  5. suwater

    suwater New commenter

    Thank you for your reply. I think that is fair to give you what you got last year .
  6. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    Yes, that is how furlough works for people whose work varies from month to month. In some ways, it would be fairer to base it on what you were expecting to mark this year, but the system can't work like that.

    SEBREGIS Lead commenter

  8. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    Interesting, etymologically, speaking.
    The two "trolls" are not directly related at all.
    Online trolling is to do with a method of fishing and is cognate with "stroll". It's a verb being used now, colloquially, as a noun (the fishing noun is "troller").

    The name of the folklore figure (derived from Old Norse/Swedish) is a different word altogether.
  9. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    (I guess that some who use "troll" in the online mischief making sense imagine mistakenly that it's because of the dwarf or giant cave dwelling figure of folklore.)
  10. CandysDog

    CandysDog Established commenter

  11. l_so

    l_so New commenter

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  12. kegz

    kegz New commenter

    So where did the rest go?!! They are total con artists. The whole reason they gave for not paying anything to examiners was to give it back to schools. It just goes to show how little they pay us in relation to everyone else. I'm boycotting AQA now. They've really messed this one up. The only ones who have benefitted are AQA. It will be knteresting to see how much profit they make this year.
  13. beeson272

    beeson272 New commenter


    Have a read of this report by searching aqa accounts on their website or companies house. For a charity sums do not add up. 42 million suggests they have received 162 million for exam entries. 90ish percent of exam fees are paid for summer Series.

    page 39 lists the costs that aqa spend each year. 70 million adds up to examiners pay and postage/printing costs which largely didn’t happen. 90 percent is 63 million. Also I’m guessing direct staff costs and support costs should be lower. I presume a large amount these are meetings that occur that haven’t due to Covid.

    Finally they had 84 million in the bank before Covid-19 making substantial profits year on year by overcharging schools for a charity.

    if I was a head teacher/head of department I would be reporting them to the government and would be expecting at least double of the 26 percent refunded based on my limited accounting knowledge from above.
  14. TrueFaith

    TrueFaith Occasional commenter

    AQA will have paid for their (not fit for purpose) data entry portal, and depending on who's brother-in-law they asked to do it, may well have cost a pretty penny!

    The statistical analysis of CAGs, and processes developed to turn those into the grades received by candidates will have been a big back end job (which again, depending on who 'wrote the algorithms' could have cost a fair bit ;))

    Also, I wonder how many exam papers had been printed when the announcement was made. None of us in schools had any idea what Williamson was going to say when he announced schools were closed and that all exams were cancelled. I can only assume given the flailing of the exam boards in the wake of the announcements that they did not know. I would have thought that a fair few papers would have been printed and will need to be destroyed (doesn't the CEO's brother run a confidential shredding company, I wonder how much they will cost).

    I don't agree with any of this, and given AQA's current perception amongst examiners and the wider education sector, I wouldn't be surprised if justifications such as these were peddled out in their accounts.
  15. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    I have wondered if they could be used in November. Does it matter if the wrong date is on the paper, as long as everyone concerned knows about it?
  16. TrueFaith

    TrueFaith Occasional commenter

    I would hope so, would make economical sense.

    That said, I would hope that sixth form providers are allowing pupils to embark on L3 courses if they've just fallen short of normal entry requirements.

    The only subjects I expect to see widespread uptake in November 'retakes' are GCSE English and Maths. I wonder how many of these papers are likely to have been at least written...
  17. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    Yes, there could be quite a lot of unused papers!
  18. greeneyes

    greeneyes Occasional commenter

    And in May they said: We have tens of thousands of summer associates, so even a small payment to each of them would result in millions of pounds being unavailable to return to schools and colleges.

    I know that, where some other exam boards have offered small payments to summer associates, these have not been significant enough to make a difference on an individual basis – which makes the overall cost to schools and colleges difficult to justify.

    So as others have said - why are they keeping 74%?
  19. TrueFaith

    TrueFaith Occasional commenter

    I assume that profitability bonuses won't pay themselves - I also wonder what the expense claims for senior staff will be to buy all of the telecommuting equipment they needed.
  20. kegz

    kegz New commenter

    My thinking exactly! Delux top of the range IT equipment for the house for all those at the top. Absolute disgrace. If they had paid back 50% + it wouldn't have been too bad (although still galling) but they have kept 3/4 of the money!!! That CEO needs to be dragged over the coals for this mess. No doubt he gave himself a pay rise in April for alienating examiners with the derogatory e-mail we received.

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