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Will examiners get furloughed?

Discussion in 'News' started by sawhyte, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    Yes, I hadn't thought about this. However, July was by far my biggest month for pay, and I wasn't paid very much in August, so the difference is not significant for me. But I guess it could be for others. Perhaps OCR are being cheap by not continuing after July, but I am getting far more than I expected for doing nothing, so I am not going to complain.
  2. sjk81

    sjk81 New commenter

    I mark GCSE maths for OCR. This would have been my 6th consecutive year marking for them. To explain for those who aren't sure:
    Got an email from them on 24th April stating they would give a one off payment of £250, which was substantially less than what I earned last year, but thought it was better than nothing.
    Then got another email from them on the 19th May about furlough being better financially for me. Originally, furlough was only till the end of May until the government extended it. As the exam marking season is mainly June/July, furlough wouldn't cover it, so any payments would have to come from OCR coffers. But with furlough, they claim it back from the government.
    The OCR furlough period is from the 11th May till 31st July, which more or less covers the GCSE exam period.
    As marking is seasonal, you are classed as a variable worker so the furlough pay is calculated based on 80% of what is higher:
    Your earnings from the corresponding calendar period in 2019/20 or
    Your average earnings from the whole 19/20 tax year (Complex I know!! Bear with me!!)
    OCR are paying furlough for the above dates whether you normally work them or not. If we take my scenario...

    For May 11th - 31st
    Earnings for this corresponding calendar period would be zero as I don't mark in May. So they use annual pay for 19/20 ÷ 366 to work out daily rate, then × by 21, then 80% of that...

    For June
    Same as above, but × by 30 then 80% of that

    But for July, this was the month I got paid last year for marking, so it'll be 80% of what I got last year

    So to sum up, OCR markers will be paid via furlough for May & June whether they normally mark then or not. It won't be much, but you'll get the biggest chunk when you would normally mark

    Full marks to OCR for treating their markers humanely, unlike the others....
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  3. ekc503

    ekc503 New commenter

    Some OCR examiners who were not originally offered an ex gratia payment were furloughed from 20th April so got another 3 weeks of furlough money.
  4. Me neither
  5. fivesmaster

    fivesmaster New commenter

    looking at the ocr calculation for furlough, it looks like Edexcel equals this or even beats it with 20% of earnings from last summer, for me this is £850..so well done to Edexcel as well I think, although if you were down to mark this summer, but did not last, then you get nothing...which is not fair
  6. ekc503

    ekc503 New commenter

    It depends on whether it was paid within the OCR furlough period that matters.

    Example 1: in 2019, you were paid nothing in May, £2,000 in June, and £2,250 in July.
    You get £195 furlough money for 20th April - 10th May (80% of £4,250/366 × 21), another £195 furlough money for 11th May - 31st May, then £1,600 furlough money for June (80% of £2,000), then £1,800 furlough money for July (80% of £2,250). Total furlough pay = £3,790.

    Example 2: in 2019, you were paid nothing in May, nothing in June, £2,000 in July, and £2,250 in August.
    You get £195 furlough money for 20th April - 10th May (80% of £4,250/366 × 21), another £195 furlough money for 11th May - 31st May, then £278 furlough money for June (80% of £4,250/366 x 30), then £1,600 furlough money for July (80% of £2,000). Total furlough pay = £2,268.

    Example 3: in 2019, you were paid nothing in May, nothing in June, nothing in July, and £4,250 in August.
    You get £956 furlough money for 20th April - 31st July (80% of £4,250/366 × 103), providing you were furloughed from the start and not originally offered a £250 ex gratia payment instead. If you were furloughed from 11th May you get £761 (80% of £4,250/366 × 82).
  7. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    I am getting something in the region of 70% of my earnings from last summer from OCR. Their original ex-gratia offer was in the region of 20%.

    I was expecting to earn less this year than last, as then I had a legacy paper to mark which was not going to happen again.
  8. Poppy1Y

    Poppy1Y New commenter

    A levels going ahead in OCT and GCSEs in Nov announced today for those not happy with predicted grades so will we be hearing from aqa, many schools are expecting a low uptake.
  9. firewood

    firewood New commenter

    They said you need to have been paid under that active contract by some date in March too (March 17th?)
  10. Flatheadfisher

    Flatheadfisher New commenter

    Anyone heard anything new from Pearson? I was under the impression that we should have a payslip issued on June 30 with payment following by July 31. I have logged into Gateway today and no payslip is showing. Has anyone else been luckier?
  11. TrueFaith

    TrueFaith Occasional commenter

    I've also had nothing - just looked at the last email which said the payment would be processed by the end of June, with payment by July 29th. I reckon it could be a couple of weeks before we see a the payment detail appear on Gateway.
  12. gma

    gma New commenter

    Payments are made on a Wednesday, so 29th is probably the paid date. In that case nothing will appear on Gateway until the day before. If you go to Payroll self service on Gateway and log into ADP, then due payments show up after 5pm on the preceding Friday (so hopefully showing by 24th).
  13. Poppy1Y

    Poppy1Y New commenter

    Well Sunak has not announced anything for those who missed out on furlough apart from it ending in Oct, so aqa have got away with giving us zero.
  14. l_so

    l_so New commenter

    My MP helped but it seems that there was no change in the government's decision to fill up the crack/gap for those who are neither eligible for furlough nor SEISS.
  15. kegz

    kegz New commenter

    If you don't do the work you are not then eligible for the contract. My understanding was that this work was factored into the salary we were offered. Apparently AQA will be doing autumn exams- good luck to them in finding examiners to mark it- I won't be doing it ever again after 10 years as examiner and senior examiner. Still raging. Fortunately my other job gave me a £200 additional payment in light of the extra workload caused by COVID19. That's how to make staff feel appreciated!
  16. DonutBoy99

    DonutBoy99 New commenter

    I never heard back from my MP about AQA's poor treatment of examiners . :(
    Perhaps he is matey with the senior management there...
    The new crop of AQA examiners will either be oblivious to how the last lot were treated, or they will be desperate for the money. I'd certainly warn colleagues off that particular exam board now.
    kegz likes this.
  17. beeson272

    beeson272 New commenter

    Anyone get the aqa marking time catalogue today.

    first one in months talking about how busy they are and plans for future series.

    nothing mentioned about examiners let alone an apology for the appalling way that we have been treated.
  18. annebarclaybrown

    annebarclaybrown New commenter

    Got an email from AQA just now asking if I want to mark autumn exams.
  19. chocolateinuk

    chocolateinuk New commenter

    lets see If I get one...
  20. SpaghettiBetty

    SpaghettiBetty New commenter

    I've had it too and I'm going to have to accept it to cover the unpaid leave we're having to take between us because of the ridiculously slow reopening arrangements of schools in Wales (I teach in England). Not happy at all.

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