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Will examiners get furloughed?

Discussion in 'News' started by sawhyte, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. MrJJM

    MrJJM New commenter

    Am I being censored?
  2. sawhyte

    sawhyte New commenter

    I started this thread and thank you to everyone for sharing their thoughts/opinions re situation. I too have been offered £250 ex gratia from Ocr at same time being told that the cjrs does apply. What happens if you don't accept this on the Ocr 'survey'? Has anyone heard from Pearson? Thanks again
  3. greeneyes

    greeneyes Occasional commenter

    Nothing from Pearson since last week. I’ve three contracts with them and have examined for them since 2017.
  4. ne61maths

    ne61maths New commenter

    I have heard nothing from AQA and Edexcel I had 4 contracts for the summer - 2 from each of them
    I have been marking for over 5 years for both
    Should I be contacting them or does any one know if they will just let me know once a decision has been made either way?
  5. cazrinda

    cazrinda New commenter

    Thank you. I haven't heard anything at all, so have no idea how to read that.
  6. dramaex

    dramaex New commenter

    I haven’t either.
  7. pritchy25

    pritchy25 New commenter

    Its annoying that they dont outline why they dont consider furlough a better option. Its hard not to be suspicious.
  8. frangipani123

    frangipani123 Lead commenter

    @pritchy25 I've emailed my board with questions about how they arrived at their decision and does accepting an ex gratia payment rule out furlough. The email, despite the letter coming from Neil Musk (a relative of Elon?), goes through to the Help Desk and I'm suspecting I won't get a reply, if any, until after the deadline. I'm suspicious too and also asked if they are getting any government help with these payments. I've found the email sender plus the CEO on Linkedin and may message them there as I haven't found their email addresses. I don't know if any of you are in a union, whether they can advise.
    sawhyte likes this.
  9. peteedgley

    peteedgley New commenter

    If they furlough staff they will not be able to claim exam fees from schools, although some schools have paid a lot have not.
  10. sdouglas88

    sdouglas88 New commenter

    I was under the impression schools have to pay... if they dont pay entry fees students wont get grades surely. Its not an exam entry fee but a qualification entry fee. If schools dont pay then i suspect many students would get a shock come results day finding out they were never entered for a qualification?
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2020
  11. pritchy25

    pritchy25 New commenter

    If schools have paid how on earth would the boarda not be paying examiners full fees?
  12. sdouglas88

    sdouglas88 New commenter

    Probably due to pressure of schools wanting refunds but the pearson website definately says students must be entered as normal by may 12th for grades to be awarded
  13. sdouglas88

    sdouglas88 New commenter

    Taken from pearson covid info page

    To provide you with time to plan ahead after further guidance is issued, we've decided to extend the deadline for withdrawing entries for the May/June exam series to 12 May 2020.

    Please note that, for students to receive a grade, they must still be entered for qualifications, as normal.
  14. brownchew

    brownchew New commenter

    I was thinking about the ex gratia offer of £250. Last year I earned £1200 from marking for a certain board. If this is split over the twelve months of the tax year, then it is a monthly wage of £100. If this were furloughed then I would receive £80 a month for the three months of furlough. Obviously that is £240. Hence I have accepted the ex gratia offer. Is my thinking right, or not?
    Sedge31 likes this.
  15. annmarielavery

    annmarielavery New commenter


    i mark for Ccea in NI and i received an email from them about a month ago saying they were working with other boards to see how the system worked for exsminers or something similar..... ive heard nothing else from Ccea - anyone heard from them?

    Will all exam boards pay something?

    i did check with the teaching union for advice and they said to contact the board...
  16. pritchy25

    pritchy25 New commenter

    After posting yesterday I concluded this must be the most likely answer - its really disappointing from the government if so. All it requires is some common sense and fair play. However, if the sum is indeed being divided by 12 then you could argue we are entitled to 4/12ths (and indeed, a further 1/12 for every other month that furlough occurs) based on that rationale.
  17. SpaghettiBetty

    SpaghettiBetty New commenter

    No, because it doesn't account for the other nine 'months' of pay you miss out on. I think of mine as a monthly addition to my salary but that's theoretical. Further to that, as a senior, reviewer, resit marker and because I mark for two boards, a £250 payout would only be 1/12 of what I lose in total.

    I do feel that with the static pay (which is lower than other similar components), poor pay in relations to responsibility for seniors, along with this radio silence from exam boards examiners should vote with their feet next year - these conditions would have to improve if they couldn't get the exams marked. Perhaps it's time the unions did take an interest.

    I might look for a TLR post instead - I've generally looked at examining as something I do instead.
  18. Lalad

    Lalad Star commenter

    Have any KS2 test markers heard anything? I've been a Team Leader with Pearson for years but of course the contract for this year is with Capita...
  19. bethbala

    bethbala New commenter

    I've just received an email from Pearson saying that a P60 has been issued for me for last year - first time I've received anything of the sort since I started marking for them 7 years ago. However, when I log in to the payroll website to download it, there is nothing there.

    Anyone else from Pearson got the same thing? What does this mean? I doubt they'll go and furlough people if no other exam board is doing so.
  20. bethbala

    bethbala New commenter

    Ah no, I tell I lie, there are P60s there. It's just a ridiculously slow and unwieldy system that you have to use on Explorer. It's like going back in time to 1998!

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