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Will examiners get furloughed?

Discussion in 'News' started by sawhyte, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. andy74920

    andy74920 New commenter

    I mark 2 papers for AQA and this would have been my 6th year working for them. The last communication I received was on 8th April with a very woolly statement about supporting and working with associates. I'm in the position of being a supply teacher and as a previous poster mentioned, use the marking to fill the 6 week summer holiday gap. It will be very disappointing if they don't support their staff especially those of us who have always been flexible and taken additional quotas when they've been short of examiners.
  2. diddydave

    diddydave Lead commenter

    The contact I've had from Pearson has been little more than "we haven't forgotten you and we're asking the Government what to do" (which doesn't sound very hopeful...unless they get told to pay examiners because they'll still be getting the exam entry fees from the state/private schools anyway - though I can see that they will also have to come up with new ways of awarding grades this year that will involve alternative expenses that they hadn't considered or even be able to calculate yet)
  3. andy74920

    andy74920 New commenter

    Extract from AQA auto reply email received today:

    'We understand that this is an uncertain time for everyone involved in marking and moderating assessments. As a valued associate, we’re committed to keeping you up-to-date with the latest information as the situation progresses.

    We’re busy getting the answers which will clarify how your appointment offer for summer 2020 is affected by the unforeseen and unprecedented circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. As soon as we have these answers we’ll be in touch to let you know what this means for you.'
  4. TheHeadteachersOffice

    TheHeadteachersOffice Occasional commenter

    It’s a free school. State schools are allowed to furlough staff to make up for income lost from secondary sources such as say leisure and catering facilities.

    We have quite a limited support staff anyway, but catering and leisure staff have been furloughed for a few weeks and the office manager and site manager will be next.
  5. Skeoch

    Skeoch Star commenter

    Here is Pearson's weekly email.
    Executive summary
    : there is no news.

    We are continuing to work with the JCQ and the other awarding organisations about the status and applicability of the Job Retention Scheme (JRS) for Associates. However, we realise that other awarding organisations have shared their position on this matter, and we are working hard in the background to be able to share further information with you next week.
  6. LFares

    LFares New commenter

    I was told earlier this week that I would get a letter from UCLES saying if I was eligible for furlough or an ex gratia payment.

    Email letter came through today saying I was eligible under the job retention scheme but the amount I would receive wouldn't be "sufficient to participate" so they are offering a one off payment of £250 instead. Quite obviously this is not 80% of a quota.

    Anybody know how these ex gratia payments are worked out? And what does it mean by not sufficient to participate?
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  7. amethysto

    amethysto New commenter

    When I was teaching full time, I too used examining as a supplement to my teacher's salary, but I don't work in schools any more. Examining is my only income and I've already lost two contracts (marking EFL tests in March and May) as the test sessions have been cancelled. I have two contracts for the GCSEs but I am not anticipating anything from them. As someone else pointed out further up this thread, the exam board can withdraw the contract if there are insufficient entries. The issue which is causing me problems is that we are regarded as "employed" for tax purposes, but "self-employed" for National Insurance, and so fall between the two schemes currently out there - being furloughed or being eligible for the Self-employed income support scheme. I am cautiously optimistic I may be eligible for the latter, as I tick all the boxes regarding having submitted tax returns, earning more than 50% of my income from self-employment (marking) and earning under £50k, so for me it is just a waiting game.
  8. frangipani123

    frangipani123 Lead commenter

    @LFares I have received the same information from Cambridge Assessment using the same wording, with the same amount. I would like to know how they have calculated this, and plan to write to get further clarification from them. If I had marked for them I would have been paid at least £150 for the training, which was meant to take place early in April, let alone the marking. I have to respond by 1st May by completing what they call a survey, which simply asks you if you want to receive an ex gratia payment or not.

    @amethysto it seems that we are considered as employed based on the email I and others have received.
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  9. LFares

    LFares New commenter

    @frangipani123 exactly this. I had two contracts for this summer and have marked on two panels for them for a good few years. I might try and call the helpline on Monday and see if I get through. The survey deadline gives us a week to hopefully get some answers.
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  10. pritchy25

    pritchy25 New commenter

    Ive accepted their ex-gratia offer but thats because i only had one relatively small contract to complete. I agree that the wording of the email poses more questions than it does answers. Its contradictory.
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  11. maths_man_

    maths_man_ New commenter

    I have bee offered £250 as an ex gratia payment from OCR but I usually receive £800 after tax. Wondering whether to hold out to see if I get furloughed
  12. greeneyes

    greeneyes Occasional commenter

    I normally mark three contracts and this year was due to mark 4. I’ve been a supply teacher since 2016 and like others I rely on the summer exam series to live on during the dry spells. Edexcel seemed to initially say no to getting anything but I’m sure the school I’m currently at said they’d paid some kind of exam fee. They felt the exam board (EdexHell) would justify it by the fact that every student would be issued with a grade this summer.
  13. dramaex

    dramaex New commenter

    Anyone else a visiting Examiner? I am in the middle of visiting GCSE and A Level exams and due to mark a paper in June. I haven’t had a letter or email from OCR yet.
  14. tesplease

    tesplease New commenter

    But it is inevitable that workers across many different professions and types of work will be receiving 'money for work that [was] not there to be done'. Offices not open to be cleaned. Shops not open for goods to be sold. Cafés not open for coffee to be served. Exams not available for students to sit and examiners to mark/supervise.
    Two years ago, I made the decision to move from earning a living by teaching and exam work to earning a living solely from exam work. As I work as a senior examiner on various specifications, I earn over £20 000 a year. But now it looks like I may well be left high and dry. Other examiners who earn £1000-2000 a year also rely on this income for various outgoings, not always non-essential. Just a guess, but I'm thinking that John has another stream of income and won't be left to live on his savings/loans/etc for the foreseeable future.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2020
  15. angieclark55

    angieclark55 New commenter

    Hi all,
    I have just been looking at my tax record as I do a self employed tax return. I am employed by Pearson Edexcel as a Team Leader. I have never received a P45 from them. I only 'work' during the exam series, and have 2 contracts to manage teams for the summer series. My only other income this year is a small teacher's pension, so I am dependant on my income from Pearson, about £4K. The hmrc site has the income record sent by Pearson. So I have discovered that I am on payroll and am classified as employed even though most months have a zero return. What is interesting is that I do not receive any pay from this work apart from attendance at standardisation meetings until after the marking period is finished, in July. If they do furlough us, I wonder how they will calculate how much we will be paid ...
  16. pdb95

    pdb95 New commenter

    Again I am 'furloughed' by OCR. My offer feels derisory. By the end of June I would have earned £850+, but only being offered the same as what everyone else is saying they have earned. Also being told not to disclose what they are offering makes me feel that maybe I'm receiving less than some.
    This is not a sustainable way to live. I cannot tell my bank I'm only paying 25% of my mortgage and not have it affect the future repayments. Also my bills need paying at 100%, food still needs to be bought.
    This needs to be publicised as it seems that we are being threatened that if we do not accept they may pay us nothing.
  17. leafielder

    leafielder New commenter

    Interesting reading everyone, thank you. Can I ask those of you who have received news from Cambridge Assessment - how/when did you hear? I was promised news by the end of last week, but have heard nothing at all. The figures you are mentioning are making me rather nervous.
  18. greeneyes

    greeneyes Occasional commenter

    AQA and edexcel have said nothing so far except they are working with JCQ. I know that schools have definitely paid their entry fees so that’s a lot of money in exam board wallets.
  19. pritchy25

    pritchy25 New commenter

    I had the email Friday offering ex gratia. You have to follow a link to say if you accept or decline it.
  20. GA93

    GA93 New commenter

    Has anybody been able to get a response from them today regarding furlough as opposed to ex gratia payment? I was set to mark 2 papers for them.
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