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Will examiners get furloughed?

Discussion in 'News' started by sawhyte, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. Skeoch

    Skeoch Star commenter

    We're not going away, are we? I reckon the recruitment for 2021 will be the same as ever. It would be different if examiners were full time rather than gig economy and had alternative jobs to go to.
  2. pritchy25

    pritchy25 New commenter

    True in many cases but not all. As far as i can see with the extension to June we now sit under the furlough criteria (admittedly its contentious)
  3. sawhyte

    sawhyte New commenter

    This is most promising information so far from OCR today

    ....From later this week, if you are not undertaking critical work for us now or in the near future, you will receive a letter explaining whether you will be furloughed or offered an ex gratia payment. If you are engaged on critical work with us, you will receive a separate letter explaining arrangements which will enable you to complete your tasks. We know that you are keen to have more information and we want to provide you with as much as we can, as quickly as we can. As the support for Assessment Specialists will differ according to the different types of assessment tasks being undertaken, we will need to write to each of you personally....

    Anyone heard anything more specific?
  4. pritchy25

    pritchy25 New commenter

    Yeah same from CI
  5. nadinethoseby

    nadinethoseby New commenter

    OCR response sounds most promising and hope Edexcel follow. They can't use their current guidelines to withdraw contacts due to zero entries as its not normal circs. Someone mentioned receiving p45 after completion of contracts. I've worked for OCR and Edexcel for 6 years and never had one. Being an examiner and moderator twice a year is my main income not a top up. I desperately hope something can be done as I had 5 contracts this summer!
  6. pritchy25

    pritchy25 New commenter

    The very fact that furlough is mentioned as something that some will be receiving suggests that would be applicable across all boards
  7. johncollinswork

    johncollinswork New commenter

    I'm not sure how people could justify taking what is effectively tax-payers money for work that has not there to be done?

    Note - I am missing out on £3k this year, but it would be wrong for me to be given any of this now.
  8. mcdaidjimmy

    mcdaidjimmy New commenter

    Cie contacted me yesterday and said there was going to be an ex-gratia payment made.
  9. ekc503

    ekc503 New commenter

    Of course it wouldn't. Everyone on furlough (millions of workers) has no work to do and are getting taxpayer funds to support them. That's the whole point of the Job Retention Scheme. Everyone will have to pay for it in future when the Government claws it back in higher tax and spending cuts.
    tammyjet likes this.
  10. pritchy25

    pritchy25 New commenter

    Surely thats the whole point of the scheme. Its covering millions of people in that position.
  11. ekc503

    ekc503 New commenter

    Have you heard anything from AQA?
  12. pritchy25

    pritchy25 New commenter

    No but they were also slowest with contact in the early stage. I guess these organisations have got an awful lot of stuff to process.
    ekc503 likes this.
  13. SpaghettiBetty

    SpaghettiBetty New commenter

    Especially if we're potentially being asked to mark through the summer hols if next year's exam series is delayed. Not doing that if I don't get paid anything this year.

    SEBREGIS Lead commenter

    I'm in the lucky situation that exam marking is a bonus for me. There have been years I've not done it because I didn't feel like taking on additional pressure at the end of the year. But it does make a big difference to my quality of life, and I'm sure that's the same for yourself

    But not everyone is in the same situation - they actually depend on this additional cash to make up a shortfall in salary. For example, if you are a supply teacher then the payment for exam marking is what you live on during the six week holidays.

    As I understand it, that's what these government payments are for - if you are working in a business and the business goes into hibernation, you don't have any work to do either. You don't get given money to not do things - you get given it to help you survive until you're needed again.

    On a slightly more cynical note - if they don't pay examiners, the exam boards will have to give a significant amount of the exam entry fees back to schools. I don't think the likes of Pearson will be very keen on that...
  15. rioja77

    rioja77 New commenter

    If marking money was going to supplement my main income then I would probably feel less aggrieved about not receiving it. HOWEVER it is a huge part of some people’s income.
    (Last year I earnt approx 4K which is equivalent to four months of my TA salary, this year I am on an unpaid sabbatical and I was really counting on earning a similar amount as I have had no wages at all since August 2019)
    I know marking allocations are not guaranteed btw but I’ve marked for 10years and always been offered extras and multiple contracts. I am happy for my taxes to contribute to the furloughing of others so why should I not be able to receive something via this scheme or another? I’m sure we will all be paying the price in the future too and I won’t be exempt from that.(I’m not sure that any extra costs to exam boards or schools will be equivalent to markers’ wages if we go ‘unpaid’ with that being suggested as justification). I’m trying to be optimistic but without getting my hopes up! It would make me angry if there has been absolutely no chance of furlough or compensation from the outset because that is now contrary to the exam board ‘updates’ about looking into possible entitlements and I am a little encouraged by what other exam boards seem to be saying via reports on this forum- good luck everyone.
  16. johncollinswork

    johncollinswork New commenter

    I have taken a lot of this on board and agree with you all. I am looking at this from the perspective of being an existing teacher. The money is just 'extra' for me and I am fortunate enough not to have to rely on it. I can see, however, that for some they are missing out on significant income. Personally, for myself it would feel like being paid twice for doing nothing. I'll give the money to a charity if I am given any. I sincerely hope that you are given something if you are reliant on it and have budgeted for it.
  17. pritchy25

    pritchy25 New commenter

    Fair play. Great response.
  18. ne61maths

    ne61maths New commenter

    Has anyone received any emails from Aqa or edexcel? Or is the information above form their websites?
    I have not received anything and just want to check I haven’t missed something
  19. TheHeadteachersOffice

    TheHeadteachersOffice Occasional commenter

    To be frank, I think examiners are one example of many staff who will be placed on furlough over the coming weeks.

    Most of the support staff and leisure assistants are already furloughed at my place, with the office manager to follow from May 1st.
  20. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    Are you a state school?

    State schools are not supposed to furlough staff if they are normally paid from the income you receive from the DFE as you continue to receive that income.

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