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Will D&T disappear from the National Curriculum?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by TheCleaner, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. When the Ebac was retrospectively applied to KS4
    results from 2010, it did a wonderful job of making successful state schools,
    with excellent 5 A*-C (inc. English and Mathematics), pale in comparison with
    the private schools. My apologies from
    the outset, for being of the opinion that this was a rather evil way of putting
    the independent schools back on top, and putting state educated children ‘back
    in their place’.

    Now that abiding state schools know how they are being
    measured, it is obvious already that it has had an effect on subject choices for
    those entering KS4. The DfE seems rather
    pleased that the number of pupils taking the full range of Ebac subjects will
    rise from 22% now, to 47% potentially leaving with an Ebac in 2013 (current new Y10’s).


    This does 2 major things, leading possibly to a third (the
    subject of this post):

    1. 1- With
    retrospective application of the Ebac before anyone knew what subjects would
    form it were, the results for % of pupils achieving it is inevitably going to
    go up from now on, which will be credited to Gove, and he will stress he has 'raised

    2. 2 - Year 9 option interviews already consider
    certain subjects as ‘soft’. The Ebac
    will almost guarantee all bright/dedicated pupils will be ‘guided’ by their SLT
    interviewers (who have a vested interest in raising Ebac % for the school) towards the EBac
    subjects, possibly taking all of the Ebac subjects, filling every option, to guarantee an
    Ebac of some combination. This could
    lead to far fewer bright pupils, even 'average' pupils, taking non-Ebac subjects, and with this will affect
    grades, CVA, future lower intake for the subject, leading to downsizing.

    With these 2 powerful
    factors in place, will it be an end to D&T featuring in the KS3 National
    Curriculum? (along with a few other non-Ebac subjects)

    <address class="MsoNormal">Maybe it will go back to the Tripartite
    School System? With Ebac Schools (Grammar Schools), rare Technology
    Schools (Secondary Technical), and, for the majority of the country,
    Acadamies (the 'modern' Secondary Modern) with powers to pay teachers as
    little as they like.</address>
    <address class="MsoNormal"> </address>

    Gove will gain more power to change things further if he
    manages to convince the public he has made education better (with that retrospective
    &lsquo;cheat&rsquo;, moving the goalposts after the shot is taken), and will further
    justify changes by the falling results in non-Ebac subjects and the great emphasis
    on how well the &lsquo;core&rsquo; subjects are doing. With the digital sectors being big in our
    economy, I really don&rsquo;t know how going back in time with &lsquo;classical&rsquo; subjects
    is preparing children for a future we can&rsquo;t even imagine, but that&rsquo;s another
    topic all together!

  2. Pupils voted with their feet in last years options - D and T (we do Product and electronics) We have 6 yr ten groups now compared to the 4 from last year. I think there is so much pressure from both industry and education that there will be changes. Gove goes on about Maths and Science and how these lead to a future in engineering , but refuses to use 'D and T'. Have you read the article in this terms STEM magazine - again industry complaining. The government has asked for opinions about how the education system can move forward - changes will have to be made.....The problem with this subject is that in many schools it is outdated - noone should be teaching the same project that they taught five years ago (technology has moved on...), let alone fifteen like i have seen in some schools (although funding or lack of it doesnt help). I am starting to think introducing the word engineering into the subject title would go someway to helping people understand what the subject is about....and raising its credability. A huge amount of people think it is still about making wooden boxes using different wood joints!
  3. I think there is something in the fact that the country desperately needs people to go into engineering yet the kids do not seem to see the link with D&T when making choices. I posted about my cousin who is designing for Jaguar in Birmingham saying thay cannot get anyone to do the work. All the youngsters graduating want to manage, so wages are going up and up in his design office.they will only employ graduates and wont do the training. He predicts &pound;40 an hour in the not too distant future for this reason. How do we make the kids see this gap in the job market and want to get their hands dirty! It could be all in a name. The trouble is the workshops and equipment in schools are rapidly being eroded.
    Personally I think we expect too much knowledge and understanding - all areas for the subjeect equates to 4 subjects that the kids are supposed to have mastered. When do they have time to master the practical skills if they spend enough time on the K&U to the standard needed in all areas?

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