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Will a 2:2 hold me back?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by SM_BSc, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. I missed out on a 2:1 by 1%. I finished on a mid-2:2 last year as I had mitigating circumstances. This year I achieved a 2:1 in all my modules including dissertation, but a couple of modules brought my average down. I would actually appeal one of the modules except I have an offer to start my PGCE in September, and appealing would mean I have to graduate in December.
    Would a 2:2 hold me back when applying for jobs, even if a transcript is provided?
  2. Hi
    I also missed out on a 2.1 in my UG degree by a few marks. I am one week away from finishing my Primary PGCE, and have secured myself a job teaching in September. So I really wouldn't worry too much. It is usually the teaching degree that they are interested in, and whether you can teach.
    Hope this helps.
  3. I was worried about this too, I've even had my own post about it. However, I secured my ideal job (primary) at first interview after only 3 applications (and in reality the other 2 I applied for were looking for more experienced teachers). I've not even been asked about my degree or to show my certificates etc. If you've got a place on a PGCE you've done well, so I'd say don't worry and go for it. Good luck xxx
  4. Congrats on securing the job! And thanks for your reply.
  5. Thanks for your reply, and it's brilliant that you have secured a job.
    It just worried me as so many places just see a 2.1 as the cut-off point, and I didn't know whether this was the case for schools.
  6. I really don't think that's the case. We're talking 1%, a school would be mad to shortlist based on that criteria. Are you primary or secondary? It depends how much it's going to worry you, I suppose!
  7. Secondary science specialising in Biology. What I meant is that in applications they may ask for the classification so wouldn't know how close I was.
  8. I have an 'odd' degree so listed the modules I took underneath the qualificaition, maybe you could do this and list the marks beside (therefore seeing that you did achieve 2.1 level in your final year? Or maybe that woud draw more attention, I'm not sure. Best of luck to you. x

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