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Wikispace - Sharing resources

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by InformingEducation, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. I would like to gauge interest or disinterest in sharing resources and good practice online using a wikispace. I am proposing to establish an online site which will allow people to uploads schemes of work and download others. The concept is to save teachers time and to reduce our workload, I am keen to see who may be interested via the TES, as I already have a few D&T teachers who have expressed interest.

    I look forward to hearing your feedback.
  2. As a total novice to all that the web can provide to different professions, I feel that there are other options like wikispace now available to us, where we can discuss in a guarded environment, aspects such as the AQA prep booket I am preparing now, without it breaching the Examination rules/guidelines. I cannot do this on Tes until March 1st, which means me and others like me are working unnecessarily on our own. My daughter is moving into advertising and they are only allowed to access their linkin site if they are introduced by another member or someone in the industry, legitimacy has to be proved. This gives them freedom to speak and explore without constraints. I look would be grateful if you could explain how the site would work and what I might gain from this type of site.
    If you want to discuss this with me I can be contacted on a now extinct media: rita@parkerp98.fsnet.co.uk
  3. stixy.com

    Online/secure platform for sharing ideas. You can easily control who can view/edit the page.

  4. But surely D & T already have this with the excellant Helen Hudspith site

  5. would really be interested in this - also anyonewho ha anything for te AQA food prep sheet I would love to have a look at it -I'm an NQT and strugling to get anything togeter myself.

    Also anyone know how to get hold of the jenny ridgewell prep booklet / powerpoint my placement school had it last year but not sure howthey got it - tried her site but email has been returned address unknown!

  6. Please be very careful - we are not "allowed" to say anything on an open forum about the prep sheet until 1st March - same would apply to Jenny Ridgwell and advertising anything new for this year
    I am not doing AQA anymore - but in the past I got together with local schools and we pulled resources

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