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Wife Swop

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ResourceFinder, May 15, 2011.

  1. I am watching this for the first ever time (and possibly the last)


    Why do people go on this programme?
  2. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Search me. I've seen it before, and frankly I'd rather stick pins in my eyes and boil my head in vinegar than appear on it myself.
  3. I did wonder if we had just caught a "bad one"

    Is it usual that they just screech at each other?

    Oh and "swap"
  4. No they are specially selected to have as little in common as possible. And whereas the most belligerent of them makes an effort to get on with the children, they make no concessions to the spouse at all. WifeSwap indeed. ParentSwap would be more accurate.
  5. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    I've not seen much screeching but some awful lazy gits and some serious cases of OCD, with a scattering of beligerent kids. Ghastly!
  6. Not a big fan of the uk one but absolutely love wife swap USA!
  7. World's Strictest Parents might interest you. Whatever you think of the "new" parents' philosophy, it's always less slack, selfish, spineless, hopeless and pathetic than the original parents the poor sap got saddled with.
  8. The one I watched had a Stay at Home Mum bitching about aWorking Mum

    What was interesting was that the working Mum and her Husband listened and changed their work patterns

    On the other side the stay at home did too much for her kids and liked her house to be "lived in" ... the worker cleaned, made the kids clean, and laid down some behaviour rules ... stay at home hated her but the kids (and husband) seemed to like the structure

    Of course her calling everyone fat cows was not appreciated quite so much
  9. Is this what I watched with 2 girls sent to an African family?
  10. Probably. Sometimes they send urban US brats to Bible-bashin' Bible-belters but quite often the kids just get the train home. I saw one where two UK kids were sent to a two-working-parent Ghanaian family that was quite moving. The Ghanaian parents explained to them that whereas in their home country, if the standard of living was not to the one-worker family's liking, the government would top it up and throw in free education and health care, in Ghana if you want it, you work for it.
    They told the kids that although they clearly thought the household regime was slavery, they should realise that everything their children had came from them and they could offer nothing in return except help with housekeeping. nothing. No money, no help with the mortgage, nothing except to lighten the burden for their hardworking parents. Teir wn kids agreed and that is why they were respectful, grateful and towed the line unresentfully. It is to the UK kids' credit that, on camera at least, they acknowledged theor fault and admitted it to their blubberingly grateful parents after.
  11. We have a spin off in Germany, which I bet you have in the UK. Two teens swap houses for a week. It involves the same kind of mismatched families (usually one on benefits and one either totally rich or at least hard working but with no money, blah blah) and is also full of screeching and swearing. Fortunately, it is on during the day, so I have only watched it when ill in bed (and wondered why the hell I had watched it).
    We have that programme with the strict parents too - only seen it once. They sent two absolute delinquent chavs to a village in Rumania and I spent an hour laughing my head off at them being made to clear up goat ***** and gut fish, after which they were made to put on the local traditional costume and go to an orthodox Church ceremony. Interestingly (well, tis all rigged, innit?) the Rumanian daughter had done all the goat ***** cleaning and gutting of fish before she hiked off a couple of miles to college, then come home and done some more chores before doing her homework and had just got a place at university. The German kids didn't have a qualification between them and had not been to school for ....well, forever, really. It made for strangely addictive watching but I have not managed to catch an episode since.

  12. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    All these types of programmes are the same: Come Dine with Me, that House one, Coach Trip, Big Brother. The premise is to put the most mismatched obnoxious gits that you would avoid into one situation and watch them clash. If they were allowed to extinguish one anothers puny meaningless existences it might be more entertaining. Other half likes the Dine one, the rest are sound-bited (sound-bit?) on passing through via the remote.
  13. Was it not de Mol who started the whole thing off?
    I cannot abide Come Dine With Me. Never heard of Coach Trip. We have one here about allotments and another one about caravanners (the ones who holiday in them, not live in them).
    You really can only watch them if dosed up on paracetmol with a snotty nose and a mashed brain.

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