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Wierd question I know but where can I buy candyfloss?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by erialcrobo, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. erialcrobo

    erialcrobo New commenter

    It is for the launch of our beach topic on Monday and I cant seem to find it anywhere. I have tried Asda and Home Bargains but no luck! any suggestions please?
  2. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    Candyfloss does not last, which is why you cannot buy it in shops unless it has been newly made. It consists of spun sugar and because the sugar is hygroscopic and has a very large surface area it will become coarser, harder and generally less "flossy" once exposed to the atmosphere. It lasts little more than 48 hours.
  3. Try a sweet shop or newsagents - they often sell in in plastic buckets.
  4. You can buy candy floss machines such as this.

  5. I would say the same as a previous poster to try newsagents but Im sure Ive seen them sell it in poundland (in a small plastic cup/tub)? so may be worth a try.Hope you manage to find some

  6. How about the pokeman?? Or Ice-cream man as it may be know as in England :-s Do you have any that go round your local areas one or 2 times a day like we do here??
    If not I would reccommend the Candyfloss maker. I bought one last year from Argos for our class and have used it for parties, and fundraising events and have went down a treat. If not I know our local Mace shop have been selling them in tubs, and the local Poundland have been also selling coloured candyfloss.
  7. LOL! I call him the poke man too and no one ever knows what Im on about! Thanks guys I know I have seen it around somewhere in a plastic tub but cant think where! will continue searching!
  8. Try this place for a candyfloss machine and supplies so you can make it by yourself whenever you want

  9. bevevans22

    bevevans22 Administrator

    My daughter has a really sweet tooth and often buys candy floss in plastic tubs from Wilkinson's and Lidl. The one in Wilkinson contains 3 plastic cups full of candy floss in different colours while Lidl sells it in a large plastic tub. I'm sure other supermarket's would have something similar.
  10. if


    Be careful using candyfloss in school, it is often made with unusual and cheap food colourings which can cause severe allergic reactions.
  11. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    If you know anyone who has a card for Booker wholesalers (we have a school one), they sell it in tubs, the same as this.


    The Booker ones are about 30p-40p each from memory, we sell them at the summer fair, so the Amazon seller is making quite a profit there!

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