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wider key skills

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by markhy, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. has any one got lesson plans for wider key skills i will be teaching it to asdan group next term and need some sort of plan as i have never do this before
    thanks markhy
  2. It might be an idea to post in the FE forum with a more specific request,
  3. I assume you have the Plan/Do/ Review templates downloaded from the ASDAN website and have registered the number of candidates with ASDAN and have candidate log books?
    Are you running Wider KEy Skills along side the Bronze/silver book or the CoPE book? If so you can use any challenges from these to evidence WKS or you can use stand alone projects
    I have found the following 'projects' ideal as evidence:
    Improving Own Learning and Performance:
    First Aid Qualifciation St John's Ambulance Young Lifesaver Award is great, lots of excellent teaching resources, DVDs, PPTs, Case study cards and assessment sheets order from their website.
    An extended project on racism/genocide/the holocaust using DVDs as a starting point eg Hotel Rwanda, Schindlers List, Braveheart, and exploring the 8 stages of genocide through each film.
    See if you can get hold of the Banner Theatre Company to come in and do a workshop on Refugees and Assylum Seekers and use this to kick start a project on racism. http://www.bannertheatre.co.uk/

    Blood Diamonds is a good resource for learning about child soldiers and the exploitation of resources and people. http://www.un.org/peace/africa/Diamond.html
    Work Experience also lends itself well to IOLP and also planning how to get to work or how to find a suitable placment would be a good Prob. Solving.
    I do a lot of outdoor activities and use shelter Building and camp cooking as Problem Solving activities.
    Working with others needs to have 2 examples: One in a group I have got my students to organise a Christmas Fair for yr 7 pupils, organise the Christmas shoebox Appeal in school or organise a sponsored event.
    For working with others one to one it could be designing a display for the classroom eg photo story of how to treat an injury ( ties in with first aid course)
    or working together with a partner to make cakes to sell to raise money.
    I'm the ASDAN Net A Regional Coordinator for the North so if you need any further advice you can find my contact details on the ASDAN website.
  4. thanks for your help i will look in to the ideas you have given me
  5. HI
    i am new to the site and i have just come across your message, if you want any ideas for running the programme just send me a reply i am the asdan co-orinator at a sheffield comprehensive, i run the wider key skills at level 2, and may have some ideas for you.
  6. hi i have just been loking atg my messages if you could send some info it would be a great help
    email hayes@fairoak.staffs.sch.uk
    many thanks mark
  7. wow thatw weird, Ive done virtually all of the things you've listed above! Have you been looking at my files lol
  8. Hi - From September I am offering a course entitled "Outdoor Challenge" to 12-15 potentially, or already, disengaged students in KS4. The course will involve participation in the planning, doing and reviewing of a number of activities such as Mountain expedition, indoor climbing, volunteer environmental project, iron forge work and green woodwork.
    We hope to accredit the students work through the 3 WKS at either Level 1 or 2 depending on individual student outcomes.If you have any advice or resources that would help with the practical implementation of the above then that would be great.I would also appreciate any initial thoughts you may have had in looking at our proposed list of activities and whether WKS is indeed the best means of accreditation for them.Thanks, Steve
  9. hi - don't know if you still co-ordinate ASDAN or not. currently looking at level 2 wks but struggling to come up with appropriate problem solving acitivities, there seems to be a lot of grey areas. i know about how to use constraints such as time and money but it still seems to be a bit of a lottery. i would like to use the CoPE challenges or some D&T/Cooking activity - have you any tried and tested ps level 2 activities?

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