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Wi Fi laptops and trolleys

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Hyrum_Graff, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. I but Dell Latitude 2120s at the moment. Very robust with reasonable specs. I've been stung in the past by purchasing cheap consumer netbooks that last a year before being destroyed by careless hands.
  2. Be very carefull we had loads of problems with this a few years ago
    a) 30 laptops won't go through 1 access point very well - you need multiple access points and they need to run on different channels - don't assume they will sort it out for themselves
    b) Charge - they start off lasting all day if charged over break and dinner - but how much time will the teacher have to check that they are all correctly and properly plugged in? - even so after a couple of terms I started having to rip all the powercords (tangled by this time) out of the trolley every afternoon to put some on charge.
    c) interference - do you know which areas of the school will work OK with wireless - we have a block witha wide band of interference right across it - to get wireless workign here you need to be a few feet away from the acces point - do you have the same problem?
    d) breakages - either deliberate or accidental - they will happen - laptops are not designed to be carted around by a class of kids all the time - they will get dropped etc etc - you need to allow for this. Good classroom management and a clear routine will help butnot eliminate the problem

    other than than - and the fact that they cost more than a desktop and run slower you have have no great problems

    Good luck - they are a great resource if you can get them to work for you!

  3. I have to concur with the previous post. Unless you have a managed wireless network that dynamically alters the channels of your APs and can distribute bandwidth evenly amongst your client machines, then don't even bother. Having said that, on our network I can have thirty netbooks all watching streamed video from YouTube from two APs. Charging and breakage have yet to be a problem.

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