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Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by nonameneeded, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Hi. The Union has been good. - really supportive at the start. We talked through a lot and so much doesn't add up (in terms of timescales, witnesses etc.). I was referred to a lawyer who is trying to get the courts to make a decision, but in truth he can't do all that much. I am advised that it is 50/50 whether it goes to court so it is a waiting game at the moment.
  2. I am aghast at what has happened to you. I was under the impression that when you were charged, the specific nature of the charge had to be made known to you, including a time. The fact that you were questionned about events at your previous school before this alleged 'incident' also seems extremely suspicious, How did they come to know about what had happened at a previous school? It seems to me that you were being sounded out to see whether you were suitable to be 'set up' for a similar 'incident' (establishing a 'previous history?).
    If there were other adults in the room, why did they not immediately intervene, and draw your attention to what they thought you had done? The coincidence of Head, who just happened to be passing the window at the 'right time', also witnessing this 'event' is so suspicious as to be risible.

  3. baitranger

    baitranger Occasional commenter

    Perhaps there is a reluctance on the part of some or even all of your accusers to appear and give evidence in court-and to be subject to cross examination.
    It is too easy for children to make a totally unfounded allegation.
  4. baitranger

    baitranger Occasional commenter

    This might cheer you up:

    " false allegation of crime resulting in arrest of innocent person - 4 to 12 months."
  5. In addition, even if the matter does not come to court, the fact that you have been investigated by the police will show up, ii not on your CRB, on the 'Chief Constable's Letter', which accompanies it, effectively ruining your teaching career.
    From what you have said, everything about this incident reeks of fish. I have know something similar happen to a colleague, who was accused of serially 'picking on' a student and finally pushing a swinging door into the student's face. Fortunately, our Head was a man of common sense and dismissed the matter. The student's parents claimed to have informed the police, but my colleague heard no more about it.
    Some weeks later, a possible shaft of light fell upon these events, when the school received a letter from the parents' solicitor wanting details, not to implicate my colleague, but to gain 'evidence in mitigation' for an offense commited by the student outside of school, for which he was being prosecuted.
    I wonder whether, during the course of the incident at your former school, for which you had no case to answer, someone was left with 'egg on their face', who might be seeking to even the score.

  6. This is what I was thinking. Reflecting on the day befor the arrest it does seem as if someone had heard something and was trying to get info.
    Trust me - I never want to go near a school again. I loved teaching and was very good at it (I have the reviews to prove that!). I occasionaly think of the good times and remember all the good about it, but it is clear that there are some very.... 'not nice' people out there.
    I was in a very bad place the other day when I wrote this. It is difficult to vent about this and as such I thank you for the replies.
    One thing that you might find amusing - when I was being interviewed the officer said "children don't lie. Are you telling be that they are lying?" He would not accept that a child would lie. Geez, he should work in a school.
    Thanks again. I appreciate the support.
  7. I really feel for you about the arrest, it is the most frightening experience I too have never recovered. The police told me that 5 senior managers dont lie, the look on their faces when I produced a digital recording, everything dropped but amazingly no action taken against the liars
  8. ...I really feel for you and very sad to hear of your experiences.
    ...hope your union are involved because you need as much support as possible at this time..
    ...schools can be utter crappy places to be when things like this take place with little or no support and then the inevitable chinese whispers, corridor chat and feelings of utter despair
    ...take it from me, stay positive and remain strong within yourself. I too went through a similar experience which resulted in me leaving the school. Although it didnt involve external agencies (I.e. police) the false allegations against me made it clear that I was better off away from these FAKKERS...and I am now a lot better for it. The same will happen to you. It sounds like the allegations dont have any foundations at all and why oh why didnt your HT provide some common sense if all and sundry knew the parent was a serial troublemaker!!
  9. The situation sounds horrid.

    I hope that whoever stood by and lets it happen soon learns moral courage; and the accuser, well it sounds like he/ she is used to mummy/ Daddy sorting out problems. Will it make them a better person? Does it help their education?
    I think not.
    Please try to be in a good place, keep sounding off, it can help. Keep talking to friends, and make the most of what YOU want to do. At least teaching gives you many transferrable skills.

  10. So, I got the worst news possible today... we are going to court. I had always thought that the 'case' would die a death but this hasn't happened. I feel terrible at the news, as do my family. I am very down right now and really wan't to know why this has happened. What prompted someone to tell such dangerous lies? Anyway, I won't say too much right now. there is so much more I want to tell the world but ironically I am not allowed... the liar can say what they want though.
  11. polly.glot

    polly.glot New commenter

    This is terrible...I am so sorry to hear of what you have been through and are still enduring. Being on the other side of the world, there is nothing I can offer to do materially, but I am thinking of you, praying for you (if that's ok with you), and just want to say that you must keep on talking on here, where people are on your side, despite what the world throws at you. You have right on your side, and now the Birtish Justice system, rather than a lot of nasty w*nkers who wouldn't know the truth if they fell over it. Keep strong, believe in yourself, and know that you have friends here.
    Kia kaha!
  12. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    I just want to echo the support of others. I faced serious false allegations two years ago, that nearly ruined my life - like you, I isolated myself from the world. I was scared to go out; when I found out it was my so-called friends at school who had made up the lies, I found that I could not trust my friends outside of school either. I was cleared and the GTC dropped the case due to lack of evidence - however, I was still scarred whilst those who said such things about me got off scot-free... I moved on, found another school that gave me an opportunity to start again, but felt that too many people knew about my past, with little comments here and there that I couldn't quite put my finger on until... I faced another false allegation! I got through the second time again with the help and support of my family and my very few, but very true, friends and through the wonderful support from strangers on this particular forum. You are NOT alone - we are here for you! PM me if you wish. As above, stay strong, keep talking, and believe! xx
  13. Hi all. We received a copy of 'the summary of evidence'. Some good news in that there are a few contradictions between witnesses. Also a very unusual thing happened (or didn't as the case may be)... I really want to tell you all more, but I can't. needless to say, it raises questions about the whole thing. The one thing that has shocked me more than anything are some statements made by the HT. Again, I can't go into too much detail, however, she has blatantly re-constructed two encounter we had into me being of questionable character and her being very morally upstanding. This should be easily dis-proven - she was widely regarded as a bully. The actual allegation isn't good, however, it isn't as awful as I expected... which is a positive. When you get told this is happening, for some reason you expect the accusation to be horrendous - thankfully it is only mildly horrendous. On a separate note, I was looking into the procedure of taking action against the accuser and did you know that it is an acceptable defence for the child/ adult to say "I'm sorry - I believed it was true when I made the complaint."? Not particularly fair.
  14. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    Thoughts are with you. A terrible situation.
    Have you/is it relevant for you to use the Data protection Act to get personal information about you disclosed? Just a thought. It is amazing what Heads will write to HR in emails when they are under pressure! I gleaned some amazing evidence of duplicity this way.
  15. I just want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you at this awful time. You are having a horrid time, I hope it passes soon and you can get on with your life again. That's what something like this does to you, it stops you getting on with life. Terrible.
  16. 576

    576 Established commenter

    That sounds absolutely horrendous.
    There is something you can do to help 'teacher protection'.
    The minute you are declared innocent - get a lawyer & begin proceedings against the parents/ child for slander/ libel (I forget which is writtern & which verbal)
    Show them that we will not stand for false allegations and that we will take action.

    BBC News the other week reported that 55% of all allegations against teachers & TAs are dropped because investigation reveals that they are false allegations. It's terrifying when you think of it.
  17. So sorry to hear your story. There are some cruel people out there. Hold on to your sanity and contiune to believe in yourself. I feel so sad when I read how many others are going through such unjust situations. Take care.

  18. Vampyria

    Vampyria New commenter

    LOL Not surprising since they probably don't actually *know* themselves! [​IMG]
    Now let's see. Rubber bung? filter paper?
    What on earth are these people going to come up with next?
  19. I was only at theschooon supply.nogood dead goes unpinished.
    The head who wassacked two weekslater asked me 5+timesif I did it.
    Ridiculous.I never been treated likethisat theword of aparent and their child.
    Luckily or me thelong serving teaching assistant toldtheheadin no uncertain termssheobserved professionalism ect.
    Last laugh. OFSTED came afewdayslater,i was oneof thefewteacherstopass theirclass observation. They askedmemy opinion on thechildren's learning in theclass before i arrived as even they wereshocked by thescribblesthat were behind my week worth of deeplearning.
    Theschoolwentinto Specialmeasures and theheadwent in tears.
    Wellif you can not even support asupply teacheragainstobviously immature (i gonnatellmy momof you- you mademework,toldme off)children,then howthe hell can you support awhole team. The answer was he coudn't.Andwasn't allowed to ruin a child or teachers future.Thank you OFSTEDon thisoccassion you werefirt class.
  20. I was only at the school on supply. No good dead goes unpunished.The head who was sacked two weeks later asked me 5+ times if I did it, called children in the class stupid. Ridiculous. I never have been treated like this -at the word of a parent and their child. (Oldest trick in book, I'm telling my mum of you by a spoilt or unruly child)
    Luckily for me the long serving teaching assistant told the head in no uncertain terms she observed professionalism and kindness ECT of me at all times ( in the face of adversity). She didn’t say the adversity bit, it was a tough school. Last laugh. OFSTED came a few days later; I was one of the few teachers to pass their class observation even though I was just a supply. They asked me my opinion on the children’s learning in the class before I arrived as even they were shocked by the scribbles that were behind my week worth of deep learning and carefully laid out work.The school went into Special measures and the head went in tears. Well if you can not even support a supply teacher against obviously immature kids(I going to tell my mom of you- you made me work, told me off) , then how the hell can you support awhile team of staff and children. The answer was he couldn’t. And wasn't allowed to ruin a child or teachers future. Thank you OFSTED on this occasion you were first class.

    PS Keys were jamming on last post !!!!Badly!!!!

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