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Why so tight (lipped)?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by liliski, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. I'm doing ye olde applications for next year at the moment. Amongst the usual good, bad and downright weird responses was a very rapid offer of interview from an African school I was keen on (no, not in Nigeria), issued some time before the closing date. So far, so good.

    The school's invitation was accompanied by the request that applicants attend an interview in London at their own expense. Not brilliant, at a cost of around £500 to me, but understandable in the current climate, and possibly still worth it from the sound of the school and post. However, nowhere in the accompanying information was there any detail as to 'packidge'.

    I requested this, only to be told that there was no possible way this could be given, and that I was advised to withdraw my application.


    Never heard anything like this in my life - can anyone suggest what's afoot here?
  2. Sounds like a case of 'anyone who wants/needs to know the pay for any reason won't accept what we're offering.'
    Expecting you to cough up for travelling to interview with a school without knowing that you could live on what they're offering is unrealistic and unfair. Why should you waste your time and money going to the interview only to find out that they offer a subsistence salary that you could never accept?
    Also the super-quick response before the deadline suggests a pinch of desperation.
  3. Oh, absolutely, sidinz.

    I just thought it was surreal - never heard anything like it.

    How's your job search going?
  4. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Just so.
    And from our side of the counter, why should we waste our time and money and deny another suitably qualified candidate a slot in our crowded schedule, only to find that this person with the red-hot CV wants to save €3K a month, live in a house with eight bedrooms and a pool, and have a white-gloved peak-capped chauffeur drive the whole family of six to school each day?
    Seriously - really weird and self-defeating behaviour by the school. Unless your request was phrased rudely - and it seems you are a nice polite kiwi - I cannot think why they should do this.
    If it was us, then, ahhh, erm, sorry, mistakes and oversights do happen...
  5. Crivens - so chauffeurs aren't standard fare?

    I agree with the 'self-defeating' comment SMT dude - not sure why they would want to waste their own time, apart from anything else.

    By 'kiwi', I'm assuming you mean 'burd' - correctamundo? The New Zealanders of my acquaintance would never have written 'I would be most grateful if you would furnish me...&c'.
  6. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Oh dear. I told you mistakes do occur, and in my haste I thought the OP was sidinz who I believe is a silver-fern 'burd' Sorry to both.

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