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Why should I register as an Unqualified Teacher when I am qualified??

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by icarusunshine, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Cheers Pobble

    Already a member got my CERT ED as well as my foundation Degree in Education thats why i applied for QTLS and got that nearly 2 years ago. and contary to Mr Clarkes beliefs a piece of paper does not mean you can teach, you can have all the degrees in the world if you can't get the best out of your students what is that piece of paper worth. It is attitudes like his that hold education back!!!!
  2. Did you get the job because you had QTLS?
  3. No i have been employed at the school since 2007 got QTLS in 2009 will finish my honours degree in June.
  4. Thanks for clarifying that. I shall now be even more sceptical if IfL starts claiming that thanks to their noble and unremitting efforts, people with QTLS are now teaching in schools. I shall want to know whether they were already teaching in schools, before QTLS and the IfL were sent to plague us. And if they weren't already teaching in schools, I'll want to know if the school that hired them did so because the school considered that QTLS guaranteed their competence.
  5. The IFL have given me the chance to go onto the main teaching scale as well as being employed as a Teacher, i am currently till March legally employed as an Instructor. When the change in law applies i will be able to have a new terms and conditions (Teachers) as well as an appropriate pay rise.

    Don't get me wrong i know people have major beefs with the IFL BUT for me personally the Wolf Review along with the IFL have given me the opportunity to teach (Legally) in a secondary school and receive the recognition i deserve so i really cannot knock them.

  6. I completed my PGCE PCET in 2008 and am now working in a Special Needs School delivering a wide range of subjects.
    The school delivers GCSE's and a wide range of vocational courses in which I also deliver.
    I work as hard as any other teacher and have a successful pass rate amongst them too.
    Yes - I am paid as unqualified but I ignore the title, because at the end of the day, I still do the same preparation, teaching, CPD training as other teachers do. Just hoping the money falls in line next year or somewere near!!

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