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Why it's good to be a Primary teacher....

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missh27, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. QFE

    QFE New commenter

    Agreed PF. There is a darkside to all phases of education.
    I agree whole heartedly with all the lovely things that have been said about teaching in Primary, but It has as many 'negatives' as teaching Secondary. Sorry, I'm lowering the mood.
    I loved the fact that each year I would know 30 kids better than their parents and be able to control a class with the simple raising of an eyebrow or by simply walking into a classroom.
    I loved the look of suprise on their faces when I bumped into them in Tescos (or indeed any other major super market) and they would marvel at the fact that I had to by loo roll.
    I love the fact that I still go into Tescos (or any other major super market) and occasionally meet them behind the till and they tell me that they have got a place at university - and that I was their favourite teacher (due to my **** jokes!!). On the last occasion that this happened, I was buying 200 Marlbro lights [​IMG] !!
  2. I love teaching Year 3 - yes I get stressy when I am snowed under with marking, planning, assessing but most of the time it is fab. They are at a wonderful age with a thirst for learning still as well as being innocent and caring bless theor socks. Their empathy for others such as when my voice all but went and I had to rely on using the board and a tamborine for a couple days, the way we turn tidying up into a game, that they still beat a timer just for the sheer satisfaction of it, a teampoint or two still motivates them. Their curiosity about anything and everything and how they giggle when they work out details such as your age, or your name etc. They are young enough to let go of themselves and wander into a world of imagination such as earlier in the year when it snowed we had snow footprints (paper cut outs) left across the room for a story - yet old enough to harness that fantasy they are still happy enough to accept without it being 'for babies'. Such imaginative exploits have led us to be in all manner of situations such as all striking very unique poses as part of circle time/ SEAL expressing ourselves, through to all of us scrabbling under tables on imaginary hunts for mystery objects in literacy etc just as visitors happen to walk in the room, and on cue think we are stark raving nuts! Not to mention many other situations.

    I love my children coming in and asking - what you got for us to do today miss? I love the fact some kids ask me for more maths, science, literacy, zebra challenges (independent extension display), as equally as I love the fact my kids will also ask when are we doing more art, history, french.

    It is great being able to block in whole mornings or afternoons of subjects to cover them in different ways. I really enjoy being able to link my subjects so the children enjoy them even more - my art and history are highly linked this previous half term. Or as it was on the 2 days before half term - How can you build a pyramid? Mess everywhere, massive, ambitious structures being made across the classroom, paint galore, plasticine galore, music on all chatting, singing, dancing about, enjoying working as teams and solving our own problems. Paint, sticky tape, research books and computers, working out how to make the insides of a tomb/pyramid and making accessories such as the obligatory mummy. And the sheer excitement it instilled, lust for learning, discussions. They learnt much more from doing it that way than reading a book, they enjoyed it, they are PROUD of their work. Now to find where I am going to display 6 pyramids around 60cm square in each direction!!!!

    I LOVE my job. No 2 days are ever the same, but each and every one brings some form of joy. That light bulb moment as it happens for each child. Seeing them grow up and mature, coming in as KS1 mindset, leaving as KS2 juniors. Is just, well, makes me enjoy my job all the more.

  3. Having come into teaching after a 20 year carer in industry the wonders of primary teaching never cease to amaze me.
    No commuting, no business speak, no pointless projects.
    Instead I have children who want to learn, who think my science lessons are "cool", and who are desperate to work out my age. They challenge, amuse and frustrate me in equal measure but they set a new challenge for me everyday. Plus I have a team of adults who all share the same passion for learning.
    Ok, so I earn half the money, but as the mighty Meatloaf once said, two out of three ain't bad.
  4. Thank you fiestagal! What an inspiring message! You've made me think beyond the paperwork too.
  5. Feeling like I am a comic genius until Ispeak to other adults.
  6. Children are beautiful. Their innocence and inquiring minds fill be with gr8 happiness coz they are all so different and talented. I feel lucky to be a teacher coz everyday is filled with fun and surprise and when they reach high school a mail or good wishes from them is enough to feel good coz they remember us for the fun they shared with us when they were younger. yoohoo for primary tchr.
  7. Because we know the children better than their parents!
    "My son would never do that!" anybody?
  8. Oh I needed this!! I am so worn out and fed up with teaching. I keep looking for jobs in different fields but can never find anything that I am qualified to do that would pay as well as what I am on now (still need to pay the bills and balance my cheque book at the end of the month!)

    We are so driven by the deadlines, paperwork and statistics I lost all sight of why I went into teaching in the first place - to play all day! I don't even play on the weekends anymore... I make sure my planning is complete to hand in to the HT by 9am monday morning, do the house work, washing, ironing and shopping. Ahhhhhh!!!!!

    After half term I am going to take a new look at things, and put the fun back in my job. Thank you fiestagal!
  9. A great quote from many parents. Heard it too many times and now as part of the SLT, I hear it all the more.
    However. as many others have said, this is truly a great job to have. Love watching kids grow and learn. The reason I became a teacher was for the 'lightbulb moment' and thankfully I have had many of those. Love the fantastic things that children come out with. Love meeting them years after they have left and finding out what they have done with their lives.
    I have enthusiastic, knowlegeable and supportive colleagues who share this enjoyment.
    A great job.

  10. 'Although there are days when I wish I was a Tesco shelf stacker, I do love my job and you won't often find me grumbling about it. '

    Aaah, trust me.. you would never want to be a Tesco shelf stacker... been there done that - truly mind numbing and you have to argue to get any holiday time whatsoever.
  11. Worked in HR in the private sector until I was 29, then trained to become a teacher...LOVE IT. Teaching is a rewarding career where no day is the same as the other. You'll never be a millionaire but believe me you'll be a damn sight happier than a lot of my ex-colleagues!
  12. As a new mum to a 9 month old girl, this makes me sad :-( Plus it's absolutely untrue. I would never give this as one of the reasons I love my job.
  13. My post is intented to be taken with a pinch of salt. [​IMG] read it again with tongue-in-cheek.

  14. I continually moan that there are not enough hours in the day (or days in the week!) as I am a class based deputy. My days out of class are hectic and the work seems never ending. Although I wish I had more time to complete the 'office based' work I love being in class and hate giving that time up. Teaching and spending days with my year 6 reminds me that the paperwork can always wait but the children can't. No day is ever the same and the children always seem to surprise me with their take on life. I love it!
  15. I'm an Infant HT and someone brought in a photo the other day of me with my lovely Y2 class 9 years ago. It made me sad becuase I remembered when I enjoyed my job.....
  16. By April you will most probably know - I did a yr in secondary as a TA and soon learnt I wanted to be in a primary or special ed school.
    What did suprise me was that I ended up in Foundation and I've loved it. Now in year 1. It was really clear to me how wonderful this job is when I had to leave my job last year (temporary contract) I had parent's sending me notes saying how much more confident their child was and how happy they were with their progress. I had children v upset that I was leaving and I was upset that I couldn't stay to watch them grow and learn more. you do get job satisfaction with teaching.
    I'm just thinking all the paper work and targetting etc does take the edge off!
  17. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Because I love it when they come to me holding a pen, or a glue stick lid, or a pin, or some blue tack they found on the floor like it's the most important thing on my mind at that moment. Must be lovely to believe that lol.
  18. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    This entire half term is my favourite thing.
    My class and I know each other well. We are doing all the nice things (in my opinion), like linking our work to November the 5th, then later preparing for the Carol Service and Christmas Fayre through our DT week. Christmas dinners, parties, discos, Community teas and the Service itself is all magic and I love it.
    Although it is cream-crackering too. [​IMG]
  19. ...because you can get no better entertainment in a job than chatting to a bunch of 6-10 year olds about what they think. Sometimes it's surprisingly wise, and sometimes it's hilariously silly, but it's nearly always honest.

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