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Why it's good to be a Primary teacher....

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missh27, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Watching a whole class of children grow, mature and learn. And knowing that they are enjoying it,
  2. Seeing a child get that 'light bulb' moment is magic!
  3. Having a line of uniforms drying in the sun 'cos they'd rolled down the wet slope at playtime. Think we forget that we've got children not statistics!
  4. Sorry, just to clarify: the children were wearing their uniforms at the time - the uniforms didn't act independently!
  5. The Star Polisher (Leah Becks)
    I have a great job in the universe of occupations.
    What do I do?
    I?m a ?star polisher?.
    I have a very important job.
    If you want to know how important
    Just go out at night and look at the stars.
    Twinkling and sparkling.
    You see, I?m a teacher.
    The stars are the children in my class.
    My job is to take them in-
    In whatever shape they?re in-
    And shine and buff them and send them out to take
    Their places as bright little twinkling beacons in the sky.
    They come in my room in all shapes and sizes.
    Sometimes they?re bent, tarnished, dirty, crinkly, and broken.
    Some stars are cuddly, soft, and sweet.
    Some stars are prickly and thorny.
    I tell them that the world cannot do without them.
  6. I tell them they can do anything they set their minds to do.
    I tell them they can be the brightest, shiniest stars in the sky
    and the world will be a better place because of them.
    Each night as I look at the sky,
    I?m reminded of my very important job and awesome responsibility.
    I go and get my soft buffing cloth and my bottle of polish
    in preparation for tomorrow and for my class of little stars.
  7. kirstenly

    kirstenly New commenter

    What a brilliant poem! That very well may be my new favourite.
    I do love my job. I really do. I moan, whinge, cry when it's near SATs or I haven't got planning in on time and know my HT's going to be looking for me...but I really do know how lucky I am.
    I love the Christmas play, I love the afternoons where I go with their ideas and spend the whole session on art, I love sitting with them at lunch time and listening to their opinions of XFactor and Hannah Montana, I love when I've been off poorly they've made me get well cards and expressed genuine concern when I've come back, I love the residential school trips when I see children who don't so much as squeak in class throw themselves in to climbing and zip wire, I love on a Friday when they tell me to have a good weekend and on a Monday when they ask if I've have a good weekend, I love how nosy they can be...
    I'm also a big fan of doing displays - I find them therapeutic and take pride in them.
  8. kirstenly

    kirstenly New commenter

    My favourite ever moment of teaching was a "lightbulb moment"
    Teaching a mixed age group, I'd been working with a Year 4 boy since he was a Year 3, he really struggled with maths and couldn't find a method for subtraction and I was limited by the school's policy - I decided to just go for it and go outside policy to show him another way, I swear I saw an actual lightbulb as his little face lit up and said "Ah! Now I get it!"
  9. What was outside policy?
  10. Someone asking a question, and the children remembering something you had told them previously
  11. I love working in Reception, when they 'get it', when they say amusing things and my TA and I try so hard not to split our sides laughing, I love dressing up with the children and then forgetting I am wearing a pink wig and a witches hat when SMT come in with visitors

    Oh and I get paid to have fun...how cool is that??
  12. Love this forum and on particular this post as I also work in reception and have also been 'caught' in some weird and wonderful situations by head teacher and visitors! Makes me smile and realise what a fab job I have.....especially as half term has just begun and I get a week of lie ins whilst getting paid!!! :D
  13. Children that always say the most wonderful things just when you need them to.
    Colleagues that support you professionally and personally.
    When you are not in work, wondering how you can make your lessons better...
  14. It's great cos i'm a 'specialist' teacher of music and french. Great to see the kids always wanting to be at the front and always so eager to please. I enjoy not having all the standard marking too :)
  15. Ahhhhh that is so lovely Leah!! i might steal that for my next interview :)
    ...and is my imagination or...are we all primary school teachers and a majority in KS1 or Reception ?[​IMG]
  17. ....as in....do secondary teachers have quite the same fun, I wonder ??
  18. I'm really interested to see the comments in this forum as I'm having to come to a decision about whether I want to go down the route of secondary (specifically KS3) or primary (KS2).

    My PGCE course is at Newman University and it's Primary + KS2/3 ICT, so I have the choice of teaching either. I've just started my first school placement as part of it and it's in a local secondary school. By April I have to let the uni know if I want to pursue a course in primary or secondary.
    I've had a few weeks in a secondary school before and several months at a primary school and the comments I've read in this thread have really made me think about the path I should go down now.

    What I miss most teaching in Primary is the curiosity of the kids, the funny things they come out with and the general enthusiasm! I find all the kids in secondary by year 9 have adopted an apathetic attitude, can be volatile and really don't want to be there. I feel like if you go out of your way to make a lesson fun in secondary it can backfire as kids are lessing willing to volunteer and get involved, in primary kids are begging to show off to you!
    I was working with a year 5 class once and I felt like I really knew every kid in that classroom and what made them tick, their interests and skills etc. In the school I'm in now there's 4 form entry and even the subject teachers have no idea what 90% of the kid's names are, it's a totally different relationship.

    I'm sorry for partially hijacking your topic but I thought I'd give a bit of perspective from someone in secondary who's starting to really appreciate what it was like in primary!
  19. Although the majority of these posts are KS1, I am a KS2 teacher trained in KS1. I LOVE my job. Although I whinge at appropriate times, SATs and budgets etc, I wouldn't change it for the world. I feel like I am helping shape the future, and I love it when you have a moment where the kids realise that what they are doing really MATTERS, you know, those deep and meaningfuls when they realise wow, I can actually make a difference to things. Who can say that they help people feel important in their day-to-day work? I love it; the kids make me a better person too.
  20. Can all depend on the school you are in!
    I taught KS1 children who would kick off at any moment. Lessons were planned but rarely followed as things would constantly backfire. They wouldn't think twice about telling you to f*** off before physically assaulting you and their idea of showing off was to drop their pants, climb the classroom wall and hang from the ceiling shouting I'm a monkey.

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